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When someone says: ’’I’ve never heard of Reality Kings!’’, we are like: ’’Are you freaking kidding me??’’ because, let’s face it, what fapper doesn’t know this smut behemoth? In the words of PornDude, this little gentleman is a landmark of the porn world, and if you are any familiar with smutty universe and this industry, you know this is true as steel. The niftiest dick and pussy-sucking starlets, the highest production values, reasonable prices, an impressively rich and lavish collection, the pristine reputation that has lasted for years and years… And this porn monster doesn’t even have plans to stop amazing us! Always up to date, we are actually pretty exhilirated to see what next is going to happen on this site!

So, where to start? When you enter the home page, there is just so much to see here, it’s a luxurious place with eye-catching images and buttons, and you will probably want to explore it completely. They don’t have a super-cool logo that is unique and silly, fun or just funny, it is just a plain text that it says Reality Kings, white letters on a black background. In fact, nothing about this design is peculiar and different, it’s very… well, basic. 

You have this logo banner, and below the logo, there are several white links on a thin black banner – videos, girls, sites, categories, member login, and JOIN NOW. OK, this was dramatic, but this is the only button that is blue and it is distinguishing, probably because they really don’t want you to miss your boat to become a member here. Like that is possible, anyway! This site has been around for so long, and it will still be here for a long time, they are too prosperous to stop working and fall into oblivion. Sites like Reality Kings don’t just get forgotten. With bimbos so luscious and filthy, we just can’t say goodbye to these folks, we want to see everything!

Reasonable prices, especially for three years of membership 

Now, are you ready to splash out and become a member of Reality Kings? Just kidding, the membership here is not unreasonable. You have several plans, like on other successful sites, and they offer a trial period as a member for a dollar. You can enjoy the site for two days before you extrapolate that this place is your new favorite smut destination! So, they actually offer a 3-year membership, which costs $215, but when you do your math, you will see this is dirt cheap because a year costs only 72 dollars. For the most part, even less famous sites charge around 100 bucks for a year, which is also a bargain, but this even cheaper! 

However, to use RK for a month, it costs 33 bucks, not 30 like on most sites. Why did they decide to go for something like this? Who knows, but RK is a landmark and paying 215 dollars to take delight in these scenes for 3 years is definitely tempting. If you are wired to splurge on your porn, you won’t feel sorry about investing in this smut site.

Your favorite nymphos in flicks with superb titles 

And now, let’s continue this palatable text by mentioning the nymphets you will see on RK! That’s right, pal, you can poach your egg, ride the mayonnaise surf, wax your carrot to the sultriest, most tempting, sluttiest, most dick-craving chicks you will ever see here! These are big names in the industry today, hotties like Lana Rhoades, Adriana Chechik, Mia Malkova, AJ Applegate, and.. you know, it’s an extensive list of hot pieces of ass, and just think of the slut you like and she will pop up here! It’s impossible not to find your favorite pornstar on Reality Kings, it’s just out of the question. 

Reality Kings is a name with two domains, and this time we are focusing on When you land on their main page, here’s what you will find – besides the navigation items already mentioned above, you have a banner where the images keep changing, and these are the newest releases, or the hottest releases at that precise moment. For example, as of this writing, there are 4 steamy releases, with their top-notch performers, new stars who are already making names for themselves. 

Make it an RK Day Cum in, The American Wet Dream, Fit for a King, and Cum Get Naughty – these are their videos, and from the titles you see these folks are very creative. Some sites have no BS titles, something very basic and cut-to-the-chase, but RK writers are playful with words, and that is pretty awesome, no? Well, when you write reviews, you end up appreciating slight deets like this! Reality Kings don’t just have scrumptious flicks and stars of the shows, they also always do their best to cum up with catchy titles that will entice the viewers. Pun intended. See, it’s not even that hard, but it’s so much fun! They deserve a pat on the back for this alone! 

The preview, what you see as a non-paying member 

Below this banner of what’s trendy at the moment (this thing is always different, though, and it depends on the new releases), you will see new porn videos. You will see 4 featured ones, but you can click on ’view all’ to open the whole library. You will see the names of starlets and maybe their fuckers, and at this moment, we can see some new bimbos in the industry, but in this industry, it’s always cool to see some new hotties, no?

You can also see some names like Alina Lopez, Emily Willis, Katana Kombat and all that jazz below these 4 thumbnails, and top rated videos are under these names. You also have models who have been active recently, and top categories are below them. They put Anal, Cheating, Black and Lesbian, and maybe this is always like that, or it’s not. It’s not surprising that these categories are the top ones, considering we do like good old anal, lesbian and black flicks. 

Of course, this is what you can get as a free user, you can’t really see more before you open your wallet and pay up. And if you are immersed in curiosities to see more, you know the drill and now you know the prices. As soon as you choose your plan and give them your credit card info, you are set to go! You can start enjoying the site and the nude cock lovers, who are here to get you off. If anyone can do that, these bombshells can! And for just 72 bucks a year? Please, you earn that in like, a second.  

Filthy, but not kinky

The content here is very delicious because you have all these naughty, filthy stunners who eagerly get their knees dirty just to slurp some man-meat and later receive it in their love tunnels. Videos usually start with either some seduction games, or foreplay moments, and there is a lot of oral sex involved to boot. You will see babes in pussy and ass-to mouth scenes, and babes, for the most part, have their faces jizzed, and if not babes, than tits or other parts of body.

There’s not much to write about these sex scenes, really. What you see here is the same type of material you will see on other xxx sites, and these are all crisp HD movies, full-lenth and long. There is one downside, though. If you start exploring the site, you will notice that the videos that are older are worse in light of quality. The newest flicks are all very crisp and beatiful, simply delightful, but older materials are SD, or just lower. This may be a problem for you, but it doesn’t have to be because you still have too many superb clipsto spank your monkey to.

Of course, this is a site for the female population as well. Not only men are invited to beat their meat here, girls can also come to enjoy these boy-on-girl or girl-on-girl scenes with the most ravishing chicks in the biz. They always add new names, and incrementally, they are enrichening their library, which is already incredibly impressive and lush. With a library so beautiful, this is, and it always was a tempting site to check out. Of course, this is not a fetish site and scenes here are pretty vanilla, and if you are wired to like kinky stuff more, you will just have to find a fetish pay site, or free site.

Now, let’s talk starlets… kind of!

It’s pretty obvious that all the girls here are nymphomaniacs who like to get off, and this whole sex partner mingling thing is their bread and butter, so all the stars of the scenes you will see on RK are promiscuous dolls who don’t mind swallowing man-mayonnaise. They sleep with men and women, try orgies and smaller arrangements like threeways and fourways, and they don’t mind tasting both peckers and coozes, even though most of them are straight. In this biz, it’s best if you are bi. You will be more successful and thrive in this profession if you are willing to fuck both sexes. In fact, if you have sex with men, women and t-girls, you will go far. 

And when we think about it, it really is the best arrangement, no? Here’s a thought – we are all latent pansexuals, and we are actually made to fall in love with all genders, but the society forces certain sexual inclinations and flairs upon us. You will see the most really open-minded people are actually willing to be with literally anyone! It’s not the point to look for a dick or a pussy, we should look for a partner who will know how to make us culminate in bed. And vice versa. 

And truth be told, it is 2021 and we have already gone too far anyway. Compared to our ancestors, we are totally different. But then again, they say that people who lived way before us were more sexually open and they had more orgies and… they were even more depraved? Who knows? It’s cool how today more same-sex relationships and marriages are supported, and it’s cool to see trannies confident in their bodies. We should like people for who they are, for their soul and energy, not private parts. And maybe this is what we recognize in pornstars – they are open to all genders sexually and they don’t mind trying new things to enrich and spice up their sex life. Why are we even so mesmerized by the porn industry? We just like seeing these people relax to that extent, we like them so lustful and sexually free. And if there is a site where you will see sexually free babes, that is Reality Kings! Porn does have its ups and downs and advantages and disadvantages, but at the end of the day, we like these sex gods and goddesses who are so confident, chill and simply magnetic because they are free to express their sexuality. 

They have cuties from all various countries here

But seriously, when you see their list of models, you will see adorable faces here. As an illustration, they have a cutie named Nola Exico. She is from Texas, but looks like a Latina, with her caramel complexion and gorgeous wavy hair. Small-sized but big-titted, this eye candy looks scrumptious in denim shorts and a skimpy top. This 34D diva is 26, and she is a new name, or at least not as famous as Lana Rhoades and that gang. But she is super-cute!

To add another example, let’s start with the fact that the heart of Russia does gift us with the world’s most ravishing girls! Here’s a girl from this country you will most definitely like – Candy Alexy! Candy is an eye candy, and she probably knows it, so she chose this moniker, to be playful. She is curvaceous and adorable, with brown eyes and blondish hair. With the 96% popularity on RK, this 36-year-old is a diva here! She actually looks way younger, like she is barely legal, but she is actually a MILF! 

And of course, they have a list of ebony and Asian stunners, don’t think they forgot about these races! You will find so many irresistible ladies here, who do their job perfectly. And how do you even become the best at this job? Maybe you try the filthiest things, or you just get your knees dirty the most. All the girls who are on the site are porn superstars, born to do this job. Not everyone can look this yummy while having their coochie wrecked from hardcore dicking. 

They actually update the site constantly!

Compared to some other sites that are just hills, Reality Kings is a mountain of smutty content! And not any mountain… how about Mount Everest? This is where you will find a fuck ton of sexual dirt, and this is due to their frequent updates. These folks upload new stuff all the time, so trust us, when you pay for this membership, you don’t just pay for a handful of clips. You do have so much to see on RK, with many really sexy categories to choose from. 

But for those who hope to pile up a big stash of RK smut on their devices, know that downloads cost extra. If you do choose a longer plan, this is not the case, but you have to either be a paying user, or pay to save these flicks on your PC or whatever you want. They have limitations, though. You can’t download over 50 videos in one day. This should be enough – who downloads more flicks in a day anyway? But if you are a porn hoarder and you like your porn on your computer, this piece of info should be handy. 

And Reality Kings is a part of a bigger network. You have even more sites here, and if you like certain starlets, you can always try to find them on other sites. Most of the talent that appears on RK also stars on other sites. Of course, for this, you will need to do more research on your own, but this should be amusing! They don’t really have bonus scenes and BTS videos, which is a bummer. It would be a nice addition, wouldn’t it? They could add some smutty video snippets that show girls during the process of video making, before and after. 

Winding this thing up because it’s about time!

And that is what you will find on Reality Kings, or You know this site if you are a sucker for porn and all things smutty. And maybe you haven’t been on the site as a paying member before, but you must have seen clips on free sites, ’borrowed’ from RK. They do this a lot, and you see the watermark, which can often ruin a video. 

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