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If you want to watch women’s devil’s kisses, dinners beneath the bridge, drinking from the furry cups, eating the peaches, chewing the she-fat and… this list of cunnilingus slangs can really and honestly go on forever (there are just too many creative and silly ways to say a pussy tongue-fuck), here’s a site to recommend – Twistys! Well, it’s Twistysnetwork because you have so much stuff here, a lot of palatable lesbian flicks that are HD and stellar. These videos are also kinky and unusual because dykes do weird things in them, but hey, why not experiment with this corner of the smut universe? It’s not like the same old stuff doesn’t become old sooner or later. Sometimes we just need new stuff, or a different perspective. So, this network brings something unique to the table – ladies fucking ladies, but in very kinky ways. Like the sound of that? Wait for more info!

It’s not just about pussy fucking with a tongue, or face sitting or whatever chicks do when they are horny and naked together. It’s not just about scissoring and passionate lesbian kissing… This network is much weirder than that, but it’s a prosperous site with a lot of traffic. These folks give fappers something scrumptious to enjoy, exceptional fap worthy content. And the ladies you will see here… they are exquisite! 

Twistysnetwork offers professional pornstars who try obscene kinks 

The ladies on this site are not amateurs. These are professional pornstars, whose bread and butter is to make you inflamed. For salary, there is not a thing they won’t do. They will strip and tease, taste pink tacos, fuck them with tongues and fingers, fist them, be fisted and tasted, they will enjoy scissoring to boot and they will wreck cunts from sex toys. Of course, their own cunts and the cunts of their lovers. It’s a lavish site, with pages that are teeming with luscious bimbos who know how to make women cum hard.

If you thought only men could help women reach sexual climaxes with their peckers, you were so wrong! Some women can only reach the big Os with another ladies, and this is on the grounds that no one knows how women should be touched but another women. When two women get together and they have hots for each other, there can be a lot of heated, intense and fired up moments without their clothes. So yes, this site is going to be very interesting to analyze and, you will love visiting it, probably. 

What man doesn’t like a good lesbian porn site? And what lesbian lady doesn’t have a flair for fabulous lesbo xxx platforms? Straight women also sometimes wander and reach these corners, and you don’t have to like the same sex to enjoy same-sex xxx flicks. Pansexual people also have a lot of fap materials they can find here, and trannies as well… All genders and sexual orientations are welcome here, and you can learn something new and awesome, especially because porn divas here are incredibly sexually open and inspiring. After all, what sexually open individual isn’t alluring and enticing? When people are free in light of their sexuality and sexual needs, it makes them way more appealing. We want to be in the company of these folks, not personae who are frigid and prudes. 

Maybe there are people who still appreciate 30-year-old virgins in 2021, and there is nothing wrong with saving yorself for the right person and your true love. But it’s not about you being a pure, innocent and maybe pious woman here. People with a lot of sexual energy that is liberated and out in the open are simply more fascinating because we like open-minded folks who love themselves enough to indulge in these sexual pleasures without feeling guilty or ashamed about it. Yes, if you are a bluenose regarding sex and one’s sex life in general, you probably don’t approve of pornstars, porn sites, this whole industry. But people who are more profound and open to life and everything it has to offer don’t think pornstars are bad people, sluts and whores and things like that. On the contrary, they are sex goddesses who are confident enough to do these ’filthy’ things not caring about what these prudes think. 

But just like everything in life, this is arguable and different people will see it differently. Pornstars are great, virgins are great, prudes are great, nymphomaniacs are great… Really, it is 2021 and why by judgmental and narrow-minded? But wowza, this is way off topic! The whole point of this little analytical snippet was not to offend anyone, it was just to point out that this is a very enticing site with sexually free women who do various slutty and steamy things. They try all acts and do everything to make their lesbian sex partners culminate from pleasure. 

The landing page promises you the cream of the crop time!

In the words of PornDude, but this is a tale as old as time actually, only sluts know how to please sluts and help them get off, but really get off. Only a slutty girl who has had an orgasm knows where to finger to make her lover also reach an O like that. And these lesbian sluts are always so generous when pleasuring their fuck pals, maybe more than dudes who pound babes. This is a site that is entirely devoted to lasses who melt in sexual pleasure, and they go far to get that satisfaction sometimes. 

When you enter the site and land on the main page, you will get a glimpse of what to count on regarding the content. You will see a lot of girls in their Adam and Eve suits, or just Eve in this case… Some of them are holding toys like whips, some wear stockings and stuff their babes’ mouths with their feet. Other pornstars are bound or tied up, caged, spanked, whipped, tortured, or they just enjoy bubbly baths with their same-sex lovers. Some videos will be kinkier than others, but if you are inclined towards various kinks and fetishes, there is no reason not to like it here.  

For the most part, the images here are stills. They don’t move and you don’t see previews of sultry lesbo action that make you open the thumbnails. But you do have some gifs here, and from what you will see, the site is serious about girls bringing their girls to insane orgasms. If these stars of the site have to get down and dirty, it’s a piece of cake to them! To them, it is natural to express their sexuality in these kinky ways, and they indulge in these slippery pink tacos more than you think.  

Luscious sex bombs for 10 bucks a month

The site has numerous fetish sections, where you can see deviant and untethered bimbos doing obscene things. And did you know Twistys has been around since 2001? That is 20 freaking years, and these bitches are still going strong! Even if you are totally wired to like depraved shit, you will get off watching these videos because these babes are insanely wild. You will see some nifty stuff here, with blooming flowers and older stunners, and sometimes you will find videos where MILFs fuck younger sluts. 

The site doesn’t cost much – only 10 bucks a month, and you get to see a big number of beautiful sultry xxx flicks with girl-on-girl acts. There are many folks like you who will agree to dish this out with you. In fact, we have some info that over 600k fappers visit the site every single month, which is maybe not as impressive as fappers who visit PornHub, but it is not bad at all. 600k cumshots monthly? Someone call the nearest sperm bank, that is plenty of material for them!

And you know what’s really nifty? Most pay sites are not this popular! Sure, there are several hundred thousand visitors, but when you have over 600k of them, you must be exceptional, otherwise people would not keep coming back. What do these folks do? Is it the heroines of the site, delicious and deviant girls who are so depraved they do stuff no one would in their dreams? Is it the reasonable price and the fact that for that price, you have so much content to make your private part balloon big time? It could be a mixture of all these things and more, and maybe the biggest reason people come back to this place to cough up their money this way are beautiful lingering shots of gorgeous naked girls who are really having a lot of fun doing sexy things. 

Design and bi starlets we all love fapping to 

The design of the site is… OK. It’s decent. It’s not much, but that can be good, no? They have black and white background and pink motifs, which looks good. Men don’t even notice designs and colors, they will be more focused on the succulent pink pussy lips and a lot of stunning slender bodies. The site is vibrant enough to keep your cheerful, but not gaudy or anything. They don’t have kitsch details and banners that make the site look ugly. There are a few ads, but nothing we can’t handle.      

The designers are definitely not behind the curve, nothing here looks dated, and the site is not minimalistic. What makes this design work are all the images of naked horny lesbians. Basically, the whole page is filled with these images, and you don’t have texts and buttons. They just have three tiny links at the top of the page that say full videos, top pornstars and all sites. And that’s it. There is a banner with the newest vids released. These vids always show the hottest new talents, our heroines, who are here to get us off by getting one another off. 

The starlets from the site are head-turners like Mia Malkova, Phoenix Marie, the hottest Caucasian, Latina, ebony and Asian divas you will find online. They are mostly bisexuals and appear on both straight and lesbian sites, and we know most of these sluts. Who doesn’t know Mia, Phoenix, Adriana, Malena, Dillion? You have probably fantasized about these nymphets many times in your life, and when you see these flicks here, your fantasies will become even more vivid!

All the membership plans and the discounts 

When you click on their join now button you will be taken to the ’get access’ page, where you have all their offerings. Here they suggest three different membership plans. If you just want to dip your toes in these kinky lesbian waters, and you are not sure if this is your cup of tea for the long term, they have a one-dollar trial membership of 2 days. Some sites like this give you this trial of one day, and charge 2 bucks, and these folks do the opposite, which is cool. 

The second plan is longer, and it lasts for a month. If you are still not sure if you want a steady relationship with this site, and you want to keep your options open and browse more, try other sites as well, this one-month membership is a good idea and you will pay 15 bucks for it. That is not much, and you will extrapolate, based on a month here, if this site is your soulmate site.

If you do live for kinky lesbian scenes, you can consider three-month and 12-month memberships. Of course, you pay all at once, but the months cost less. Three monts here are around 60 dollars, but a year hear is around 100 bucks. It’s 8 bucks a month, and you get to watch your lesbian it-girls make mouth music and do other sultry things they take delight in. It doesn’t sound bad, no? But you are the one who decides what plan is the best choice for you. One thing is certain, though – the site just has so much nifty content, and 2 days of it is simply not enough. 

Only the highest quality, but everything if just for paying folks 

You won’t be able to click on any of those three buttons unless you are a paying member. To view all their starlets, you need to pay, and that is also the case with all sites and full videos. But don’t worry, this review will tell you what to expect. In light of the girls, these are all the famous names in the industry, girls who appear on sites with high production values, who are professionals and top-notch dick and pussy eaters we all like. All the girls ever picked as the hottest pornstars of the year in various magazines are here, and some cuties who are maybe less popular, but just because not everyone can be in the top 20. 

The flicks you will find here are 1080p HD shots, and the site can boast about its high production values. It is definitely one of those sites where they put a lot of effort into creating these crisp, stellar movies we will all appreciate. The equipment is modern and up to date, so you won’t find SD clips here, and amateurs also don’t appear on Twistys.

So, if you want to know what kind of fetishes you will find here, the main page pretty much sums it up. The pornstars try weird positions and they mop vulvas while standing and holding their girls, or they scissor while standing… They have unusual sex toys, so they whip their babes, stroke them gently or more ruthlessly, they try out unusual-looking lingerie, they fuck in strange places… Of course, expect a lot of threesomes, foursomes and orgies with horny lasses who just want to have a good time, so they experiment and do things they haven’t done before. 

And of course, every excellent smut site, no matter if it is straight or gay, has a super-friendly version for mobiles. If you check out Twistysnetwork on your phone, the design is also very functional and it works perfectly on all smaller devices. Everything that you need can easily be found. You even have bonus and BTS videos, with interviews and babes preparing for their scenes. It’s a very abundant and luxurious site that you will most definitely like.  

Let’s wind up this delicious review and say goodbye!

Twistysnetwork is for dyke-loving fappers who don’t disapprove of weird kinks. The things you will see here are not found on regular and ordinary lesbian sites, and these babes can only be enjoyed on pay sites. These are the steamiest starlets with a lot of passion for heated muff-diving and more, but the site is more than pussy-licking scenes. The girls here try a lot of different acts, and from what we can see, it obviously brings them a lot of pleasure, so they melt in these amatory sensations and some of them even squirt and scream because it’s just so good!

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