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What do you think about sites that find you videos that have other host sites? To some, this is annoying because every time you want to open something, you need to be redirected, and these redirects can be irritating, right? But it doesn’t have to be like that at all! You can enjoy a lot of great smutty content on a site called TubeGalore. But here’s the catch! This is just an aggregator, so the site only collects the content from other porn sites. None of the videos are hosted here, so even when you like something, you will have to go to the original site. It’s still a great site that gives us plenty of incredible content, it’s just from many other tubes and pay sites.

So, this is a site with two names – Tube Galore and Galore Tube. This might be a site that leverages the work of others, but we already know there are many successful companies that do the same thing! Amazon, for example. You go to Amazon and buy stuff there, but nothing is really from that site, is it? This company just gives you something other companies produced. That is also the case with TubeGalore. They don’t produce anything, but they are still pretty successful because they give people great stuff from various places. Is this ethical? No one has a problem with that. We just need porn, who cares how we get it? Is porn ethical, anyway? This is food for thought. Don’t overthink it. Just read the review and see if the site is your cup of tea.

Sites like TubeGalore and iXXX

There are other sites like TubeGalore, did you know it? Sites like iXXX, for example. These sites serve us in that way that they connect us to various smut sites, and all of these sites are great and they host many videos. No content here is exclusive, but it is exclusive on those host sites. Well, maybe not all of them. When you find something here, you will always see what the original site is. At least they don’t just upload videos from other sites shamelessly. Whenever you click on a video, you will go to the host site.

So, in a way, TubeGalore is very convenient for those who don’t know many porn sites. Here you can browse tons of videos, but of course, nothing is perfect, and TubeGalore isn’t perfect either. Sometimes when you get redirected, you just lose the wish to fap. It ruins your whole jerking off journey. You will sometimes open too many windows, which can be very confusing. It’s just how this site works. You will have to deal with that. It’s not the only smut site that works that way.

But whatever you think about TubeGalore, the fact is that this site gets the job done. Maybe it looks a bit old-fashioned, maybe it’s not the most ethical place to find your porn, but the site is pretty functional and easy to use. They have clean graphics and all the basics, but the site itself is pretty basic. Their layout is general, so no tricks, nothing fancy, nothing modern… No-bullshit. Their mission is to get the job done, and that’s it. They don’t need to be flashy; they don’t need to be impressive.

Visiting the site for the first time

What happens when you go to TubeGalore? The very first thing that will happen is that you will be bombarded with numerous, countless categories! You can browse through them, start your fap journey by choosing what you like the most. They have a search bar you will see right away, and you can use it to specify your searches even further. But no need, really. The categories give you everything you need, and the first one is ‘mom’. This is pretty interesting. What another site would use this category first? It’s a little bit sick.

You won’t see any recommended videos here, though. TubeGalore just doesn’t have them. You will have to select a category to see some suggestions, and along the top of the page, you will see some links. You can browse to find some popular videos, or the newest ones. But did you know this site is just a part of a network? Apart from all these links, you will also see affiliated sites that offer other kinks. Various niches are covered here, so you won’t feel like you have nothing to see.

You will appreciate one thing here, though. Whenever you choose a video you like, you will see who the host is. If there are some shady sites, you don’t need to deal with them, just stick to the things you are familiar with, or that look good. No spyware, no trash, just some verified stuff. But don’t worry about that too much. The most videos you will find on TubeGalore come from RedTube, PornHub, sites we all know and trust.

Mobile-friendly, but different experiences with different host sites 

If you want to use the site on your phone, it is optimized for smaller devices and it works fine. No major issues, so no worries. You can just use it even when you are on the move, or when you don’t have access to your PC. There shouldn’t be any problems. But you should know one thing – different host sites have different features. Some will be better, and others will be less good. TubeGalore has nothing to do with it. This only depends on the host site, and some of them have a great video player, some have ads, others will bring you a lot of buffering moments. 

TubeGalore literally has everything! Even if you don’t like sites that are aggregators, here you will enjoy because they are very determined to give us even the things we didn’t know we needed. The categories alone will show you how rich this site is with content. So, they have the basics, things that every other smut site has. But they also have these categories – ‘aged Arab’, ’10-inch dicks’, ‘Indian milfs’ and so on. They have categories like 9 months pregnant, which is quite a shocking one.

So, even though the site is not original, the content is impressive here. Find a better collection than this! You can’t. It’s so gargantuan that you will never be able to see it all. And do you know Thumbzilla? This is a also an aggregator, a site where you have hundreds of sites scanned to find good content. Whenever there are new videos, the site gets updated. Do you know what Skynet is? This is something like that, but for porn. Imagine so many sites, and even more videos! It’s insane! How did they make sites like that? This is more difficult than it looks like.

Only videos here, but it’s still a special site

But on TubeGalore, you will only find videos. No photos. No galleries. No forums, no webcam sites, no sex games, no sex stories, no… is there anything else? No that either! So, basically, this is only a video site. Well, a site site. A site for other sites with videos. But no photos, no games, nothing else other than videos. If you want something else, you will need to go to a different site.

But regardless of that, this is a very likeable site. For an aggregator, they are really exceptional, they try to be as good as possible. They might not host their own exclusive scenes, but at least they connect us to other porn sites professionally. They don’t bother us with ads, no annoying pop-ups, no shitty banners… Many sites don’t bother about these things, but TubeGalore really respects its visitors. This is remarkable! You can just come to the site, relax and browse through all the categories to find what you need.

TubeGalore is a site that respects its visitors and this whole concept, so you will see that there is minimal BS here. They don’t really ads, and the whole site is clean, so no matter what you click on, you will never see a pop-up, they don’t have those sidebar banners, nothing that slaps you in the face when you open a video or try to pause it. But the host sites you will open sometimes do have ads. If you go to a site with many ads, the chances are high you will deal with them there. But TubeGalore? No ads at all!  

Things that the site really does right

TubeGalore doesn’t just have categories, it has things that most sites forget exist! Because they have so many things and the diversity is a big part of the site, you will have a lot of fun playing with these categories! You will even find VR porn things like 3D porn, and you will see tags like young pussy, ebony teens, Asian teens, Indian milfs, and all that jazz. They must have worked a lot on this. This is not something you make in a day. Also, you need to do your research to include all these phenomena.

No matter what video link you want to check out, it will lead you to the host site of the video. This is another thing that makes this site phenomenal. You don’t want to deal with shady sites, you never have time for that! You don’t want a site full of viruses, full of iffy content, ads that will make you open even more iffy tabs, and so on. You got to pay respect to TubeGalore for preventing us from dealing with these things. Some sites don’t care about us finding ourselves in these unpleasant situations, but not TubeGalore. They are really incredible. In fact, all sites should be this professional.

But if we are being nitpicky, there are also things that you will probably not like here. One of these things is the fact that, well, TG doesn’t really host any videos! We have said this so many times already, but if we are now focusing on the bad things, many people will hate it. Yes, they minimize the BS, they are great, they are awesome, we love them, but it’s still a fact that no video here is original! It is original, but on a different site. And sometimes they take from sites that also take from other sites. So, this is not second hand, this is third hand.

But why is this going to be so annoying? Here’s the reason! If you take from another host site, and you redirect people there, this means they will face everything that host site has to offer. If that host site has ads, there will be many ads! If that host site has a shitty video player, guess what you will find? A shitty video player! Buffering? Grainy videos? Premium sites? Yes, whatever the host site offers, it is not what TubeGalore has, but that site. Yes, there are also remarkable sites. But it’s always two sides with a coin, no?  

Then you have sites like SpyCock. This is a site that doesn’t just have many ads, its whole performance is questionable. The site doesn’t work well in general, so who will tolerate it? Someone with a lot of patience who really wants to see what this site has to offer. Yes, that is always the worst thing about these sites. And you never know what you will find. But like we said, there are also many great ones, so you will also have unforgettable experiences that you will really like! 


The site is amazing, but it can use a few suggestions to become even more popular and simply better. They could, for example, have a section where they give us their own content. Why not? This will definitely keep people coming back and make them want to stay here longer. These things should be videos that people can stream directly from this site, and everyone would like to check it out. This would be perfect to build a brand, no? Affiliates videos would also be a great idea!

They could also expand to some other porn types, and they could establish a community. If there was a community here, it would be engaged and pretty active, just like on many other more or less successful sites. The users could rate and comment on videos, and they could also have the category for the most popular videos. This is always an enticing corner for people to check out because we all like what others liked before us. This rating system would be such a good idea, they could really use it! What do you think? Would these things improve the site? Your experience would be better and richer!

Now, video previews are also a great feature on every porn site. When a site has them, you can see the best parts of every video and this tempts you to open it. You will see if the video is worth opening or not. Here they have only one image preview, which is not that splendid. They could really use this advice because previews are some of the things people like the most. Even those video montage previews that we have on premium sites is what sells the place!   

Super-fast navigation that you will be impressed by

But, one this is for sure. The navigation here is super-fast, no matter what you choose to explore. If you want to see those pervy moms, if you want ebony teens, Indian milfs, everything is at your fingertips in no time! Everything here is super-fast, maybe even faster than on most sites. When you want to click on something, you will open it in a picosecond. You don’t even realize you have just opened it from how fast it is. This is praiseworthy! 

And probably the best thing about the site is that it will lead you to many really hot sites! Here you will learn about the things you didn’t know existed, and you will come across some interesting finds! Yes, the site works with the most famous porn sites, but you will also find some other sites here that are less popular, but not less good. You also have some lame sites here, so you need to be careful about that. But you are intuitive. You know your porn. You will know what to do, right?

Final thoughts

Here’s the verdict – the site called TubeGalore is something you must check out! This is not the most popular site, but it deserves to be one of the most famous ones. It connects you to what you need and you will find no ads here! Yes, it doesn’t host any videos itself, but is this really that bad? No. It’s still amazing because you still have an impressive archive to work with. If you still don’t know about TubeGalore, now you have all the info you need. What do you think about checking it out? You won’t be disappointed!

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