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A gargantuan repository of steamy XXX videos… That sounds tempting, no? If you are here at the moment, reading this review, you probably like porn. Maybe you spend a lot of time on porn sites, maybe you read erotic stories, maybe enjoy erotic thrillers… But one this is certain – only those who like porn and want to find good smut sites read porn reviews! So, you are here today, reading a review about a site called RedTube. Is that because you have never been to this site? Is that because you have, but you still want to find more details about it? Maybe to fully take advantage of it? Only you know the answer!

RedTube – the magic of this free porn site

The very first thing about RedTube that is important to mention is that this site is popular! So, you know the biggest players in the porn industry? What porn sites are you familiar with? XVideos? PornHub? Everyone knows PornHub! These are some free sites. You also have pay sites, like Brazzers, Naughty America, Reality Kings… Of course, the list of free and premium sites is an extensive one. If someone decided to discover all porn sites that exist, it would take them too much time! But this is a great thing, no? You will always have sites to fap to!

So, RedTube is definitely one of the names people know if they are involved in this industry. If you are a porn addict, you probably have plenty of smut sites to visit when you feel horny. RedTube is probably one of these sites. If you just like to fap to smutty videos on porn sites from time to time, maybe you only know PornHub… But this is not what matters. You should know one thing about RedTube before everything else – this is a free site with so many steamy smutty videos, and it looks modern enough so that you can really enjoy your experience. But let’s talk about details!

This site is a classic, something we start our porn journey with! Young folks who want to start watching xxx clips come to sites like PornHub, XHamster, RedTube… Maybe because the SEO is exceptional! Or is it just because the content is that good? The site is very rich with content, and you can always rely on it to give you even more smutty flicks! Everything here is totally free, so no membership plans, no additional fees for upgrades, but if you do want something more special, you have RedTube premium. This premium version gives full-length flicks that are stellar regarding the quality, but the free site is a go-to porn site for many!

Long history and launching of the site

This is a site visited by people who come from all sorts of areas! People in the whole world fap to these fuck flicks! And since that is the case, the site has a little bit of something for everyone! You will find stunning Latinas, Asian hot pieces of ass, ebony sugars, Indian goddesses… No matter where you come from, there will be a chick from your country and city fucking here because the site is so impressive if we focus on the beautiful, rich archive of videos!

RedTube is a site with a long history because it has been around for quite a while. It was launched in 2007, which means now they are 14 years old. Sure, there are sites that are older, but still, 14 years is quite something! Even in 2007, they were listed in the Top 5 websites that were fastest growing. Wired made this list. This is not even all. In 2009, according to Alexa ranking, the site was one of the most visited 100 sites in the world! After that, something happened and RedTube wasn’t on this list, but in 2012 they kicked ass again! And this they means the team of admins behind the platform. MindGeek acquired the site in 2009 and ever since then these two names have been connected. MG is a name you will see a lot. If you read reviews about PornHub and YouPorn, you will see the name of this company. It’s a big, serious company that never jokes!

Here is one more interesting fact – RT is based in Texas. Did you know it has servers on both North American coasts? That’s right! If you thought people in Texas weren’t as sexually open as people coming from New York and other areas, you were wrong. Even in Texas, they like their daily fix of porn, and since RedTube is their site in a way, they probably come to it often. But we can say this for so many people, really! People from Africa probably visit RedTube – that’s how popular and amazing it is! And what makes the site so appealing? Everything here is created so that you have an unforgettable experience!

The content here is everything!

So, if we are finished with the history lesson, why not talk about the porn part now? RedTube, or the names that other people use when they make mistakes, like Redube, RedPorn, or something similar, is a site where you will find some of the finest porn ever! Here you will see the best videos, something you won’t see on lousy porn sites. This site only works with the crème de la crème of the industry, and you have millions of free fuck flicks at your fingertips!

With so much content, free content where you can see the sexiest babes ever, you can just jerk off until your hand hurts! You won’t see everything here because the number of videos is something you don’t even know how to count to! This is one of the biggest archives of dirty movies, and you need many lifetimes to explore the site completely! This is great news because you know that you always have stuff to watch, but it can be disturbing when you know there are so many scenes here you will never even see and they are probably delicious! 

But is the content everything the site has to offer? Sure, this is the pivotal part of the site, and if the content isn’t good, why even bother coming to a porn site? A good porn site must have everything! Diversity, a modern design, great navigation tools, luscious porn divas… The site can be described with one sentence – a porn site doing things right! If a porn site is new, or older but still doesn’t do well, perhaps they should copy what RedTube does and the success is guaranteed. They don’t have that stupid-looking Home button many porn sites do, and it doesn’t even serve any purpose!

A modern-looking design you will like

They delegated the Home button to their logo, which means every time you click on the logo, no matter where you are, you will go to the main page, and another hot thing here is the color palette, which is quite nice-looking. The design is modern and sleek, and they added minimal details so everything is in its proper place, how every site should look like. But if you click on the category tab, you will have to wait for a few seconds because it won’t load fast. This is something they could change because this gives us that sluggish feeling.

The site looks elegant, but casually elegant, if you get the point. Whatever you come from, you will see the trending videos in your country before everything else, and you have a nice-looking search box, which is next to the Premium button. If you are interested in this premium membership, they charge 10 bucks a month, or 8 if you choose the yearly plan. What you get is 4k flicks, VR porn and no ads! Does that sound delicious?

The design might not be the best thing you will see on the site. It also has great video previews, so you will see the steamiest parts of the action before you even click on the videos! These are some mini videos, gifs that are there to entice you to stay on the site and start exploring it. This is a site that has a budget for a great design and all those animations and elements that people like to see! The only thing here that is not impressive is how slow the category tab responds when you click on it. However, this is not a big issue, at least it does open and then you can see everything this corner has to offer.  

Modern sites shouldn’t be a surprise

Porn sites today should be modern because it is 2021 and if they don’t put animations and video previews, people will definitely want to go somewhere else, where they can find these things! It’s not really that difficult to make it modern, you just add a few picture movements or the navigation tools are animated. A good web developer will use the latest programs and applications to make something worth one’s while.

The site doesn’t really have as many ads as some other sites. However, you will see some when you go to the main page, even though you don’t even need to click on anything, they are just there. When you open videos, of course that you can expect ads! What’s good about it is that you can always upgrade to premium. This only costs 10 bucks every month, so why not consider it? There will be no ads at all, and if you are a free user, you will always have to deal with boring ads! You can always use your AdBlock, but if you do this, you won’t be able to open the live cams.

You always have a 7-day trial to experiment with this premium membership before you decide to pay for the thing. This is pretty generous and not many sites offer so many free days! You mostly have 1 or 2 days, and you often need to pay for this trial version. It’s a dollar or two, but still… It’s cool that RedTube premium is free for the first week! Another great thing here is that you can cancel your membership when you want it.

After this trial of seven days, you will need to start giving them money, but instead of giving them 30 bucks, this is three times less expensive! Perhaps that is the reason why so many people come to RedTube and like it so much. Just think about it. Will more people be interested in a site that costs 30 bucks a month, or the one that is three times cheaper? 90% of people would choose the latter alternative, which means RedTube will earn more money even though it is less expensive. This is a reasonable deal! You get all their exclusive content and the most delicious porn divas! 

Will you still prefer the free version?

But let’s face it, no matter how great a deal is, there are still many people who will simply choose free porn over everything else! Why pay for porn, when you have so many great free sites? The videos don’t need to be stellar, you don’t hate the ads that much, you can enjoy homemade clips as well, and why bother with credit card info and things like that? Even as a free user, this site has a lot to offer to you! You still have perfect videos and awesome things to enjoy! For example, this category tab. It’s pretty awesome, actually. Once you do open it, you have so many goodies here!

Most categories are vanilla, but you have a little bit of everything here! They tried to cover all the basics, so you have popular ones like anal, hentai, VR porn, and so on. And whatever category you choose, you will get everything related to it! If you want anal videos, you will only find clips where babes are being fucked in the assholes! You won’t find BDSM if you choose something vanilla, like blowjob. It’s cool how the site includes hentai and VR porn as well. These two niched are becoming very popular.

The site has a search bar that it should be helpful. Here you can find everything you need! The tube has its algorithm, and this option is advanced. You will be able to find everything you need, so you can type things like ‘busty blonde blowjob anal threesome’ and you will find videos that are related to these keywords. It’s really exciting! You will also see the dropdown menu and here you can browse by photos, videos or cam models.

The niches of the site – straight, bi, gay and trans

Now, the Pornstar tab. Here you have all the models on the site, from A to Z. These are the hottest babes you will ever see, and why? Because they are pornstars! Chicks who are confident and charismatic enough to do porn are definitely too attractive! This amount of sluttiness can be smelled even though these are just images! When you click on an image of a babe you like, you will see stats, bios and all her videos. Of course, you have grade A porn, the ones that are the most sought after. You also have male models here, but most people just stick to the part where the ladies are. Trans and gay models are also in this section. You can filter this corner to find what you need.

You have sorting options here as well. You can create your account and enjoy the perks, but even if you don’t, you will be able to comment, rate, like, upload. When you choose your stars, you can sort them by alphabet or other options. All the pornstars can be sorted, just like all the videos. 

Videos can be sorted according to the rating, view count, duration, upload date… Some people will want to see the longest flicks, and the site does have long ones. Some clips only last for a minute or two, but you also have hours of materials in just one video, but you need to find the longest ones. Every video you like can be marked as your favorite, and this will help you find it fast when you want to see it again in the future. What’s good here is that they have porn for everyone – straight and bi folks, gays, trannies…

Final thoughts

So, RedTube is a site that is definitely something! Here you will find so many great videos and content, and you even have live cams and juicy corners like pornstars. If you want to enjoy these live cams, you need to disable your AdBlock, but this will mean that you will be bombarded with ads. Only premium members don’t need to deal with ads, and this only costs 10 bucks every month, or less if you choose a longer plan. What do you think? Does RedTube deserve to be among the best porn sites?

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