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There are many sites that promise us people who will meet us and fuck us, if we are good-looking and interesting enough. Sometimes you don’t even need to be attractive, it is enough to have a cool and friendly personality. Depending on how picky you are, you can always meet nice girls or guys, and you can give them a chance even if they aren’t godlike or something. And what’s cool about these sites is that they actually make this happen, we meet people who may date us and become our sex partners. It’s so easy today, no? You make a profile and see some decent-looking people, which you can add. If they message you back, perfect! But what’s not so cool is that, unfortunately, there are many of these sites that are just scams. They might look legit, but these are actually fake profiles and just a sly way to steal money. 

But this review is actually about a site that was not made by frauds. Have you heard of Adult Friend Finder? This dating site is 100% legit, and you can really meet genuine people here. People with bona fide profiles, not fake people who just work for a money-stealing company or something. 

You are ready for Adult Friend Finder if you can take care of yourself

So, Adult Friend Finder is a site that works. Do you even know how these sex dating sites work? People, for the most part, come here to meet those interesting in all types of arrangements. Now, this can be something like polygamy, swinging, partner sharing… Yes, some people do come here to meet partners who are inclined towards monogamous relationships, and you never know if a place like this can actually bring you a soul mate. Anything is possible, you can meet someone amazing, but you can also meet freaks and pervs and psychos. The truth is that you can never know with people, and places like this always come with potential risks.

On the other hand, isn’t this the case with clubs and other places as well? If we are being honest, even if you meet a friend of a friend or someone from work or college, that person can also turn out to be a psycho or a serial killer. We never know with life, and maybe we should be optimistic, but never stop being careful. The crucial thing on these sites is to not give people your personal info, at least not fast and be extremely cautious with who you are exchanging your data with.

If you think you are clever and wise enough, not gullible and easy to manipulate, and if you are old enough, then you can finish reading this review because it will deal with a sex dating site. Adult Friend Finder has over 80 million members, which means the chances are high you can meet someone who will like you a lot here. With so many people, it’s impossible not to find yourself a match, especially because we all have different tastes, and you are certainly tailored to someone’s needs. You could meet many matches or a few, but the more people a site has, the chances are higher you won’t stay lonely for long. 

First it was, in fact, just about making platonic friends

Adult Friend Finder was not supposed to be a sex dating site. When it was made, it was called just Friend Finder, in 1994. Yes, the site has been around for 27 years! The creator of this site didn’t even have dirty plans in mind, but once the site was launched, he noticed that the majority of users post smutty content. Things like nudes, sex videos… And that is how this whole idea was created in his mind, that is when he decided this to be a sex dating site!

Let’s face it, people who are lonely are often lonely because they don’t have anyone to exchange kisses and other kinds of physical interaction with. We are sexual beings, at least the majority of us. We need to be kissed and touches, cuddled, fingered, dicked or just… pussied? This is not a word, but it sounds right for the context, do you agree? And when they make sites like Friend Finder, those lonely jerkers will find a way to make it all about sex.

So people were elated when the site was turned into something more sex-related. This was a perfect, moral and legal way to meet someone who you can send your dirty pics and clips. After all, when you know that this is a sex dating site, you don’t come here to pray and post kawai pics of your cat. So, if you post your nude, no one will be offended, or no one will think you are a sick pervert if you send them a photo of your private part. Sounds like a dream for horny folks, doesn’t it? And if the site has existed for so long, it obviously has made many people happy.

The same number of visits every month, from January to December 

There are more sites like Adult Friend Finder, and some of them are more or less popular and visited. But what’s interesting is that this one has loyal visitors, and there are no many ups and downs when we observe the monthly visits. For example, compared to Ashley Madison or Victoria Milan, Adult Friend Finder is steady. The number of visits in May is the same like in June. Victoria Milan had a lot of visits in May, but before that there were a few of them compared to that number. Adult Friend Finder doesn’t really change, it is always the same, or very similar.

Of course, most of these visitors are males. It’s the case with every sex dating site, not many women come to meet their fuck buddies to be. Maybe this is due to the fact that women are simply less judged by men out there, it is easier for them to find sex partners? Men are less picky? Or maybe women have more suitors when they go out, and they meet someone who likes them wherever they go. These are just assumptions, it is not meant to offend anyone. No one knows why more men come to sites like this, and we all know there are more women than men out there.

What’s good about Adult Friend Finder is that you can’t meet minors here. This is not what you want, and they don’t let minors create profiles. You need to be at least 18 and you need to confirm it and prove it. If you are younger and reading this, this review is not for you. 

Can you find your significant other here?

If you want to find your perfect match, soulmate, twin flame, whatever you believe in, sites like Adult Friend Finder are not the best choice because most people here just need casual arrangements. You know, something that will be just about sex from the start, nothing meaningful that could last. And you won’t really find your soulmate easily if you just post your nudes, it’s not how it works, we are still not that sexually open. Honestly, we should be. We should all be able to express our sexuality that way without being judged. But no, don’t expect anything too open-minded here, these are mostly horny people who just want to fap to naked chicks… or aroused chicks who just want to see some dick pics. 

One thing is amazing, though. This is a site perfect for both straight and gay users because you can meet both sexual orientations here. There are many gays here who come to find fuck buddies of the same sex, and there are lesbians who just need other babes with slutty attitudes. If you are bisexual, it just means you have even more options! 

And here’s one fact about the nationality of visitors – most people here are Americans. They come from various parts of the US, and you won’t really meet folks from other countries as much as you will meet people from the United States. If you don’t know English, you should learn it. Why not have a fling with someone from a different country, or continent even? The site is open to everyone! No matter where you come from, you can use it, but know that most visitors are from this area, and if you know English, this shouldn’t be a challenge. 

Speaking openly about your kinks to entice like-minded pervs 

Here’s something interesting about Adult Friend Finder – the site is perfect not just for meeting one person to sleep with, you can find those interesting in orgies or other arrangements. Some people will agree to experiment with that kinkier side of our nature, and who knows? Maybe you meet someone interested in BDSM or maybe foot fetish. This depends on what you gravitate towards as well, but if you are open about your kinks, you will meet like minds easily. Don’t surprise people, be straight forward and frank from the very beginning of your adventure here on Adult Friend Finder!

The members of this site are people who are willing to try something new, and that is why they come here. Yes, most members are men, and only 20% (and even less than that) are women. These men are both straight and gay folks, or bisexuals, and if you are fine with trying something with the same sex, here you can meet other gays and bisexuals. Both men and women here are mostly sexually open people who don’t take this thing too seriously. Sure, it’s always great to meet someone really nice and decent, but people mostly come here to flirt and maybe be unfaithful. 

Because this site is legit and everything here works perfectly, members who come here are very active and engaged, so the community of fappers is very much present. Whenever you visit the site, you will see someone online, and members always want to meet other members. They start conversations, send nudes, flirt, chat, exchange smutty videos… You can do whatever you want, as long as you are respectful and you don’t molest anyone.

No more wrong social media to be horny on 

When you are too sexual and lecherous, it’s really hard to hide it. You constantly think about sex and you see everyone as your potential fuck buddy. There is nothing wrong with being libidinous and enjoying your sex life a lot, nothing wrong with fapping to porn and people who post their dirty content online. What is wrong, though, is expressing this salacious side of yours everywhere! Some people will be disturbed if you post something sexual on, for example, Facebook! They don’t want to see your durty talk or anything similar. So, instead of making your social media friends uncomfortable all the time, you can just be sexually open on Adult Friend Finder and similar platforms. 

Why waste time on chasing girls who don’t want to sleep with you? When you think about it, many men are very determined to make a chick want to get laid. But instead of chasing women who aren’t interested tirelessly, here on Adult Friend Finder you have so many girls who will agree to chat dirtily with you. And when you start your dirty talk, who knows where that is going to lead you? Even 20% of members is still a big number. And these are not women who just want one man, so if they find someone interesting, don’t worry about having even fewer options. These are women who want to meet multiple dudes and have fun with everyone. 

Adult Friend Finders claims to be the largest sex and swinger community. Signing up is no sweat and it only takes a few seconds, which is ridiculous. After you leave some basic info, you are ready to start your adventure here! So many men and women are waiting for you online at this very moment, and you just have to say where you come from.

The site’s competitors 

Adult Friend Finder is a very famous sex dating site, and we can even say that it goes hand in hand with sites like OkCupid, or Tinder. There are many new sex dating sites now, but this one has been around since 1994, which means it has given people their perfect sex pals for almost three decades! Just imagine how many people got to hook up using this site. It’s a sumptuous resume of sex experiences, right? And while Tinder and OkCupid are not sex sites, this one is, and people go there knowing what they want.

If you read other reviews on the internet, you will see that everyone has positive remarks when they write about this site. Some reviewers, who tried the site itself, ended up with several friends with benefits and they claim these sex pals are all very open-minded people. Isn’t that what we need? Open-minded men and women who like to experiment in bed and sex life in general? This is actually a perfect way to boost your confidence if you don’t know how to approch the sex you like. If you want to learn how to flirt and win hearts, start with a site like this, especially because people are very cool and talkative. 

Millions of users give the site a gift of their presence, which means you will always have someone to meet. Even if you think you are the biggest klutz, someone will enjoy talking to you. And they have a customer support that is always online, available. Today all porn sites have this 24/7 support, and Adult Friend Finder is a site both free and premium. Sure, it’s always a good idea to try premium upgrades because you will see more features and have perks. 

A nutshell version of what you need to know 

Alt lifestyles and any sort of kinks here are pretty welcome. People are always quite eager to hook up, meet someone new. But before this review is finished, you should know that AFF is not all rainbows and butterflies. Unfortunately, there are inactive profiles,, bots, scammers and fakes here. The free version doesn’t really have impressive features and you need to handle a lot of ads. If you do want to tackle this site for real, or just dabble in these waters for a few amusing moments, you should know that you will deal with both cons and pros. 

And that was pretty much it. The site looks like any other sex dating site, there is not much philosophy here. We don’t need to talk about every single feature and all the slightest details, right? If you want to meet someone here, you can find some really open-minded and amusing people, charismatic and fun. And yes, you also have people who aren’t that attractive, and maybe they come here because this is the only way to approach someone and not get rejected instantly. 

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