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You have to go through that strenuous dating process of taking your date to dinner and, you know, doing that, sometimes terrible small talk, almost every time when you want to find yourself someone to share your life with. And even if you want to only focus on the sex part, and you want no strings attached relationships, you still have to meet people for dinners and go to clubs, take them to hotels, and all that jazz. But you don’t have to, really. If you visit sites like Get it on, you can just meet people who want to find sex partners, without any obligations and promises.

Get it on is another sex dating site, where you can meet men and women who may end up in your bed. If you find yourself as someone who is rather enticed by casual relationships, you can always try a site like this because people don’t come here to meet their future spouses, they are here to flirt and just have fun. This is a site with more than 10 million registered users, which means you can always find folks who want to meet you here. No matter how bad you think you are at flirting and seducing, with so many users, it’s impossible not to stumble upon someone who will like you.

Like Adult Friend Finder and some other sites that deal with the same theme, Get it on is a site where explicit content is allowed. You can show off your nude body to strangers who will probably appreciate it because they come here for that reason – to see nudes and meet potential fuck pals. If you want to reveal everything, here you can freely do it, and you don’t have to be surreptitious about your sexual needs because this site is made for horny people who need to have sex.

Be alert in light of these things on Get it on 

Of course, every site of this kind has its pros and cons. Yes, sites like this are always teeming with fakes and bots, and you have many profiles that are not bona fide. You see a really good-looking girl or a guy, and you start chatting to them just to realize very soon that the profile you find so dear is just a trick to take your money! Any people who have used Get it on say they are satisfied with the platform, but if you do research, you will also find negative remarks! Many say that this is just a scam, another way to exploit naïve people who believe they can meet someone interesting, so they give money and later it turns out they were actually chatting with paid models, who also work for other companies and they appear on other sex dating sites. 

Unfortunately, this is a sad reality of sites like this. You do have genuine profiles, but you also have fake ones. If you find someone too attractive and they only say things that work for you, so they almost sound like professionals, the chances are high these are models who are here to earn their coin. Maybe these are just bots, so you don’t even chat to a real person!

And yes, this review should be honest and tell you everything that you need to know if you plan to use a site like this! Why waste your money, when you can invest it in something beneficial to you? With sites like these, you should always be careful. The most important thing is not to be gullible and trust everything you see because you never know when these are just automatic responses! Yes, many do this to entice inexperienced users, and the biggest issue with these frauds is that many people, who are actually very lonely, get hooked to sites like this because of these fakes. When they later discover the truth, it can really affect their self esteem in a negative way, and they become even lonelier. 

And one more thing, these sites also can be visited by psychotic people and those with bad intentions. This is another thing to be very cautious about. You are probably smart enough to know not to trust everyone and give them your personal information that can be used against you. 

It’s pivotal to list your necessities here 

Ok, now that you know what to watch for and where to be wide awake, we can focus on the things, items and features that make Get it on distinctive. Like every other site, this one also has features that make it different and unique. One of these features is the compatibility test, which is actually very handy! This little tool helps you find your matches, but regarding sex and sex life. You can write about your kinks and tastes in bed (or out of it) and you can meet birds of a feather.

This site is all about consent! You come to your profile, leave some info about your sex inclinations and you can always meet other fappers and ladies who masturbate with the same likes. For example, you want to meet for a hookup, and you just want to sleep with someone without even taking them to dinner and movie. Maybe it’s the other way around – you do feel like spending some quality time before you get on like a house on fire. But whatever you need from your potential bang mates, it’s always advisable to be frank about your demands. The best way to meet someone who is compatible is by speaking about things you want and like immediately. If you do have that romantic side and you need it out in the open, you won’t be a perfect match to someone who just wants to fuck and move on with their life!

The site can really blow its own trumpet about their system of helping people with sexual chemistry connect. They take your likes and dislikes in consideration, and they do that for other users, and based on your common fetishes and fantasies, you will be given somebody who agrees with you! You will meet your sex mate easily, and all you have to do is wait for the system to find your matches!

Does this work? Honestly, it’s always better to just meet people in person for this sexual chemistry to happen. Sexual chemistry is something than can’t really be explained and simplified, when so many factors are in the picture. Your attitudes, conscious and subconscious preferences, the biology, the psychology, the sexology – this can go on forever, many things have to click to feel that sexual chemistry with someone, and you know, to have that reciprocated. So, can an application really find you someone who you will find the most attractive by just typing some silly words? Probably not! But hey, it’s better to have suggestions and you will see something you like anyway. Maybe the starts will be on your side that particular day, and you will find someone perfect for you!

Now, let’s talk what really matters – the price!

Do you agree that not all the best things in life cost money? Some good things are free? Well, when it comes to sex dating sites, if you want to get the most out of them, unfortunately, be ready to break a bank. Ok, maybe not really break it, you don’t need to spend a fortune on Get it on to enjoy the perks. The site costs 30 dollars a month, if you want to be a regular user, loyal member who keeps coming back.

This is considered cheap. Maybe not cheap as chips, but compared to some sites that requite double the price, plus you have to pay for the extra features, this is perfection! They don’t require annual memberships or things like that, you can be a member for a month and then just stop. 

You have to admit that it is enticing to try, no? For 30 dollars, you get to meet sexy people who may end up finding you utterly attractive. If you suffer from social anxiety or you are just shy and don’t know how to appeal to women (or men), sites like this are your heaven because here you can practice all of it! Your flirt skills, social skills, sex skills… You don’t need to be a Casanova or anything, you can start by just being talkative and open to something new. After all, most people who come to these sites are open-minded and very enjoyable to spend time with because they don’t have inhibitions, they just meet folks, relaxed and fun-craving. 

A no-sweat registration that is fast and free

The registration here is something you can do with your eyes shut. You only give some basic info and you are in, baby! You get to use the site, and of course, if you want all the goodies, you pay their price! This is how all users do it, and how you will do it, if you want to tackle this lovely little dating site.

Just after you finish, you will do their compatibility test, which should help you find your matches, people with the same kinks and, well, fantasies. The site supports diversity and all sorts of kinks, and the most important thing is that everything is consensual. The minute you start molesting someone, you are not welcome here and this is not what users of the site need. You shouldn’t bother anyone anywhere, and take advantage of the fact that people here come to meet potential sex mates. This is where you can look for that, and the chances are high you will find it fast!

You will have some interesting questions here. They ask you specific stuff, like if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something unconventional. This can relate to BDSM, but it doesn’t have to. You also have answers offered by the system. You can say things like ‘I want to try’, or ‘I’m curous about it’. You have multiple answers offered, and these answers are also given to other users to choose from, so if someone says the same things you do, the system will also offer you that person’s profile. 

And this is not all! You have these questions to answer, but you also have Cupid preferences to play with.  This is nothing to creative and wild, you just choose your preferred race, age, body type, sexual orientation, and even marital status. Yes, married people do come here to cheat… kind of. Maybe they are not unfaithful, but they definitely know what infidelity means! You can also choose between meeting singles or couples, and you do have couples who make profiles here to meet a third party, you know, to spice up their sex life. Once you are done with these requirements, it will be much easier for the system to spot your matches!

Design, interface and user experience 

The design is clean and clear, with nothing that is flashy or kitsch here. Everything is where it should be, and in order. You will easily spot all the features, like messages, their various communication tools, filters, search bar, and so on. The site looks good and professional, and their features also look professional and functional. You can find things you can also find on many other great sex dating sites, and maybe some more. 

What’s splendid about Get it on is that you won’t deal with a bunch of obtrusive advertising. For instance, there are sites like Adult Friend Finder, and this is where you see a lot of ads, unless you pay for the premium version and make most of the ads disappear. Here there are no ads, at least not too many, to ruin your experience. The functionality of the site is not as praiseworthy as on some other sites, and they could make it more sumptuous. Many members here have profiles, but they don’t use the sure regularly, which means the database isn’t heavily populated.

But here is something you won’t like. Even if you make your profile, you probably won’t get views until you become a paid member. You can send flirts and messages, but many times the users won’t answer, until you pay for the site’s premium version. And when you do pay, you will receive multiple messages, but these are bots. These messages will be the same, they will ask you the same things, to get together… Because of all that, everyone can figure out that the site is also a scam. Sure, maybe not all of it and maybe you do meet someone genuine here, but new users get messaged by a lot of bots and only when they pay, you receive these messages.

All sexual orientations and live cam chats for premium users 

So, the site supports every sexual orientation and all genders can hook up with the same or opposite sex. You can even meet trannies and develop a relationship with someone who is from another country, so completely different. This can be a fun and educational experience because you can learn about some other nation’s culture and see how sexually open they are. It’s always exotic to flirt with someone from a completely different country or continent. 

If you are a premium member, you will unlock the feature to use live cam chats. Also, only paid members can use contacting features, so if you pay, you can get the most out of this platform. If you don’t, you basically just get to see some hot profiles and that’s it. They will always offer you members from your city, no matter where you come from. Are these people really from your area? This is something we don’t know, maybe these are just bots or those who lie to be from a different town or city. 

2021 hasn’t been a success for Get it on. The activity of members has been low, and it hasn’t changed from January until June. It seems that in April many people used the site, but still not too many. Even though the userbase is diverse in light of ethnicity and these things, it looks like most users are Americans, and men.  You also have models, professionals who host their live video chats here on Get it on. Maybe this is the hottest part of the site, considering that many other things here are just a scam. 

Let’s finish this thing here!

Many people are disappointed with Get it on and it looks like only paid members get to meet hotties, but who knows if these hotties are even real users? Yes, the price is OK and the interface is decent, but compared to sites like Tinder or Adult Friend Finder, this one doesn’t do the work that we need. If nothing else, you can flirt and build your confidence here, but don’t think you are worth nothing if you don’t have many responses. Even those who get them actually chat with bots, not real people. 

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