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We know that there are many great sex dating sites out there, this is not something new. Sex dating sites have been around for decades! Take Adult Friend Finder as an example – this platform was created way back in 1994, when these things were still very progressive. And this is cool, we have many ways to meet people and find fuck buddies, and with these sites there is one more awesome way, maybe the fastest and easiest of them all! But what if you don’t want that same old vanilla stuff? Let’s say you are not just into ordinary vaginal sex, and you like it kinkier than this. You have whips and unusual toys that you want to use on some BDSM-loving bimbos. Is there a BDSM sex dating site that can help you find what you are looking for? What do you think?? It’s 2021, of course there is! Have you heard of Alt? It’s just like that, This is your source of BDSM-loving sluts who like it kinky and painful. If you want to meet cheeks with extraordinary sex toys, or just those who want to see your collection and dungeon, this is where you will encounter this kind of future acquaintances.

Alt is for people with a strong stomach, among other things

The BDSM scene is simply not for whimpers. This way of sex life is not for those who prefer to be mollycoddled by their lovers, it’s not like your man just pins you to the wall and drills your lady part sensually and passionately. BDSM is darker, more serious, it’s a fetish for those who don’t relent, who can either act crual and merciless, or endure this attitude from their sex pal. The sex toys you get to use if you are a BDSM fetishist can really make you physically suffer because you feel pain, and it’s sometimes all about pain. 

People that are into BDSM like pain, torture that can be mild or severe, humiliation, ruthless fuckers, domination and submission, punishment… If you are into all that, maybe you tried to find a quality BDSM site, which many say it is actually hard. First of all, not all BDSM porn sites are superb, let alone BDSM sex dating sites! This is a very specific niche, and it’s far from romance and sensual love making. But if you are attracted by things like heels licking, being stepped on, being spanked, whipped, beaten, put in a cage, then we can talk about Alt!

So, as you can see, Alt is a site with a very simple name that gives it all away. If you want to try something new that you have never experienced before because you mostly focused on the vanilla stuff in bed, this could be a thrilling challenge. If you don’t back down from challenges easily, and you like the idea of this slave-domino/domina dynamic, Alt is a site with great features that was created only for BDSM lovers and fetishists. It’s definitely not like any other sex dating site, but then again, today we really do have everything! You have dating sites for asexual people, who just want platonic partners, you have sites for specific romantic inclinations. For example, sites where young men can be matched with cougars, and things like that. And have you heard about that ghost dating site?? This might be the weirdest of them all! You actually have forms to fill, where they ask you how you died and things like that. When you use this site, apparitions appear on the screen. Of course, no one believes this is genuine, but we all have to agree that it is definitely a weird dating platform. So, a BDSM sex dating site is not the weirdest and kinkiest thing out there. 

What does it mean to be into BDSM?

Some say that you have to be bold and audacious to experience BDSM sex life. Well, this could be near the truth because you basically let someone cause you physical pain, and cowards are not friends with pain, right? Or you are the one who causes pain, and for this, you need to be a little bit psychotic. Not all psychos are bad psychos. They say doctors and surgeons are psychos because you simply must be one to be able to perform surgeries. You know, you cut someone’s body, see all that blood and keep it cool. It’s not really for everyone, right? BDSM folks are also not ordinary people, but this shouldn’t be offensive at all. There are, like, over 7 billion people on Earth, right? With so many of us sharing this air, we have to be different. It would be too dull if everyone were the same. Some people are gay, lesbian, bisexual. Some like vanilla stuff, others prefer it kinkier. Some like this, others like that. Everything is cool as long as it is consensual. If you are a fetishist, you just find other fetishists who will share your specific kinks. And that is when Alt comes in handy! Instead of experiencing those weird moments when you say to someone about your kinks, and that person doesn’t meet you eye to eye and even starts thinking you are some kind of a perverted, psychotic loser, a site like Alt helps you find only those who won’t judge you. How can you judge someone who does the same things you do? Maybe you don’t meet your soulmate here, but you will find your match for a healthy, sumptuous sex life. 

Sites like this can be very refreshing. After all, it’s always amazing to go places where you won’t be judged or seen as weird. You know, if you are a gay, you go to a gay club to meet those who are like you. If you like spirituality, you go to temples, spiritual retreats, maybe churches because you know these are the places where you can do your thing. That is also the case with Alt. If your thing is bondage, domination, punishment, humiliation – this site will elate you!

Meeting fuck mates even kinkier than you 

If you want to meet someone wild and unconventional, progressive and liberal, you will meet them here on Alt! These people are open-minded, that’s for sure. They are brave and ready to leave their comfort zones when the occassion enables it. If you think you are all this and more, you can meet people who will set you free here, but maybe you even meet someone wilder, kinkier, braver, more open-minded? It’s not a competition, it’s good for you to meet someone like that, because people who are more something than we are usually teach us a lot. 

This review dangles Alt in front of you, but you are the one who decides if they are going to do something about it. It’s up to you entirely! Are you that lonely perv who has so many toys to experiment with, but you always meet chicks or dudes who are not amused by these things? Let’s face it, a smaller part of our entire society is willing to let someone torture them, even though dungeons today can look like a paradise! Well, a paradise for kinksters with weird preferences. Just remember the little chamber of Mr Grey. Lush, elaborate and lavish, no? When you see something as perfect as that, who doesn’t want to try it?

And here all the people you meet have sex toys of their own, and some of them have dungeons as well. Maybe you do! If not dungeons, than definitely corners in their houses with awesome toys that serve to punish naughty sex mates. With BDSM, it’s either you love it or hate it. This is not something you can do partially, you are either in or completely out. You either get tortured and torture, or you just like everyday bed sex in your bedroom. And no one judges you whatever you like, you can be whoever you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone!

Subs and dominos, bondage and gagging 

Alt is where subs can meet their domino matches! Or vice versa, you may be a dominant, strong man or woman who likes all the control. Here you will find your slaves and people who may agree to lick your heels, or something. We are actually very certain that you will find what you need because the site has more than 3M views every month! This is actually an old piece of information. Maybe today they have even more visitors because, if we are being honest, BDSM sites seem to be catching on these days. No matter where you come from, you are bound to find your matches here! Bound and spanked, whipped, gagged… Whatever you want!    

This little fella called Alt has existed since 1998! It’s 23 years, baby! Just imagine how many partners have been connected through this platform. So many spanks and whipping bruises, that’s for sure! And they are still strong and kick ass! And with even more people who try these things with every day that comes, the site can become even more popular.

Of course, if you want to really employ this site to the fullest extent, you have to pay. Are you shocked? Of course you aren’t! We are all used to these little bastards stealing our money all the time. But yes, premium members have a plethora of features and filters and options to play with. Free users will have a limited experience, with not that many filters and options. And if you pay, you also won’t deal with ads and you will easily get what you want. 

Plugging in the type of people that make you hard or wet 

Like most registration processes on these sites, everything here is also duck soup. No too many boxes to fill, just the basics – your username and password you will use, email and of course, your preferred type of kinksters. Today all good sex dating sites let people make profiles as couples. If you have a partner who also likes to experiment, you can create this united profile and meet kinksters who will want to swing or just have threeways with you two love birds. How do you like the sound of that? Tempting, no?

Your news feed will be teeming with people you like the most, but after you set all the filters and mark some items. These are things like your role in bed, sexual orientation, if you are into sex toys or not, and all that jazz. Nothing too surprising, but customized for BDSM addicts. These are all the questions for BDSM fans, and nothing is for ordinary fappers and folks who just want to date and go to dinners and movies, stuff like that. Wanna grab a bite and see a romantic movie, then we can go to my dungeon and I can throw you in my cage? Yeah, this probably won’t work like that.

It’s cool how they made a platform where you get to answer a lot of questions, but really, a fuck ton of them. You can customize your experience, tailor everything to your distinctive needs. You can say what acts are simply off limits to you, if there is something that just make you cringe or feel unpleasant. Just because you are into BDSM, it doesn’t mean you have to try all the weird stuff. Maybe you don’t like spanking, this reminds you too much of your mother. Who knows, maybe you don’t like humiliation, like some other fetishists do. Or maybe you are just not that into that whole heels licking thing. 

People from your area who are equally nasty 

And just like most dating sites, your profile feed will show you people who are in your area, your city, your place. This is always convenient, you don’t need to chat for hours just to learn that someone is not even near you. If you want sex and this whole BDSM experience, it’s much better to meet someone in person, but you can always try dirty talk and insults online as well. Yet, no whipping and torture, just mental torture…  

And if you want to see more, just scroll down for updates of those you follow. You will see pics and videos that are, for the most part, homemade. Of course, what kind of dating site would this be if they didn’t have the feature to like and comment? Give people attention and love, most of these jerkers and masturbators are just slutty attention whores who like followers and all the likes. But here’s a nuisance – you need to pay for this feature! You can choose Gold or Silver membership, and they are not more than 10 bucks a month. It’s dirt cheap, cheap and cheerful. 

But sending messages is actually allowed to everyone, even free users who are too big of cheapskates to pay up for all the perks. You still get to view people, look at their stuff and stuff like that. And do they have bots? What do you think? Let’s say that even if you don’t post any photo or status, you will still be very sought after… Chicks will send you that they want to meet you. If these aren’t bots, these bitches are too dumb for you anyway because who wants to meet someone who hasn’t even posted a single pic? Maybe if your username is Brad Pitt or something. 

A lavish community page 

If you like community features, here you have a cornucopia of them, so you will really have a blast exploring the community page. You have so many things to see! They have blogs and magazines, chat rooms, forums… It’s very sumptuous and diverse, perfect for those who like a little bit of everything on a site like this. Maybe this is the best site in light of these things because most sex dating sites forget about these details, and they can really make you satisfied. 

In addition, you have a great mobile version of the site, it is optimized for all phones because they knew that people just like these apps on phones more than on PCs. It’s easier on a phone, isn’t it? It’s easier to chat and browse, and you can do it even when you lie down at night, so no big devices to burden you. Great work, really!

And that’s it. We can give these folks a pat on the back! Good job with this site, it’s exquisite! You can meet people who share your kinks or who can teach you something new. Maybe you can teach them? Open-minded folks come here, not some narrow-minded, timid and inhibited personae who don’t even know what to say. If you try a site like this, you will definitely enrich your sex resume! You won’t waste a second here, especially because you have all these awesome features. What do you think about Alt? Ready to get out of your comfort zone now?  

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