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If you try to find the meaning of the word bazoo online, you will find two of them – mouth and bottom. So, when we say bazoo, we can either mean someone’s mouth or someone’s ass. Exempli gratia, ‘he can’t keep his bazoo shut’. Or ‘wowza, what a luscious bazoo of that lady!’ This was for those who didn’t know it. And now let’s commence this review, about a site called Bazoocam! What does it even mean? Why this odd name? Is it about ass or mouth? Maybe both? Even though this site is not smutty in nature, you can use it for sexual purposes. But wait, we have things to discuss first, before we get to that!

To commence with, this is a chat website. Just like other chat sites, this is a also a cool way to meet strangers, individuals who are locals or from another country and continent. You can talk to your chat buddies, or you can even play games here. The system will connect you with random folks, and no one really knows how these things work. You just visit the landing page, press the ‘start’ button and you are matched with a random individual who did the same. 

Meeting locals and non-locals can be so much fun on BazooCam!

Bazoocam has plenty of interesting features or purposes, whatever you like to focus on more. To name a few, this site has a few ads, it can be used in various languages and it is very simple to use. To tell the truth, maybe the first time here will seem too perplexing to you. You won’t handle it professionally right away, you have to learn more about these navigation tools first. To those who are new to the site, it’s a little bit confusing to navigate it because you have buttons and options offered, and you need a few visits to get your bearings. 

The site supports all countries, so no matter where you come from, you are not only bound to meet locals, you will also meet foreigners, people who live far away from you, with a completely different culture and customs, manners etc. If you are adventurous and you do enjoy in meeting non-locals, you will have a lot of fun here because you can learn about other cultures and traditions. Of course, how many of you really need these sites to educate themselves? The majority of folks land on these pages because they are horny and want to meet other horny strangers who will agree to cyber sex. 

But if you are more profound than that, and you are playful, creative and spontaneous, sites like this can always be used to learn something new and experiment with your personality. After all, you can go there to practice your foreign language skills, or your wooing skills, something like that. You can inform yourself about countries you would like to visit or move to. You can make exotic friends who will later offer you accommodation when you travel to their countries. It takes a little imagination, but you have freedom to do so many cool things with sites like BazooCam!

Using this site to get off? It’s an option!

Even if you meet locals, it can still be a very educational experience. Someone can present you their own points of view, you can philosophize together, you can learn something new about your own city and country, things you don’t know because you have never seen them through the eyes of your chat pal. As you can see, these chat sites can always be put to really cool purposes, you don’t always need to go there, get naked and blow your load or, if you are a chick, finger your coochie or whatever. 

But if you do just want to get off, sites like BazooCam can come in handy. Of course, some people find it much more thrilling to visit these chat websites compared to going to porn sites, where you have prerecorded flicks of babes having fun. Chatting with horny pals is more immersive, you are the one who controls what happens, together with your online sex pal. Yes, this site can be used to meet strangers you will want to try cyber sex, but no that there are moderators here, who are watching your every move.

These people don’t let users reveal their private parts, unless it is consensual. To give you an idea, if you get naked too soon, they won’t let you molest other users. You can get rid of your clothes after both you and your chat partner agree to that, but if you just turn on your webcam and you are already nude, with your private part bare, you will be banned from the site for 40 days. Or 20… They won’t let you use the site for several weeks, until you learn your lesson.

Employing BazooCam to the fullest extent

The site does have positive aspects, and people who have used it do have positive remarks. BazooCam has customization features you can take advantage of, and these are things like choosing to be connected only with people from your city. And since so many people use this site, it is not hard to find your locals. Yes, mostly Americas spend time on this website, but you can probably find your locals no matter where you come from. After all, these people don’t have to be from your city, they can be from your country. 

BazooCam is perfect for making friends, no matter where these friends are and how much they are away from you. If you suffer from social anxiety and you hate encounters in person, but you think you can manage online encounters, this site is great for you. In fact, if you use sites like this smartly, they have a lot of benefits. One of them is curing your social anxiety by practicing how to act in front of others. You would be surprised at how many people are confident on these webcams, and they are pretty timid in person.

And who knows, maybe you are one of them? Maybe you also feel insecure when you are approached by strangers in clubs, restaurants, coffee places and other public areas, or you don’t feel that awesome when you try to approach someone in this manner, but when you have these online sessions, everything feels natural. This can be on the grounds of many things, but it is irrelevant now. And it’s pretty common, so you are not alone. Even if you meet someone online who looks so confident and self-assure, maybe this person is a wallflower when they are attending parties and social events. 

And let’s not forget to mention the blog! Here you can find Insta pics and content with hot girls. It’s not much, but it’s cool they have it.

Everyone can use this duck soup site 

BazooCam is a site perfect for those who are not computer-savvy. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get the most out of this site and use it properly. All you have to know are some basics, like what ‘start’ button means and stuff like that. Even your grandma could do it, and who knows? Maybe she has sometimes in her life! You do have a lot of opportunities here to meet both youth and the elderly. People of all ages use this site and they like to chat regardless of how many summers they have had in their lives. 

You won’t have to sign up or anything, and everything is free of charge, so don’t worry about hidden costs. These folks are not frauds or some sly bastards who know numerous ways to get their hands on our money illegally or immorally. When your webcam is ready, you can commence with your first video chat. Of course, no one will point a gun at you to force you reveal yourself. You don’t have to show your face to anyone, you can stay secretive and just use your microphone, or not even that. You can type to your chat pals. 

Many people hide their faces and voices even because they are just shy, insecure, or afraid that something bad will happen. If you chat with someone who doesn’t want to reveal themselves, don’t make them. You wouldn’t want anyone to make you, would you? It’s not pleasant to have someone who is too persistent about you doing things that don’t feel natural to you. Most people here start their chat sessions by typing to their chat mates, and you have to be understanding about that even if you do feel like showing everything.

A button to change your chat mate  

What’s good and bad about this site is that you can always switch to someone else. They have a button you can click on, and a new person will show up. This is great if you don’t like who you are talking to, but also if you just want to meet more people and keep your options open. Not everyone is overly-attached and some people just want various experiences, a colorful resume of this site’s usage. Yes, if you really hit it off with someone, you don’t have to change the session until you give them your social media name or something, but always be careful with these things. 

Why this is a bad thing, though? It’s terrible for the confidence of users. If someone doesn’t look that good or they don’t have a charismatic presence and don’t know what to say, so others find them boring, they can just be switched. When people choose to click on that button to meet someone new before you exchanged your goodbyes, it can really impact your self-esteem negatively. You will think that you are the one who is not good enough, that you can’t appeal to anyone, and so on. 

But then again, if someone does bother you, why would you suffer? No one has to go through anything unpleasant today, we live in such a society that the system cares about our happiness. Kind of. This is arguable, but on the whole, if you aren’t happy with your chat buddy, they added this button for you so that you just change your interlocutor and skip to the next one. You should always be ready for someone to just replace you, but it’s not the end of the world. You won’t appeal to everyone, and you know what? These chat buddies that didn’t want you also won’t appeal to everyone, someone will switch to someone else when they start a conversation with them. Karma is a bitch. 

Many ways to have a blast here 

The website has several fun ways of marketing itself, and they approve of amusing and creative people who come to the landing page with the intentions to, well, amuse others. What does this mean? As an illustration, you can wear a silly mask and be silly that way. Some wear Jason masks, which is terrifying, but it can be fun to many. You can wear those Scream movie masks and be crazy with your chat pals, and if you have your own ideas, you can try various weird things here. You can come to BazooCam to play MadLibz or something. You are always welcome if you want to be funny and playful. 

And here’s another idea – you can play an instrument and sing songs to your chatters. You can sing songs that you wrote yourself and ask people for their opinions, so that you know if you are any good at this. The site alone has some cool games you can play with your interlocutors, so you can see they really approve of their users having fun in various ways.

And here’s another suggestion, but this is for sexually open folks. You can perform a steamy striptease and be playing in a sexy way. Like we said, the site can be used in porn purposes, and you do have a lot of opportunities to meet people who will want to dirty talk with you and play in that naughty way. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or guy, you can strip for your video chat partner to give them a good time. 

X-rated moments are actually the most common here 

The site has some cool get-to-know you games, but our experiences were mostly x-rated ones. The biggest number of people who come to BazooCam want to get naughty, and they like adult conversations and acts. If you have sex toys, it is fun to prepare them and put them to good use, but only if you aren’t shy to have amatory online moments with people you have never seen in your life. But you will never see them anyway, so why not enjoy these xxx sessions?

Of course, some people come here because they are lonely and they want to meet someone special. Sites like this may not be the first choice of most people to do something like that, but you never really know what destiny has in store for you. Maybe you will meet your special person this way. And if you are very passionate about sites like this, and you have a flair for seducing strangers online, it’s not a surprise you find here someone like you. Of course, don’t have a lot of expectations and just go with the flow, it’s the best thing you can do. 

The site doesn’t allow teens to use it, but honestly, many teens can be found here and it seems that the moderators don’t always do anything about it. Because these x-rated videos and conversations, kids and minors shouldn’t use the site at all, especially because there are so many older predators who seek for their preys this way. If you have a minor in your house, be alert and don’t let them use a site like this! Grooming of minors is not a rarity today, which is terrible but true. Many pedophiles visit sites like this and they do all in their power to make minors do sexual stuff. 

Let’s extrapolate!

If you are a grown-up who wants to meet other adults and have adult conversations and amatory sessions with them, this site is a great source of fun! If you are a teen, it’s better you don’t visit sites like this. If you are a parent of a teen or a child, never for the life of you let them visit BazooCam and sites that are similar. With the outpouring of bare boners there, it’s not a kid-friendly environment.

And if you are creative and innovative, fun and relaxed, these video chats can help you express all that, by singing, dancing, stripping, playing cool games, interviewing, and practicing literally everything you want! It’s a free and simple site anyone could easily learn how to use, and you only have a small number of ads, that shouldn’t spoil the fun. On the whole, this great site is like other chat websites, and other sex chat sites, which are so popular in 2021! But be wise and don’t do anything that might cause you trouble.  

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