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If you want to see some flamboyant naked hotties, but you are OK with dealing with a fuck ton of bare peckers as well, here’s a site to recommend – Dirty freaking Roulette! Yes, the site is very much known for its outpouring of schlongs, but it’s actually a great way to meet some nude chicks as well. This is a cam site, and the name is very revealing. It tells you all. Basically, you have a roulette system integrated here, which means that when you want to have video chats, it’s like playing this game – you never know who you will encounter! The system gives you a random person, and it is up to you to stay or leave. 

If you know what a white-label product is, this is what Dirty Roulette is – of Flingster! Flingster is a chat site, where you can meet your matches and have… well, flings, hence the name Flingster, right? Now, Flingster is a prosperous site, a bunch of lonely folks go there to dangle their singleness in front of other singles, which is kind of cool because you can, then, meet personae with similar issues and inclinations. And what best way to fall in love? Match two lonely birds, and you make love birds out of them! At least sometimes this is the case. 

Dirty Roulette is run by professionals who care about out experiences here 

Sites like Dirty Roulette are perfect for sex addicts because this is where you can dangle your stiffy in front of potential cyber fuck buddies. What’s not cool about it is stumbling upon kiddies there. Hopefully, this place is not like Omegle, where you get to video chat with a bunch of kiddies nutty as a fruitcake, who do who knows that on a site like that. Dirty Roulette is for grown ups, and if the name doesn’t suggest it right away, the bare members will do that instantly. 

Because of so many pervs and sick fucks, the site did do something about this whole onslaught of dicks. To keep things under control, they added a face-recognizing algorithm. They changed some of their terms, and they also added useful features so now the services here are even better than before, and people feel safer. Well, ladies can feel safer because no pervs can bother you now, unless you let them! But what you can immediately see is how professional these folks are running this site. Compared to Omegle, it is way too better and more serious. 

There are numerous chat roulette sites nowadays, and Dirty Roulette may be the cream of the crop, or at least in the top 5 exceptional roulette sites. When you enter the site, all you have to do is press their Start button, and you will spot it instantly, it’s right in the middle of the page. Choose your gender and you will be ready to embark on this amatory adventure! You don’t even need too register, leave your email and password, nothing here costs money and everything is duck soup, at least in light of navigation.   

100% anonymous and discreet, just what you need 

DR is an anonymous site, which means everything you do here stays here, and they are very discreet about your sexual escapades with strangers. These sex cams are free, and if you want to have sex online, the only thing you have to do is find your consensual match. Not everyone will want to get naked for you at that precise moment, sometimes you need to woo babes to lure them into getting nude. But most of these sites gather at least some info on you, while DR doesn’t do that at all. You can just visit the site, check out the features, go offline whenever you want and come back when you are inspired to do so, without thinking about any memberships, billings, left and saved data… It sounds enticing, no? You have a lot of freedom here to do whatever you want, and even if you want to get really freaky and be a jerk, it’s all up to you. After all, maybe you are one of these pervs who get a kick out of showing off their manhoods on the webcam. We never know, do we? But whatever you do, just don’t molest anyone – keep it civil.

There are not many live cam chat sites that are mobile friendly, and it’s a bummer for those who like these sites and travel all the time, so they can’t always bring their big devices with them. But Dirty Roulette is optimized for phones, and you can video chat with other fappers and masturbators this way as well. The version for androids is decent, and you won’t find it cluterry or anything, everything is where it should be. It’s a nice-looking simple design that makes the interface easy to use. 

Many uses of this little platform 

Even though the site is so simple and minimalistic, with no ostentatious details and buttons taking you to who knows where, DR doesn’t only serve one purpose. You can put it to many uses if you are creative and playful enough. For one thing, you can just flirt with people you will never see in real life, and you can use these chats to build perfect confidence. You can ask people for advice, especially concerning your sex life. And this is not all, you can release all the tense in your life by having cyber sex and cumming to boot. And of course, even though this is a sex chat site, you never really know when your soulmate is just around the corner. Yes, you can meet your true love here, these things happen.  

People who use this site have a lot of beautiful success stories, actually. Maybe this wasn’t the initial intention of the site’s makers, but true love stories do happen. To some, this will be trivial because you are probably reading this review because you are interested in sex, not love. But if you want both, bull’s eye! Maybe you find a little bit of everything here. 

The site pares down to just a few details. You have some control buttons and the screen of you and your little chat buddy. And what good porn site doesn’t also have a disclaimer, saying this thing is no for kiddies? Yes, if you are 18, you can march into this thing, employ Dirty Roulette to the fullest extent without worrying about a thing. Children are not welcome and this is no place for them to play their silly games. This is a serious site for grown-ups, where you will see a bunch of adult stuff that would traumatize kids. 

A simple site with too many pervs you will have to be aware of 

Of course, when you visit sites like this, clearly there will be a cornucopia of lunatics who will make you feel uncomfortable and awkward. To tell the truth, awkwardness goes hand in hand with sites like this because, with so many people out there allowed to use the internet, many of them will just be super-weird. You won’t even know how to handle some of these pricks, and if you think you are not confident enough and strong for encounters of this kind, maybe Dirty Roulette is simply not for you. 

Like all the other sites of this kind, or at least the majority of them, you also have texts on how to use the site. It’s not like we need it, though… What’s hard and complicated about a site like this? You just visit the url, start the video chat and do your flirt thing, or whatever. It’s a very easy-to-use site, so you don’t even need to read about it, but if you are here for the very first time, maybe reading about it is not a bad idea. So, this instruction text, a disclaimer and a few control buttons – this is what you will work with!

If you want to see what you can find when you go to Girls, a pop up will open, and it says Flingster. You will see that Flingster has almost 7 million users, at least as of this writing, and you can log in with your email or Google account. This is a fast step, and when you, let’s say you choose your Google account for the login, enter what you want to see, they have some discount offerings. 

Of course, they will thank you for joining Flingster, and at this moment, you can unlock all their features for a price that is 34% off. Maybe when you read this review, the price will be bigger, but as of this writing, they offer 34 less money to pay. You can skip this step and you will find yourself on the landing page of Dirty Roulette. On the right side at the top of the page, you will see two buttons – my account and upgrade. Ok, let’s see what these dolls can do!

My account and upgrade buttons 

Let’s say you simply want to start with free membership. You don’t need more than this standard version, a free account with rudimentary features and tools. Of course, for this you just give them your email and password, even though this is not even obligatory, DR doesn’t care about these pieces of indo at all. Yet, we will talk like you want this free account with your email and password. This is all you need, you don’t need to fill out forms where you speak about your flairs or anything, it’s a very simple and quick process to create your gratis account here.

You have some chat settings, it’s the first item you will see, before Live Help, Billing Support, Log Out and Account. When you go to these settings, you can hide or show your location, which is always a useful tool because why should people know where you come from if you don’t want them to? You can add your intro message, which is cool because this is where you can be creative and playful, tell someone something about yourself, but something general. Maybe you like a song or a movie, and you want to put a citation that is catchy, mysterious, cool and beautiful. 

You also have some sections where you can gain Insta followers and see how many likes you got, but honestly, we are not sure how these items work. Maybe if you like to experiment with sites, you can investigate it further and learn all you need to know. It’s cool because other chat sites don’t really have these items, but then again, do we even need them? Maybe if you are an influencer or you just suffer from the number of likes on your social media. We are all different, so maybe you are into these things.

Now, they have a very clever way of getting us to register here and become a paying member. They say that when you pay, you will verify that you are a real person. Verified users have more credibility, and more people will be interested in chatting with you particularly, not someone else. This is what they say, and below you have a box where you can add your interests. You have many tags here, that should help you find what you need fast. If you can’t think of anything, these recommendations are here to give you ideas. And when you are done with all that, you can choose your language and they another feature to boot – automatic translator. 

Before you even start your video chat adventure, you should select your gender. You have male and female, but they also added trans and couple. When you select these items, people will know who they are dealing with better. After all, you also want to find a specific gender if you are straight or gay, only bisexuals don’t care about these trivialities. And that is pretty much it, you are set to go and commence this incredible Dirty Roulette experience!

All genders are welcome here, which makes the site diverse 

When you know this is a site where you can meet everyone, lesbians, gays, trannies, couples who like swinging and experimenting, you know a variety is an integral part of this place. Even if you aren’t gay or straight, you can try something new and give yourself a chance to have miscellaneous happenings. These platforms are perfect because they are safer than clubs and public places. With clubs and public places, strangers can drug you, hurt you, do something terrible to you if you aren’t careful. Sites like Dirty Roulette may be teeming with pervy lunatics, but at least no one can physically hurt you and harm you, unless you give them your personal info they could abuse. 

This is where you need to be alert, especially when you meet so many strangers. It’s always better to stay secretive about yourself because some of these users are malicious like viruses. No matter if you are a guy or chick, and you want to meet chicks or dudes, it’s always smart to be safe by not revealing anything about yourself. Of course, you can talk about your favorite food and movies, but don’t really talk about your address, salary, bank accounts… But you already know this.

The quality of these webcam videos is high, so you will be able to see your chat pal perfectly, and they will see you. It is crisp and clean, especially if your internet connection is superb. Some of these buttons you will click take you to different sites, like My Free Cams, which is baffling because Flingster and Dirty Roulette are legit and excellent sites that have it all. This happens when you click on ’verify now’ button. Ok, so they collaborate with MFC? It’s not a bad thing, considering this is another remarkable live sex cam site.

Extrapolating this review slowly…

The site doesn’t lack stiff cocks and bare pussies, but they do lack ads! This is phenomenal and you won’t bother with pop ups and banners that only make you feel exasperated. It’s a clean platform with everything you need if you just want to meet strangers and chat to them. If you want to get dirty with someone, this is a perfect place for that because people come to Dirty Roulette because of the name – they want to do dirty stuff here.

On the whole, this is a great site and if you like what you read, you can always visit it for free. Yes, they do have a VIP version you can use for a dime, and once you pay you will be able to enjoy some perks. If you check out they’re Girls button, you will be taken to My Free Cams, which is another exceptional live sex site with stunning cam girls. The site is very simple and easy to use, and even kids could do it… but hopefully, they never will!

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