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Omegle… Did you also spend a lot of time there when you were in high school? Did you meet weirdos and horny fucks who just wanted to send you their nudes and shows off their dicks? Truth be told, when you are a teen, platforms like this can be amusing and traumatizing. You maybe want to meet someone cool, but you end up with a psycho who just wants to watch your masturbate or something. Yes, if you are familiar with platforms like Omegle, you know how it works. People go there to video chat with strangers, and you can sometimes meet utterly terrible personae who ruin your experience. 

But when you grow older, these things stop bothering you. So what if someone shows me their dick? I can just change the chat partner, right? Our world is filled with horny fucks who somehow believe the internet is theirs. They unzip and pull out their members and they flash them, not caring if really young folks will see it all. And this might be the worst thing about Omegle. Literally everyone can use it, and kiddies are not safe from it. There are no age restrictions and no one needs to verify they are not minors. It sucks! Ok, for teens, these experiences could be priceless, but seriously, you can see so many kiddies there, and you have to watch what you are doing. 

What does Omegle have to offer, really?

What’s interesting about Omegle, though, is that these days many youtubers upload Omegle screen videos on their profiles. It seems that this little platform is quite an adventure! They find it amusing to go there and meet strangers, and then these strangers end up on their YouTube channels. Is this even legal? Can you just put someone on YouTube without them knowing? Someone should do something about it! Enough with these immoral, illegal acts, we miss the time when people were more civilized. 

But other than that, maybe Omegle doesn’t really have much to offer. You can go there, meet strangers, maybe try cyber sex with someone who is open to it, or you can just meet weird kids who like to do crazy things when they video chat. Omegle is a very simple site to use, with rudimentary features. You won’t find much there, and we can even say their design is dated, and they don’t seem to do anything about it. They probably don’t even care. As long as there are fucks who come there to molest kiddies, no one even notices the design.

If you check out other reviews, you will see that many users of this site are males, horny men and boys who just come here hoping to get off fast. The site can ban users for no reason and they didn’t really create any praiseworthy features. There are just too many kids, old people who gravitate towards being stalkers and people who are simply dull. People have terrible experiences here, and many would advise you not to even try it. Stay as far away as possible, unless you really want this adventure! If you do, keep reading for more details!

Not a sex site at all, but there are some horny pals on Omegle 

If you are a hormonal teen, or someone who feels like that even if you are a grown up, you will like Omegle because this is not a bad way to meet stranger who you can chat to. Maybe these people will agree to dirty talk, maybe they will just want to analyze life and talk about meaningful topics. You never know with sites like Omegle, but this unpredictable trait makes it more interesting. 

Omegle is not really a porn site. It’s not like those roulette sites where chicks get naked and you can fap to different ladies every time you visit the chat room. There is nothing smutty about it, it was never meant to be a sex site. It was just always about video chats with strangers, and these chats can be totally vanilla or you can meet someone to have cyber sex with. There will always be people who want that, but most of these folks are on sites like Adult Friend Finder or Tinder, you know. People don’t come to Omegle to meet fuck mates because there are many other platforms for that, where people designed the sites particularly for hookups. 

Omegle is neutral. It’s not a porn site, but it can be seen like one because many folks come there to reveal their private parts and fap before your eyes. If you want to meet numerous potential fuck mates, this site shouldn’t be your first choice, but it doesn’t mean you can’t meet a fuck mate here. You don’t have filters here, though. You do, but they are not like on sex dating sites. The filtering option is very poor here, and you won’t be matched with people from your city. 

What does this mean? If you want a fuck pal who will meet you later to actually have sex, Omegle is not the best choice. It’s not good at all, because you will meet random strangers here, people coming from different continents. Yes, this can be a very amusing experience and quite an escapade to try and play with, but nothing here screams a dating site, it is just about meeting strangers so that you can chat. You can do that in clubs and other places as well, but at least here you are safe because no one can touch you. 

Alert and safe 

If you want to use a site like Omegle, you really need to be careful with your info. Don’t give anyone your personal info and stay away from trouble by keeping it discreet. No one needs to know anything about you, there are many people who don’t mean good. And honestly, with sites like this you never know, especially because no one checks the background of these people, no one can save you here if you don’t know how to save yourself. 

If kiddies can use this site without their parents’ approval, and no one even cares about that, who knows what kind of people come here? These people could be criminals, someone who could harm you, hurt you, kill you, rape you. Of course, even mental abuse if serious, someone may try to make you feel bad online. There are people who are naive and prone to manipulation, some young people or older men and women… mostly women, if we are being honest, can be affected. It is very important to not visit Omegle if you are fragile and tender.

This is not a site for people who are caring and gentle. In fact, you can meet many rude people here who will make you feel terrible. This happens all the time and the more you use the site, the more you will meet crazy users, or just mean bitches. Only if you are strong enough to handle that without it leaving a mark, you should visit the site. Yes, you have to very silly and playful, carefree and confident not to be bothered by these mean losers who are definitely not welcome here, but they act like they own the place.

What does attract people here? 

If you are young and hormonal, if you think about sex all the time, you will probably be enticed by a site like this. And maybe this whole ’not being a porn site, but you still have horny folks here’ thing works for our youth. When you are young and full of hope, you fantasize about meeting someone really cool, who won’t take advantage of you, but who will be as horny as you are. Omegle is full of young people, and probably most of them come online because they want to flirt, exchange some sexy words, etc.

But don’t really expect to meet your best friend or a perfect partner there. It can happen, we never know, but with sites like this, it’s always better to have a relaxing approach. Just like young youtubers – they go there and meet randos, they film these conversations and later they share them with the world. Be careful with that if you visit Omegle! You can be a victim of a manipulative youtuber who just needs materials for their channel! You may end up saying something really embarassing, nasty or rude, and many people will see that on this platform.

If nothing, people really like that this site is free! You don’t need to pay for anything, and the quality of your video chats will be decent, if not high. When you know a site is gratis, you know many people will be allured there. And the more people you have, the more adventures you will have as well! You can choose your likes, and the system will help you connect with someone who has the same preferences. This can be music, books, sports… Specific celebs, nothing is out of the question. 

The worst thing for your self esteem  

Omegle is a great and fun way to kill some time if you don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed or bad abour yourself. If you are charismatic, you might even really hit it off with someone, and you can have an enjoyable video chat experience. You don’t have to be alone for this, you can be in the same room with many people, and you can all video chat! Even if you are at a party, if that party is too boring, you can just jump to Omegle and the fun can start. Maybe it’s even safer to chat when you are in the same room with someone else. That way if someone tries to molest you, you will handle it better. 

The majority of users here are males, which is not surprising if you have read many sex dating sites reviews so far. For some reason, most users of dating sites are males, especially when these sites are sex-related. Not many women come to these platforms, but you do have millions of users, which is a big number and you can meet someone decent. Sometimes you need to first get through a plenty of rude people to find your decent girl or dude. If you think it’s worth it, go for it!

What’s unpleasant about Omegle is that you can’t even choose the sex you want to chat with. You can’t choose just men or women, older or younger, you get who they give you, and you have no say in that. It is up to you to either go with it, or just change your chat pal. These things can be unpleasant because sometimes people will switch to someone next right away the second they see you. Maybe because they want another sex, or maybe they think you are boring… Or they want someone prettier. These things are really terrible for a person’s self esteem. 

Also, when you know there is a stranger in front of you, you can act however you like. If you want to insult them, tell them they are ugly, boring, who can stop you? You don’t need to impress anyone and you don’t have to behave because you will never see this fella or chick again! Of course, this is terrible, and that is why this site is not good for your confidence. If you are reading this, at least you can behave. Why be a jerk? Let’s keep it civilized and show your good manners.

Still here, and it will probably stay that way 

And even though there are many adult camming sites today, much better than Omegle in so many ways, this little fella is still holding strong! It has existed for many years and from what it looks like, it will still be here in the future. These folks don’t have plans to shut the site down or change it somehow, ameliorate it. This means that this platform will still be available to children and weak people who can’t handle jerks. 

When Omegle was created, probably no one expected it to last. But it looks like this randomized video chat structure actually works! Instead of making people hate the site, people find it fun, more than paying for adult dating sites, And hey, this shit is totally free, we all know that people love their money in their wallets more than outside of them. They don’t even have a premium version or something, where people could choose sex and location of their chat mates. Here’s an idea! They could do something about it. 

But if anything, this site doesn’t have ads – zero ads and zero distractions. When you enter the site, you tell them what your interests are, and you can choose the text or video chat options. 13+ with parental permission… This is actually hilarious, considering there are kids here without parents! And these are not just a few kids, probably 40% of the experiences here will be with kids. They do have this recognizable logo, and even though the design is so ancient, we are used to it because we are probably nostalgic. We used this site as kids, even though, honestly, it was much more amusing back then.

The video is not monitored, how they promise 

So, when you choose the chat option you like, text or video, and you fill the box where your preferences should go, you can start your journey here. You will be connected to a stranger right away. You can start your chat or wait for them to type something. They say the video is monitored, and you should keep it clean. But if that was the case, how come so many bare dicks appear when you start your session? This is a mystery! They are liars, or they just don’t care. What do you think?

And let’s not forget to mention that these are one-on-one sessions. Two people can start a session, but not three or more. If you are with someone in your room, that is something else, but only two webcams can work at the same time. It’s how it works and it has for many years. They promise a lot of things here, but many of them are not true. How can they allow kids without parental supervision to participate? And if they watch for the pervs, why are there still so many cocks here? Food for thought.

But that’s it, there is nothing else to say about Omegle. Even these 2500 words were too much because it’s a very simple site without features like on other platforms. You should always be careful what you do there because some people film it and post it online. If you are strong and brave, here’s your chance to try this challenge! If you know how to handle pervs, kids and maniacs, this place shouldn’t be a gross experience to you. But you know yourself the best!

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