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Ok, there are a few things that come to mind when someone mentions Playboy – Playboy bunny, Playboy bunnies, big and astonishing Playboy mention, and one and only Hugh Hefner. Playboy started as a magazine a few decades ago and now it’s one of the world’s most popular erotic names and symbols. For decades men were exchanging the magazine and were eagerly waiting for the next month’s issue. It was prestigious to be pictured for Playboy, even Marylin Monroe was in it. When you see that Playboy bunny you know that there’s something kinky going on. It is still a symbol of lust, sensuality, erotica, and human desire.

What does the modern upgrade offers you?

When you visit the site you will be surprised. It looks elegant, classy, and, well, not nude enough. Especially at this time of the year. Everything looks Christmassy. You will see a gift guide. That’s right! There’s a pretty girl who is almost all over the screen in some seductive pose dressed in a ruby red Christmas playboy sweater. That’s an odd mix!  But when you look closely and dive in, you will see that this is a good old Playboy keeping it up with the latest trends and consumerism in general.

While you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see the best gifts ever – gift guides. Just below that is the just dropped section, both for men and for women. Then you will stumble upon holiday gifting essentials. Cozy gifts for him and her are next. After that, it’s new winter styles for him and new winter styles for her. 

After that comes the best section – mansion inspired gifts! You’ve probably wanted to live in this mansion during your puberty, maybe you still want to! Who can blame you, it’s a dream. Big old luxury mansion with carefully selected Playboy bunnies, what’s there not to love? It represents all that an average man wants – an expensive drink, a cozy bathrobe, and bombshells by his side. If you click on the shop the collection button it will lead you to a new page where you will see good old Playboy merchandise. Playboy mansion classics are waiting for you!

Gift yourself some of these classics and release that playboy within you!

They are inspired by a decades-long tradition, and they will bring you one step closer to that Playboy life. You may not be living at the very mansion but these statement pieces will give you a chance to experience a little bit of that Playboy lifestyle. They are sophisticated, they look lux and they can be a perfect gift for your significant other.

You can get the famous official Playboy captain’s hat and stir that sexy wheel. If you want to be elegant from head to toe, choose red satin mansion robe or a black satin mansion lounge set. Add mansion loafers and you’re all set. You would look like Hugh Hefner or some random rich mansion owner. But if you want to look more gangsta add a golden rabbit head chain or masthead nameplate necklace. You will attract attention for sure with all that bling.

Enough about you, if you like Playboy bunnies you can get your partner a whole range of Playboy gifts. If you want to spice up your sex life buy her the official Playboy bunny accessory set! The Bunny Accessory Set includes: famous and worldwide recognizable bunny ears, cuffs and cufflinks with rabbit head logo, tuxedo collar, and black bowtie, and, last but certainly not the least, white bunny fluffy tail. This may be enough for you, or for her, or you can upgrade your game and choose the whole pack. You can find the official Playboy bunny suit in a few colors. 

But whichever color you choose every set contains the same amount of pieces. The full bunny outfit includes the bodice, unavoidable bunny ears, cuffs and cufflinks with rabbit head logo, tuxedo collar with a bowtie, fluffy tail, and a rosette with rabbit head logo. This suit is recognizable all over the world. It became a symbol of sexy costumes. This set has been worn by many many celebrities. Kate Moss, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner wore it. That should say enough about it. You will probably see thousands and thousands of girls every Halloween trying to copy this look. It’s sexy, it’s out there, it’s Playboy. Some claim that this is the most famous uniform ever created, well, it certainly is the sexiest one! Buy it and add some dimension to your sex life. Something is missing. 

Complete that 1950s sexy look with heeled slippers! They look sexy enough all by themselves but they go perfect with a bunny suit or with some of the available translucent robes. The heel on these slippers is hot with a capital h, and the feathers on the front will remind you of nasty housewives who spend their days drinking champagne and looking their best waiting for their rich husbands to come back from work.

Besides the obvious – lux clothes and sexy uniforms, you can also get some home decorations. There are some framed covers, and even blankets with famous playboy girls printed on them.  

Check out the fetish side of!

If you choose gifts for lovers you will see some kinkier gifts than a silky robe. The first one of them that will catch your attention is the vinyl bra set. You may get aroused just by looking at the pictures of models in it. It has open underwire cups, draping gold chains all over them, you have a high neckline which is adjustable, and down from the back and in between the boobs is the statement O-rings necklace with a gold Playboy bunny charm. In this set, you will also get matching vinyl panties. They have a zipper in the front, a studded high waistband with a snap closure and an open crotch in the front, and a thong in the back. 

This looks like something that everyone who is into femdom must have! It is certainly a bargain for all you BDSM lovers out there. Just imagine your dominatrix wearing this! Ok, we’ve entered the world of domination so let’s say there. Add a paddle to your dom games. It’s not just any paddle, it’s a studded paddle that will bring the wanted intensity to your sexy, kinky, actions. This paddle is beautifully designed, it looks high-end, it has a soft faux leather base with velvet inset bunny logo, a rose gold studded handle and a comfortable wrist loop. So you won’t be bringing just a BDSM note to your sex life, you will be bringing some luxe note as well. Spank that booty! is full of sexy sets for females, you will surely find something that looks attractive to you. Besides these sets meant for the bedroom, and some male apparel, you can find glasses, ashtrays, and even grinders! You’ve read that right, if you want to grind your stuff with a smooth-looking grinder check out the Playboy grinder. It will draw attention at your next party. Not only with its look but with its functionality as well.

Well, when you think about New Year’s and Santa you probably think of some warm, cozy atmosphere, some holiday movies, and comfort food. It’s that time of the year when people are mostly good, and everything is about being obedient so you won’t be punished by a good old Santa Claus. People decorate their Christmas tree with all kinds of ornaments. First, there were just baubles, now people are hanging really weird ornaments that clearly do not belong there. 

If you are nasty and you don’t respect Christmas that much you can always put up the naked ornaments. Yes, you can hang on the tree a crotch area and boobs ornaments. You get two different ornaments in a set. The crotch one has a nicely shaped butt on the other side so it looks good either way. They look oddly realistic.

If you like old-school porn, we have some good news for you!

You won’t be able to watch some vintage porn but you will get something more valuable! When you think about it, you would need to spend countless amounts of dollars on every issue of the Playboy magazine that’s ever been released, right? The older the issue is, the more money you would need to pay for it. If you want to hold them in your hands, of course. But, if you don’t have that amount of money, or will, but you still want to research all those Playboy beauties, you can! On you can find the archive of every single issue of Playboy magazine that has ever been released. It’s official and it features issues from 1953. until 2020. You can check the last issue on the site – the issue from 2020. Or you can scroll down and check out the featured issues, get a glimpse of something from the archive, etc. If you join you will have access to over 60 years of Playboy magazine! That’s a bargain of the century! You can enjoy every single Playmate, every carefully-selected pictorial, every detailed interview, every interesting story, and more. So, when you subscribe you will get full access to every single issue, from front cover to back. That’s premium vintage erotica, right there!

It’s time to find out how much you will have to pay for a full access is not very user-friendly – once when you start browsing through it you can finish almost anywhere on the site. It all seems connected but not in a good way. First, when you are on the homepage, in the upper left corner you can see three sections – 18+ Playboy NSFW, BIGBUNNY, Rabbitars, and Centerfold. If you click on the 18 plus Playboy NSFW you will be redirected to a page with three main categories, Playboy Plus, Playboy TV, and Playboy magazine archive. For example, when you click on the preview for the Playboy Plus you will be redirected to a page that shows some model in seductive poses, hypnotizing you with her sexy eyes. 

You can see the latest updates, categories, and models. If you click on the categories, you will see that you can choose playmates, celebrities, Playboy muses, adult stars, editor’s choice, international and VIP content. If you click on some of these options, you will be redirected to a new page. You can look at some pictures, that’s true, but if you want a full experience you will need to join Playboy Plus. The first step is choosing your membership plan. You have several options. The cheapest and the shortest one is a 2-day trial option – you will pay a dollar for it. 

If you think that that is not enough time to browse through and all of those Playboy magazine issues, choose a one-month membership. It will cost you 29.99 dollars for a month. When you see the next two options you will realize that one month membership is the most expensive option. If you select a 3-month membership you will pay 19.96 dollars per month, but be careful it is billed in one recurring payment. If you like Playboy that much then you need to choose an annual membership – it will cost you just 4.17 dollars per month. This option includes a year of the magazine archive. It is also billed in one payment. It’s up to you, but every single one of these options has its benefits and its flaws.  

You can click also on the Playboy tv button. It is the hottest adult world of over 100 series with over 1000 episodes of the sexiest content that Playboy has to offer. You will see a few sections. Top shows are one of them, it shows pictures of the most famous series on Playboy TV. Check shows, episodes, or models. If you click on the shows, you can sort them by most the recent, featured, all shows and collection.

If you click on episodes, you can sort them by the most recent, and the most liked. The last option is the models. You can choose who would you like to see – playmates, cybergirls, amateurs, coeds, and celebrities. They are all listed in alphabetical order. When you click on some girl you will be redirected to her page. It features a large photo of her, a little bit about her personality, and the recent episodes with her cameo.

Playboy magazine archive will lead you to a teasing page where you can catch a glimpse of a few magazine issues and their content.

Did you come here to read?

Besides the magazine archive which is full of interviews and articles, you will notice some interesting feature on and that’s read the articles button. Who comes to to read, right? Wrong! You can list all Playboy issues, or get some classic coffee table books like The art of pin-up or Capri Dolce Vita. They are not all about erotica and sex. You can also check out the trending stories – these stories are well-written articles. You can explore the site by topics if you want to.

Considering that this is Playboy, they should have done better! has it all! But that also seems to be the problem. It is not well organized. It just isn’t. Once when you start your exploration you probably won’t remember what your starting point was – and that’s bad. Yes, you can find whatever you want on it but you won’t probably be able to repeat the same process twice. One is clear – if you came here for erotic videos and pictures, you have to pay. That seems fair considering the fact that this really is some classy erotica. 

There won’t be confusion there, you will easily find where and what you need to click in order to become a member. You can find some free content as well, but it will only get your imagination going and you could end up frustrated. People are evolved and just a few teasing pictures won’t do the job anymore. The site itself looks elegant and expensive but once again it’s not user-friendly. The shop also has some confusing sections and collections. You can buy a sweatshirt with the Playboy symbol, that would be an interesting walk around the neighborhood.

Playboy is active on social media, too. You can find it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even on discord. Their Facebook page counts over 15 million fans. It’s has a significant part both in pop culture and in the history of erotica. The start of the Playboy bunny is known to the world but the end is nowhere near. It is and it will remain a symbol of a classy and sexy lifestyle. The famous Playboy mansion and its wild parties will remain almost every boy’s dream. Every adult star will probably dream to be on a Playboy cover.

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