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Free sex cams, even more free sex cams and even more free sex cams! How do you like the sound of that? There is a site that has tons of them! When you think you have seen them all, new ones just pop up! Have you heard of Chaturbate? You will never see all the content here on this site because they just have so many things to check out! Everything about this site is awesome, even the name. Chaturbate… Chat and masturbate. This blend word sounds so good, and it’s amazing because you can really do it here – chat to gorgeous models and simply get off.

If you are ready to disable your Adblocker, you can use this phenomenal site. Some people will try to find it by typing Chaterbate or something, and this is so wrong. But even if you type a slightly wrong word, you will probably find the site fast because it is popular. And having sites like this today is so good because girls who stream their solo performances are only a few clicks away! You can watch hotties toying their horny, throbbing cunts with dildos and other toys, and it’s only a few bucks for those who don’t want to spend more. Sites like Chaturbate are fun, inflaming and surprisingly addictive, especially when you try private shows and chat with the models.

Fapping with one hand and chatting with the other one?

Does it take clout to use blend words like this for your porn site? Someone who was creative made up this awesome lexeme that we don’t really have in any dictionary, but we should have something like that for experiences like this. What is chaturbate, anyway? To chaturbate… So, you come to a live sex site, with a lot of gorgeous and flaming hot cam models. You see them nude and you throbbing down there right away. You open a show, watch for a certain amount of time, and when the things really get sultry, you get off. Chatting and peeling your banana at the same time… This actually sounds difficult. You need to use one hand down there, so how do you chat with the remaining one? Or you take short breaks from fapping to type a few phrases? It’s even hard to think about it, so how does one do it?

But it must be so fun, though. You don’t even need to type anything, you can just read what the model is writing to you! So, as you are reading the dirty words, you can use both of your hands to stroke your salami if you want to! It’s pretty exciting! And these girls here do seem like they are dirty girls when they get aroused.

What does it take to be a model here, anyway? You definitely need to have charisma and sex appeal. Not all girls who apply get to do this job eventually. They sift them through the system and only pick the hottest ones. Some girls were simply born for sites like Chaturbate. When you see them, even when they are fully-clothed, you simply go nuts because they are so damn sexy.

The looks and the content

So, Chaturbate is one of those sites that have a cutesy logo. It is different and creative, and they used light colors, so the whole theme is light and easy on the eyes. Most free tubes are dark, with mostly a black background… But this isn’t a free tube, is it? This is a site for live sex shows, and not some prerecorded fuck flicks where babes act and fake orgasms. No sir! These orgasms here should be genuine. So, the site almost looks family-friendly, funny and amusing. But when you see webcam girls playing with fingers and toys, you will see that it’s not really like that. And who even cares about the design when you see this??

You know how most video tubes look like, with their thumbnail walls? Chaturbate will remind you of those places. But here all the images you will see are for live shows, and none of the thumbnails if a prerecorded porn video. You will see sexy milfs groping their tits in various places. Offices, pools, basements, bedrooms… Apart from that, you will see angelic blondies with dicks in their throats, bombastic redheads with toys in their twats and sultry brunettes having fun with fingers and tongues of their fuck pals. There are many lesbians here who kiss passionately and sensually, and you have so many beauties who try all sorts of kinky acts.

You also have teens, all fresh and ripe, who come to Chaturbate and start their sex careers. They become very successful because who doesn’t want to watch slutty 18-year-olds play alone in bed? You definitely have things to see here. This is a delicious site, full of kinks and sexy stuff.

The default settings

The default site’s settings are this – you see their featured cams the first. Here you have mostly solo sex bombs and several lesbian and straight couples, who are young and wild. You also have tabs, which help you filter results and choose male, trans, female and couple videos. You will see a lot of kinky scenes here. For example, a babe stuffing her mouth with another babe’s foot! They are both sex bombs and all, but still, this is going to be too much to some. Will you be one of them?

What’s really cool about Chaturbate is that the site is free. If you want to watch these sex shows, you don’t need to pay for them. You can just join the meeting with many other fappers who can also watch without paying a dime. But of course, if you want something more private, you will need to grab your wallet. Well, only figuratively because everything needs to be paid online.  You can buy tokens to tip the babes and motivate them to do sexier stuff. You can also use these tokens for gifts and private shows.

When you visit Chaturbate, you will be sent straight to their live feed, so it’s a very straightforward site. No buffering, no ads and pop-ups, just getting straight to business. You will always see the number of views, so you will know what shows are the most popular. Usually, the ones that are the most popular are the shows with the hottest models, or at least the ones where the babes do the steamiest things. A babe doesn’t need to be the most beautiful girl on the site to grab your attention here. Some models are very inviting here just because they are open to experimenting in bed in front of a big audience!

Waiting for a show…

You will see a chat window here, it’s not difficult to spot it at all. As of this writing, there are 7000 people connected and enjoying the shows here! Whenever you come to the site, you will always see models who are online, and there will always be a lot of folks who will watch their shows. It’s a site with a lot of traffic. Thousands and thousands of users visit this site every day and stay here for a while.

Why is this chat window so incredible? They actually use it to inform you when the next show starts. For example, at this moment, there is a show here that starts in 13 minutes! That is so soon! The show hasn’t started yet, but so many visitors are already waiting, totally prepared. This is going to be mind-blowing, with a hottie who promises plenty of sexy acts! New visitors keep coming and what is it that they are going to see, exactly? A babe who will perform a BJ. We can’t blame these people because let’s face it, when is a blowjob not inflaming? It’s one of the steamiest acts in this porn universe!

No matter when you come online, you will always have a lot of diverse shows to see. For example, if you don’t want to watch a babe whose fuck pal sticks his foot in her asshole, you can watch a FFM threesome with two stunning beauties who will share a dick with a lot of spit. You have a lot of threesomes here, but you also have orgies, if that is something you like to watch. It’s always so thrilling here on Chaturbate, no one can deny it!

Working with the sexiest people

The models you will see here are simply breathtaking. They don’t just find them anywhere. These are top-notch Latina poons, filthy blonde eye candies who like it rough, exotic redheads who can’t wait to get naked for you, nerdy chicks with glasses who look like movie stars, flawless-bodied and pretty-faced girls and boys who look like they come from beauty magazines. It’s not hard to get off when you watch all these hot people having sex. How do they even find them? Do they have some auditions, or they just pick people who apply online, or something?

And all of this is something you will see right away, that same moment you land on the page. Yes, welcome to a hot site called Chaturbate, a platform teeming with people who scream sex appeal, a platform you don’t want to miss out on. According to a research, the site has 250M visitors every single month! Give or take. Sometimes even more. This is old news, maybe now they have even more visitors! But this is because these folks know how to make the site’s users happy. People just like coming back here because they always have their fantasies fulfilled.

And maybe this whole free webcam site thing confuses you. After all, you can see all that, and you don’t have to pay for these shows? How does this really work? How can you take delight in all these women who do sexy stuff do one another without having to worry about money? But also, why do it and not contribute at all? Where’s the catch in that? You get so many goodies here, and all you need to do is just show up? Want to learn more about this matter?

The power of tips!

Like we have said already, everything here works on one thing – tips. When you open a video that you want to watch, you will see one button that will pretty much show you how to contribute – SEND TIP. This is a button you don’t really have to click on, but it would be advisable you do it if you don’t want to be thrown out. You will see your token total if you look to the right, and here you can buy more tokens.  Don’t click on token hack because this is actually a virus!

A lot of people who are reading this will now probably want to check out Chaturbate. Not just because the chicks there are stunning, or the shows are mind-blowing, but because you know that everything can be totally free! But if you tip, you will get some perks. For example, the models can mention your name in the video because they will thank you for treating them in front of everyone. Do you want other fappers to know your name? This is pretty cool for those who don’t mind others knowing about them. But if you just want to stay incognito, they don’t need to do it.

There are shows here with many participants, so one small tip is not enough to cover it all because this has to be split into many pieces for all these fuck pals. You can see orgies where girls choke one another, fist their fuck bods, or get fisted by them. You can see some aggressive boobs groping, and a lot of painful BDSM things. This is a diverse site, so yes, some shows will be kinkier and crueler to the participants. Fetish and BDSM content are maybe good for a smaller group of visitors, but they are very popular here as well.

The issue with tokens here

When you open a show, you will have a countdown. You can only watch a show for free for a while, then you need to use the tokens. When you do switch to token mode, they kind of add up very quickly. This means that you will need even more tokens than planned if you want to watch the whole thing. So yeah, in a way, this is a big catch. You can only watch shows for free for a certain amount of time, and then you must use tokens, so you need to pay for them. Certain parts of a show can be 100 tokens. Kinkier shows will need more tokens, and more vanilla stuff is less expensive.

For 100 tokens, you can see babes who use toys to fuck each other in the butthole. They fuck and play and giggle, so they are sexy and adorable. It’s all just pretense, though. They do it for the views, and for the tips. If you tip them and pay for these 100 tokens as well, you will receive a special ‘thank you’ somewhere in the middle of the show. If there is a cameraman here, his dick is going to be sucked and slurped hard, all for the views. 

But do you just get to throw these tokens to the talents, without any registration or anything? No, you need to log in, so first you need to register. Only the site’s members can use these tokens and gift the models. But don’t worry about this whole sing-up process. They don’t even ask for your email, which is crazy! And how much bucks do you need to give them for 100 tokens? 10 bucks! But the mileage always varies, which depends on how kinky the show is.

Final thoughts

The site gives you 200 tokens for free. But for this, you need to do one thing – upgrade your account. This will remove you all the ads, but you already have to use your Adblocker, so do you even need this? You will also have the ability to send private messages, but you can also change colors and fonts as a member here. Singing up here will take you 5 seconds. You should consider it. Why not? If you already sing up and become a member on other sites, why not here as well?

And that’s pretty much it. This is the conclusion. Now you should know all you need to know about Chaturbate. It is a great site, and you should use it sometimes, to change your scene. It is full of kinky shows, or just sexy shows with hot babes who do hot things to tease you and turn you on. You can always enjoy a private show here if you want to pay. If the babes already do all these things, why not reward them? Think about it! Have fun on Chaturbate! 

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