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If someone gave us a nickle every time a porn site claimed to be the number one adult site ever, we would be very rich because they all seem to do that! Even some lame sites with not much content and terrible features feel confident saying they are the best! So, in light of My Free Cams, here’s another site that thinks the same! According to them, they are #1 free adult webcam community. This is a live sex cam site, and obviously, here you can find a plethora of hotties who want to perform for you… naked. But are they really number one? Let’s see!

What’s considerate of them is how they welcome us. They want us to make ourselves at home, so they hope for us to have a blast here! You will see so many lovely thumbnails where all their models are shown and put out in the open. These are exceptionally beautiful girls. The more you scroll down, the more beauties you will spot, and all these girls actually look rather modest. They won’t strike you as filthy, slutty, too libidinous or anything… They actually seem nice and well-behaved. But are they, really? These are just their profile pics! What you can see behind these pics can surprise you. But more on that later. Let’s start with something less juicy, and then we will discuss the most delicious parts of the site. 

My Free Cams doesn’t let minors explore their platform 

My Free Cams is sometimes just called MFC Cams because this is easier to write. What happens when you land on their home page? Something unpredictable! You will have to verify your age! Wow, could you see that coming?? It’s a shocker. A porn site that wants us to verify our age? 

So, once you do that, you will be able to see all the tiny icons of the models, and this is when you can start to drool all over the place. You don’t have to provide evidence that you are at least 18, you just click that button and they immediately let you explore the place. You can either confirm your age or leave, but no any real verification forms. This is not that professional. What if a kiddie says they are 18, and they are actually 12? You never know with these things. But then again, considering many smut sites don’t even have this disclaimer, let’s not complain about the things that they could have done better. 

They did what they could, and now the rest is left to you. But seriously, how many of you watched porn even before you were 18? Did these thingies ever stop you? When we are 16, we are particularly curious to see naked tits and twats, and there is no force on Earth to stop us from exploring. But what is the worst thing that could happen if someone who is a minor saw the site’s content? The profile pics of these models look rather decent. There is nothing here that looks too sexual. Well, some of them are in their underwear, posing sexily. But you won’t see any naked babes, or someone with a dildo in her mouth. This is actually cool. They want to give us crumbs, so that we beg for more. When we see that the babes are clothed or semi-clothed, of course we are curious to see more! We want to open these shows, get to the juicy parts… This is actually a phenomenal tactic! 

The most delicious cam girls on the web 

The continue button will take you to the page with hundreds of the most alluring cam girls on the entire internet. This number of models is staggering, with 1500 online girls sometimes. There are times when you will see fewer of them, like 800. Sometimes you will see even more of them online. If you have experience with live sex cam sites, this number should be impressive to you because no other cam sites have this many models! 

So, lush and tempting – these are the two words to use for this home page. There are so many women here to please, and they all need your attention. All of them are insanely sexy, and all of them are horny and cum-craving. How to choose the hottest one? They are all perfect!

A paradisiacal harem of lustful beauties  

These girls are just consistently attractive, and you won’t find a single babe here who is less appealing. How do they find chicks so gorgeous to be a part of this, and so many of them?? And this is not ’cute’ hot, not just fuckable hot and decent-looking, this is the level of sex appeal that is high! Like, the highest! These babes are probably some of the most beautiful women you will ever see. So, how do they find them and how do they make them agree to get naked for us?

Most of the girls here are American, and we all know there are so many beautiful American women. America is big, diversity is nothing suprising, and if there is diversity, there is always something very beautiful as well as not that tempting. So, if there are so many women here, you can bet there are so many gorgeous women here as well! But most cam sites don’t work with so many American girls. They mostly have Eastern European stunners, or South American babes. They don’t often throw many Americans to the mix. 

This is nothing to be underwhelmed about because Euro hotties are unquestionably stunning! Sexy Latina mamacitas, slutty Czech chicks with insane libidos, nasty French starlets who are glamorous, but still pretty dick-hungry… Literally babes from any area can be seductive! But since Americans are a rarity, this is kind of cool because now you have a site with these eye candies as well. It’s always nice to have a little bit of everything, no? And you never know who you can cross paths with. Since these babes are from all parts of the world, pretty much any visitor, no matter where they come from, can actually stumble upon some of them in real life.

The problem with so many choices   

But, you know what’s always problematic? When you have so many great options, and you just don’t know what’s better, that is actually the issue – you don’t know what’s the best for you! You want everything because it all looks splendid, and you know you have to pick just one thing. But how to choose that one thing, and not be sad about all the other alternatives that you missed out on? These missed opportunities can be painful because you also want them. How do you even know which girls will show the most goodies? You can’t, you just have to be intuitive here.

But wait, what if you knew there was a solution to this problem? There is a remedy! You are saved! You know how most live sex cam sites don’t really have preview features? Well, My Free Cams does! Before you even open a show, you can see some juicy parts of it and this will help you decide which babe is the most tempting to you. Hover your mouse over any girl you find appealing, and check out the tiny clip of the performance. This will actually save you a lot of money.  

You don’t need to open every show and lose time and money, you can just watch these previews and open the shows that are the most eye-catching. Not all of us are able to break the bank, and not everyone who visits smut sites has money to spare. Some young folks are not even employed. These features should be a part of every porn site, and definitely every live sex cam pay site. But they are all pay sites, aren’t they?

Some cool features 

The site also doesn’t let us enter a video chat room in a new tab. This can be very complicated because we can’t see other girls while chatting with a model, no switching back and forth, no browsing when you pick someone… So, when you pick someone, you need to stick to that model and if you don’t like it, close it to open something else. These are tiny blemishes, but if they fixed it, the site would be even better, definitely! They could think about it. But then again, if you pick a model, why would you still be switching back and forth? Are you really that indecisive and insatiable?

They do have a cool feature to compensate for that, though. They let us skip through their list of cam girls while we are still in that video chat mode. For this, you can use their ‘skip’ button, and you will see the next model. If you think about it, this feature is probably even more useful, and you won’t really see it on other cam sites. As you can see, My Free Cams have some features that are unique, so this is a big plus!

They have a remarkable customizable list, which allows us a lot of control in light of the order in which these cam girls appear. When you want to check them all out, why not be able to choose various settings and have an even more enjoyable experience? You can organize the babes in different ways. Do you want to see who is new to the site? You can choose things like popularity, religion, trending, other model suggestions, and more. There are many cool parameters, and you really have so many options because, don’t forget, there are so many models on the site!

Choose a religion of these models?

Ok, so you can feel free to choose anything you like! With so many options, your searches can be pretty specific. Just imagine that – choosing a religion, even? This is actually pretty funny, considering we are on a live sex cam site! Who is religious here?? But ok, this is also an option, so they deserve a pat on the back. You can choose the girls who are the most popular Catholics. Or Buddhists. With so many hotties, you never know what you will encounter here. And what happens when you choose all these settings? Well, you can start chatting with a model… if you have an account. That’s right, only members of the site can actually chat with cam girls.  

The account

Camming sites are great because most of them don’t require accounts. You can just enjoy the shows even if you aren’t a member. But My Free Cams do things differently. Some things simply don’t fly here, and one of them is a free account. If you want to get your hands to the models and their shows, and if you want to chat to them, you need to register. This actually takes money here, you know?

Every time you try to post something and write in the chat, you won’t be able to because they will take you to the account making page. What they need is your username and password, and of course, the email. To create an account here, you need to read their terms and conditions, agree to their privacy policy and everything. Only those who are at least 18 can be members of the site, and they will send you an activation email, like pretty much every site today. And that’s it, when you click it, you will be able to meet the models! All of this costs nothing… yet.

So, you are in and ready to use the site and all its awesome features! What happens next? You find out that NOTHING in life is free. Yeap, they want money, and only if you buy their tokens will you be able to enjoy the shows. Cheap-ass folks won’t like it, but what did you expect? Most camming sites work like that, you need to buy these tokens and other similar currencies to tip the babes and pay for the shows. This site doesn’t fuck around, and the models are very serious. They will only perform for you if you give them cash! And some of them won’t even do everything, but you will read their menus where they list things they are OK doing. Every act costs differently and every babe charges differently, so expect the costs of the shows to vary.

Why buy tokens?

If you can, buy tokens and experiment with the site’s features. It’s just that you won’t really have many features to experiment with. They don’t have many interactive features and they are not as impressive as many other camming sites. Ok, the babes perform decently, nothing here is bad, but you will probably see kinkier sites. If you are generous, they will probably do really sexy things for you. But honestly, on other sites, babes are wilder.

But if you buy these tokens, you will chat with the hottest girls in the world! And even though their features are not as extravagant, they do have a cool chat mode. You can open a full screen mode, or enlarge the screen and use any sizable amount you need. You can do whatever you want while typing and reading. You can enjoy the video and type the babe. Some sites don’t make this happen. You can either watch the video, or chat. Here you can minimize and play with the site of the video and chat box, so you can really go wild.

The cam girls here have the Lovense Lush toy and they are ready to use it! It’s like on Chaturbate and some other cam sites that also have this toy. This is a Bluetooth sex toy and it is very popular now, because everyone likes curved upward vibrators that were designed to reach the g-spot. These toys are controllable through a remote, and it all works by Bluetooth connection. Every time you tip a babe, her vibrator will react and drive her insane. The more you tip, the higher are chances she will get off.

The verdict 

But still, the level of interactivity is not high. You can’t choose the settings for the toys, so no low or ultra settings. If you tip more, the toy will be more intense, and that is it, but as you can see, you need to spend more money for the babe to cum. But that is not the worse thing here. There are just too many dudes who saturate every freaking room here! There are so many girls, but if you want to see the most popular babes, their rooms are always bustling. 

My Free Cams is definitely a great site, but for those who are willing to spend a lot of money on their sexual pleasures. Well, on the models’ pleasures, but that also makes you turned on, right? The site has cool features, but not too many impressive ones. It’s a good find, but maybe not number one camming site!

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