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The internet appears to be teeming with smut sites nowadays, and a certain percentage of these sites are camming sites. People love live sex shows, and gorgeous girls who like streaming their performances. Some do it for the money, others for the attention, and some were just born to be sexually open goddesses who are always in the mood to get down and dirty. No one cares about the reasons, we only care about the hot shows with sultry sluts who are not ashamed to be slutty and libidinous. But then again, what’s to be ashamed about here? There is nothing unnatural about sex, and sex is life! Literally, sex is life. There isn’t new life without sex, right?

So, because these camming sites are so popular and acclaimed, today we will talk about another one – ImLive! Heard of it? This is a live sex cam site with seductive cam girls who like to eliminate their clothes to show off their assets. And luckily for us, these assets are pure gold! Babes with curves, big tits, humble tits, shaved pussies, hairy beavers, hot long legs, large round booties, short legs… You know, it’s not about the assets, it’s how these babes wear their skin! These confident nymphettes will always be able to seduce everyone because they are confident and magnetic. 

Cam sluts that are delicious on ImLive will tempt you! 

Ok, so who doesn’t want to see succulent cam sluts who live to satisfy our sexual needs? When babes this hot want to tempt us and get us off, are we crazy to say no? No way! We want to see more, so sites like Imlive are gold! Yes, this is old and it is definitely gold. You know, today we can see so many sick fucks on the web, and people film themselves do all sorts of insanely weird things. They film their fetishes, which is actually cool because this sets others free. But it is one thing to just watch videos of these kinks, and something completely different to actually have interaction with a like-mind. We are too lazy to dress up, go out and meet people. And ok, you don’t need to get out of your comfort zone this much today. But why not do it a little, and visit a site like ImLive? 

This is a perfect way to meet crazy sexy babes, who are strangers, so you still need to get out of your comfort zone. But again, this is not like you meet chicks in clubs, or supermarkets, or whatever. You can still be weird and a total loser, at least here you don’t really need to impress them – they will get naked for your anyway! Isn’t that the magic of places like that? For a price, you get to see some pretty kinky stuff, and you have to agree that porn today isn’t that expensive. Everything is within reason, you don’t have to pay, like, thousands of dollars to chat to appealing models here. 10 to 50 bucks, maybe. Sacrifice a few meals at your favorite fast food restaurant, you don’t need those carbs anyway! 

Anyway, Imlive… There is only one word for it – legendary! A living freaking legend among the like-stuff. This camwhore platform is perfect if you want to see the biggest number of webcam bimbos ever! All these slutty dolls are here for one thing only – to cum hard! Well, with you. Are these two things, you know, because we have two orgasms? Probably not, because you watch their shows together with a cornucopia of other fappers, who have hots for these magnetic little nymphettes. If you don’t enter a private chat, that is. You can have more personal experiences here, provided that you spare them some moolah.    

Do whatever you like with your model

When you choose your model, you can talk to them, tip them, ask them to get dirty for you… If you have some degenerate kinks on your mind, you can always share that with the models, because the babes are dying to hear something new and original. Want a babe to masturbate in a big diaper? Sure, she will, and this is not even the first time she will have to do that. There are many sick fucks out there, and if one head can come up with many weird ideas, just imagine how much weird shit comes from thousands of viewers!

ImLive is not brand new. This thing has been in life for over 19 years! Unlike your wifey there, this site will never keep giving you fresh and hot pussies! Yes, your wife will get old, but these shows won’t! They keep and keep on giving us what we need on a daily basis. They are pretty generous. They were established in 2002, and in just 5 years, they had 10 million members! Now, after all these years, and almost two decades, they have members to start a country. Yes, for free users, this is a bummer because you will share your models with millions of other studs who like jerking off to them. But if you are willing to go 1 on 1, this is going to be a completely different experience! A little coin will give you a babe all to yourself. Isn’t this enciting? And you don’t have to share the lady with others, strangers who just share your kinks, but that’s it. And you probably go hard from the same type of chicks, and who knows what else you have in common. Well, you are all here on ImLive, this is a pretty big thing in common!

One thing you will love about ImLive is that they have no ads! That’s right. The lack of ads is always a feature to look forward to, right? No upselling ass shit no one really cares about, no terrible pop ups and banners that look outdated and flashy, nothing showy to distract us. Basically, you just enter the landing page, and you have cams and simply plenty of cams and cam sluts! They have a great customer support. You will see links like ’shy girls alone’, ’shemales’, ’fetish and BDSM’ and more. All the basics are here, with even more awesome corners to check out. 

A modern design that is standard and familiar 

The site has a very modern design and the layout is nothing unusual. It’s a familiar standard you will see on other sites as well, so you won’t be surprised. There is nothing here that could underwhelm you, but maybe you will get overwhelmed when you see all the models. You will see a list view, which is the site’s default setting and here you have a pic of a bimbo with a description. It’s nothing you will actually care about, but they still give it to you. You have filters you can use to sort out the content. Girls, guys, couples, ladyboys… They have it all!   

You have several browsing options. For example, you can use their gallery option, and here you will see chicks nicely laid out in their portraits, and you have a tile option, where you will see so many hot faces. With so many beauties, you will find someone who will jizz you fast. It’s pretty intuitive and you don’t need to do anything complicated. It’s not a rocker science, really, with everything being so easy to find. 

Clicking on a model will send you to a video room, and here you have the video you want to see. There is a chatbox here, all the buttons that you need (check them out to see how to send the babes money and gifts). You will find everything fast, and even if you want to browse the site on your smartphone or tablet, the mobile version is fantastic! You can be very discrete about it, just grab your phone and jack off to the cam sluts, while your wife is sleeping next to you. With bigger devices, it’s definitely more difficult to hide your kinky adventures. 

The content – the number of users tells you all!

And now, the content… So, there is only one thing to tell – over 50 million users who fap to bitches on this shit every month! If the content weren’t that good, you really think people would come here so much?! You have everything here – white sex bombs, ebony stunners, Asians, Latinas, Russians, Euro babes, American hotties, everyone and everything! Yes, that had to be said two times to point it out! You have trannies here with dicks bigger than most dudes have, and other cam sluts like to suck them hard. If you didn’t get a lot of attention growing up, don’t worry – neither did these sluts. That is why they do all sorts of nasty stuff here. They try out some really kinky acts with their fuck pals or alone, and you will probably find most of these things tempting. If the babes are ready to go this far to get someone off, they must be either very sexually open, or very neglected when they were kids, so this is how they compensate for all that attention they never received.

And what’s even more enchanting is that the site has pornstars here, too. You will see sluts like Lexi Belle, Tori Black, and many other famous stunners who were born to perform on these sites. Their fuckfaces and monikers are already acclaimed, but this doesn’t make other cam whores here less magnetic and tempting. The porn divas here are heavily featured, which tells you this is a high-class platform, and they work with big names and professionals. 

For gays, they have a corner as well. You can check out their Guy Alone, Trans couples, Trannies, and things like that here. They even have Friends and Romance for the softest gay and straight cuties, and this is a corner for really romantic folks. Don’t expect kinks here, this is almost family-friendly! What happens here is that you pay models to pretend to be your GFs and BFs. You can hold hands online or whatever. Kiss the monitor when you want to kiss their cheek, or something. You can do anything here, like write them poems and play your wedding day… It’s your money, so you can do what you like!

ImLive is also cool because they have many cool features. These little items keep things exciting here, and definitely more interesting. You will find a video archive if you want to see a past show of your favorite cam girl, something that you missed. The video footage section here is pretty abundant, and you have contests and some sort of special events, for those who feel festive when they come to fap here. You will even find a section for pornstars, and you will see the most popular hotties at that moment. Maybe you will see Riley Reyes, maybe you will see someone you find even hotter. 

You know those selections on hometown buffets? This site has more things than that! This is something you must see for yourself, though. You have so many models, and with babes so delicious, it’s impossible not to find someone you will feel like fapping to. In fact, you will find numerous babes you will want to stare at while they are naked and horny. You can bust a nut to any model, straight or gay, male and female, trans… It’s exceptional how they have something for everyone, and the navigation is so smooth that everything is at your fingertips. 

Whoever made the site knows their job. This is astonishing because most porn sites today focus on the content so much, they forget to look decent. And this designer knew the tricks, the site does look superb and it’s super-easy to use. The models also know their jobs, and they are remarkable. The confidence and professionalism is conspicuous, and you won’t think anything but when you start using this site. It’s a hot site that you should try when you feel like experimenting with your porn experiences. 

The things you will dislike 

You heard the goodies, you know why this site is remarkable. You know why this site is worth checking out, but do you want to hear what’s not to hot about it as well? It’s not dirt cheap, that’s for sure! And this shouldn’t be a biggie, but do you know why it is, actually? Because there are many free smut sites out there, so why should we focus on something that costs an arm and a leg? And yes, when you think about it, it does cost a lot. Pay for this, pay for that… Want this feature? It’s 10 bucks! Want that feature? It’s another 8! And little by little, you pay 80 bucks for a day here at ImLive, and you could have paid that money for a year on a premium 4k porn site. 

This site does offer HD streams, but they don’t really have 4k shows. That’s a bummer. Now you do feel like considering paying for a site like Brazzers or Anal4k. Or any other site that has 4k in the name. After all, why not pay and be able to count all their cunt hairs? It’s what 4k flicks serve for. 

But honestly, even though they don’t have 4k streams, they wouldn’t be swimming in money for no reason. They do many things right, and all the stunners are among them. But if you want to know what they don’t do right, we could say that popular models here are too expensive. If you want to enjoy their shows, you need to break a bank because you won’t find the sexiest babes who will perform for a few bucks. They should also add more free teasers.

The verdict 

But you know, if you want an honest opinion, ImLive is definitely one of the best camming sites out there. It is rich and modern, it has so many hotties who just want to go wild here, and you have many features you can exploit. If you are willing to pay for your porn, this is one of the best places for that. You can’t find a camming site that has kinkier babes, but there are definitely other great live sex cam sites you can check out as well. You can always start with ImLive, then test some others. 

And yes, you will need to disable your Adblock for this experience. This is actually weird because there are no ads here, but many cam sites ask for this. You probably already knew this. You probably already knew a lot of these things. But hopefully, you learned something new reading this today, and it is a great site to play with. They have a loyal following of horny fucks who like to come back here all the time, and you might become one of them, you never know. Have fun deciding what to do!

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