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Ever since 2010, a site called Slut Roulette has been around. Apparently, this was a response to Chat Roulette, and you can definitely find similarities… But today we will take a look at this camming site, where you will find hundreds of stunning babes, who perform live sex shows… These nudie cams can make your day, whenever you are in the mood for something sexy. Instead of prerecorded fuck flicks, where nothing is really immersive, here you can watch the babes who are doing what they are doing live. To many, this experience is much more thrilling and inflaming! And what do you think about it? Want to see some insanely hot cam sluts?

But, let’s start with Chat Roulette! What is this, anyway? The concept is pretty exciting and unpredictable because you don’t really choose who you will watch! You get who you get, and this can be someone you like a lot, or someone you don’t like that much, but it’s a roulette. It just works that way. Yet, even if you see someone you like less, you always have the option to move to the next person. You can click the hell out of this place until you find the partner for chatting you like. Did you know something like that existed? It’s much different than most camming sites, but you must admit that it is magical because you never know who you will stumble upon. This can be your dream girl, or just someone you find utterly unappealing. 

Beware of the pervs on these roulette camming sites 

In 2009, this was a novel idea, and even though you might think this was too simple, it never really was. First of all, when you start this escapade, what you get is a lot of dick cams! There are so many pervs out there, and they just can’t wait to expose their members and scare some decent ladies off. Well, it’s not what they have in mind, but it is what they always do when they put them out in the open without shame. Also, you never do know what you will get, so someone will have a terrible camera, someone will be a terrible interlocutor, someone will just be too creepy… It can be pretty overwhelming, and it’s not for everyone because some people just don’t have that confidence to handle all kinds of losers and sick fucks. So yes, Chat Roulette was a problematic platform from the beginning. But the thing with these sites is that they always kind of grow on you, even when they are too weird. 

Maybe you were or would be one of those horny fuckers as well. Maybe you like to grab your excited member and show it off on camera because you think this will drive the babes insane. It will, but not all of them because we are all different. And while these sites are perfect opportunities to have the cyber sex of your life, it won’t always happen that you find someone who will share your kinks. Some of these girls who hang out here are underage, so seeing an exposed boner is not a great idea! It’s always better to just meet someone, chat with them for a while, see how old they are and what they are into. Why does it have to be something too sexual and explicit right away? With these things, one needs to be careful. After all, you wouldn’t want your daughter or sister to stumble upon a perv like this. But then again, maybe you are against it, and this whole thing is already too much for you. You got to admit, though, the site is tempting because you never know what to expect.

So, they saw too many pervs on this Chat Roulette, and someone got the idea that there should be a site just for that – sex chats! That is how they came up with this whole Slut Roulette idea. This was actually perfect. If you just want to show off your aroused pal and find horny girls who want to play with you, a site like Slut Roulette is perfect! It’s just that, here you don’t really have horny dudes with exposed cocks. You have slutty girls who are naked and want to go wild just to tease you and turn you on because that gets them inflamed. 

So many users and fappers who are loyal to the site 

Every single month, Slut Roulette gets more than 6 million views! Maybe this number is dated now, and they have even more users, or maybe not, maybe fewer people come here. But who cares about the numbers? The fact is that the site is cool, this whole concept is unique and fun to experiment with, and this slutty version of Chat Roulette is actually more popular than the original platform. It looks like there are more people who want these revealed tits and twats, and fewer want to meet strangers and just chat… After all, with Slut Roulette, you know there is always going to be some action! 

The site immediately slaps you in the face with a pop-up, and it’s all official-looking and everything, so the second you load up their main page, you will get it! This is a notification, actually. It’s from Chrome, and it says something about us controlling the pleasure of these models… So, when you click on this ‘please her’ button… well, you probably will because who wouldn’t want to be the reason why a sexy babe is screaming from pleasure? You will probably not close the window, it sounds too juicy to not see it, right?

But when you click on it, boom! Two more pop-ups! You don’t even reach the site, and you are bombarded with all these pop-ups in quick succession! They want you to permit them to show you their notifications. Of course, you block these. Who needs that shit? But then there is another pop-up – they want you to sign up. This is free, they say. They just want your email, they say. And why not trust a site like this? There’s nothing iffy about it, beside the fact that you get hit by all these pop-ups in the first 3 seconds of your escapade here.

The sign-up issue 

You can use any email address and moniker, and you have a few simple clicks to complete with your Google account. And when you think about it, why not do these things and see some sluts on webcam? After all, these folks already know our entire search history, and yeap, every incriminating little thing about it! And why even try to hide you are a horny fucker who faps every single day? It’s not like decent people come to these platforms. Only horny deviants would even know about this place.

If you are this gullible and too carefree about it, you will be unpleasantly surprised because soon they will take you to a whole different place! No matter what you click on, you will be redirected to another site, and this is what they do here – they route you away from the site you believed you were going to see, and instead of Slut Roulette, you will be taken to the SlutRouletteLive. 

This is going to be a dance now! You will go to your email account and check the confirmation email they have already sent you, and you will realize this was for another site. A wrong site, something you didn’t even want! You will go back to Slut Roulette and maybe try to create a free account there again. And again, you will be sent to this live version, or whatever, and they will say that you already have an account! It’s not very pleasant, if you want an honest opinion. But if you are very determined and want to see these randomly picked cam sluts, why give up here?

The insolence you will face here 

If you reset your password and try a new one, and you persistently try to log in on Slut Roulette, they will keep sending you to Slut Roulette Live, telling you your password is wrong. And you can repeat this process over and over again, but there will be no results that you desire. And sorry, but that is true! As you can see, this sign-up process here is baffling. You need to be patient and very Slut Roulette craving to continue with this mockery of an account creation. 

And if you think this won’t happen to you, you are wrong. Even if you spend a lot of time on porn sites, singing up and creating free and pay accounts, this is not something you can control because it’s not your fault. You are not the klutz here, they are just insolent because they do things to confuse us. Whatever you do, you won’t be successful because this sign-up is broken. They should fix it, and when they do that, they should also get rid of all the pop-ups. They do want people to use their site, right? 

This is a mess, the site is in shambles and someone needs to clean the shit out of this place. The first thing they need to do is to stop leading people to their sister site. It’s not cool! Every site should have its login, and there shouldn’t be multiple sites when you log in to one. Or the other way around. If we come to a certain site, it’s the one we want and need, not some lame sister site that is so uncool it doesn’t even have its own sign-up and login forms. Maybe this is too frank and forward, but how else would they know what to make better?

Spammy content is another red flad

So, when you try to sign up for this site, you will receive an activation email coming from Slut Roulette Live. This email will be in your spam box, and unfortunately, it won’t be the only one. You will see you have even more accounts now, for even more sites you never signed up for. And here’s the funny part – it turns out you never even created any account! This is just a message to lure you to come and visit their site. Expect a lot of spam here. Some people just don’t know when to stop with it. 

The fucked-up thing about this whole place is that you receive all their spam and you don’t even have an account there. You haven’t even had a chance to confirm anything yet, and they have the nerve to send you all these messages you don’t even want to see in your spam box. It’s pretty shady, you must agree. But every cloud has a silver lining, and at least all these messages are in the spam box, and not somewhere where you really don’t need them.

The light at the end of the tunnel 

And when all these inconveniences are over, you can go back to Slut Roulette, the site you wanted to see in the first place. You may see a seductive bimbo with perfect tits holding them up at the camera, or maybe a gorgeous MILF with plastic boobs who is impatient to show you her throbbing clit. It’s exciting because the babes here look so voracious and famished for some good man-meat. And they just can’t wait to expose parts of their bodies.

If you try to turn your sound on, the camera may switch. There won’t be that hot seductress with fake tits anymore, now you will see a delicious Latina chatting with someone in a room. She actually looks more decent because she still hasn’t revealed her private part, and she is being flirty. Some babes need to get to know you better before they decide to show more skin. Not everyone is a dick-craving skank who can’t wait to get fapped to. There are always girls who are shy, and they feel more confident when they talk to you first, and this won’t be a dirty talk, just some flirty banter.

And just when you decide to type something delicious and dirty and maybe try to motivate the babe to get rid of a clothing item of her preference, the camera switches again. What you see now can be a ravishing short-haired blonde who is a PAWG, and she is showing off her luscious booty while finding time to also finger herself sensually. They don’t call it a roulette for no reason! Sometimes you have shy cuties who don’t even want to take off their earrings, and sometimes you have dirty stunners who want to suck a dildo to tease you.

Trying to type things in the chat box

You probably won’t be able to type anything in the chat box even if you try. And not just that, you won’t be able to read the messages of other fappers because your window will be filled with system messages trying to prompt you to create your account here. You will need to verify your age and do everything they are asking you to do. But we all know how that ends up, don’t we? Creating an account here is a pointless endeavor that leads you nowhere.

In light of your webcam, you will see an empty box, which is below the one where the girls are. You will also see an exclamation point, as well as an error message. When you try to click the button for the webcam to start, you will just see that sign-up window again, so you won’t even be able to show the cam slut how throbbing you are down there, all because of her. And even though you have this rotating cast of models who are all incredibly sexy and they make you hard, there are just so many pop-ups here, you can’t even do anything. Your hands will be bound. 

The bottom of the babe’s window is reserved for the ‘next’ button. You won’t even manage to click on it because the shows switch too fast, anyway. In fact, just when you start slapping your salami to a stunning Asian candy with perky tits who is cuddling them sensually, you will be shown something else, maybe an empty bed. But this ‘next’ button works, and you don’t even need an account to use it. At least they made this possible!

Final thoughts 

Slut Roulette was quite a rollercoaster. Yes, you can see many alluring bimbos who are luscious and magnetic, and who do obscene things on webcam. This will turn you on, but you will also need to deal with all the pop-ups here. Not to mention the whole baffling, broken sign-up process again! It’s not very cool. But the site is free and you can at least fap to some naked hotties, maybe even flirt a little. It’s definitely a great idea for a website, and you have so many delicious things to see here!

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