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Porn sites are cool when you want to enjoy prerecorded pussy and ass drilling sessions, and when you want pornstars who were trained for this type of thing. You know, they make a perfect pose, moan like they mean it, act to have a lot of fun… and maybe they do, but it’s still just a performance. And then we have camming sites… Live sex shows with amateur girls who just have a talent for doing this job. They are charismatic and sexually open, and they are not afraid to show off their assets. Sometimes this is what we need! If you want a good free camming site with stunning cam girls, here’s a site to recommend – Flirt4Free! Well, it this really a free site? You shall see, just keep reading!

One thing that depicts this site perfectly are the countless streams of models doing slutty stuff on camera! Do you want to see it? Because you can, and all for free! At least that is what they say… This is a site where you can flirt for free and meet seductive girls who were born to be magnetic and successful in this job. But here’s the catch… The best things here are saved for the members of the site. Here’s the translation – if you pay, they will give you reasons to stay! And they work with the professionals, so all shows here are HQ. Why this ’free’ in the name of the site, then? They always do this to tempt us and steal our money!

Pure talent and charisma on Flirt4Free

So, now you know that models here are talented and they are all professionals. These are not some amateurs who don’t have out of this world equipment, and these are not some lame, clumsy streams where the babes don’t even know what they are doing. This is premium talent, and they only found top-notch, grade A level hotties who are experts. These girls come from all over the world, so each of them brings a few tricks to the table. Young and old, tiny-tittied and buxom, hairy-pussied or shaved stunners – you will find something you like!

Flirt4Free is an old cam site, and one of the oldest, actually. It existed when people still had dial-up net. Oh yes, now you know that nothing is older, so this was something mummies used to watch! They were the pioneers, the brave ones, and they built this site and brought the hottest bombshells who come from… everywhere! Some of the models here are very experienced because they have been here for a while, but even those who aren’t are still awesome!

The models are nicely listed here, all by the category, and these are all the filths you can think of. The babes here are willing to do dirty stuff for you, but some of them will go even further. Some models are even filthier, and you just need to find your type of kink. You can also check out which models will be online that week, and who new hotties are. 

Throbbing pussies craving for dicks and dick-like objects

Now, the vaginas… ok, so we like them warm and throbbing, veiny and dick-famished! Or at least dildo-famished. We like to see a fuck hole that is drenched because it fantasizes about something that can penetrate it hard and wreck it from all the action. And Flirt4free has many of these super-hot and veiny cunts we can’t stop thinking about! And these vaginas come with a lot of variety! You have performers of every kind, babes coming from all over the world, babes of different body types, and all that jazz. One thing is certain – you will never be bored here!

They even have a promo trailer, and here you can see the girls in slutty, sexy costumes. Now, if this isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is! Not just that they have slutty seductive ladies, they also made a trailer to show them off! And what’s even more enticing, there is a special section where you will see all the models who do BDSM scenes. This is for those kinksters who are never satisfied with the basics, so vanilla stuff just does not turn them on. If you are a fetish freak, isn’t this something you can look forward to? 

Since they have many babes, they also have numerous categories and this fetish sub section is pretty vast. Different ladies here specialize in different performances, so some of them will be slightly BDSM-y, and others are pretty hardcore and rough-loving. Most girls here won’t have a shitload of brutal hardcore scenes, but fetish corners are never as popular as vanilla stuff, if we are being honest. And that is not all – they also have male and trans models, so everyone who is into that can go wild! It’s a very rich site, and the more you dive in, the more goodies you will stumble upon.

Free vs premium account 

If you creep in these cyber shadows, you can see a plethora of lovely, naked, tight-bodied and curvy bombshells, but as a free member, what can you expect? None of these stunners will flirt with you, that’s for sure. When have babes ever flirted with cheapskates? Rich studs get all the ladies because women like money like moths like flames. Especially these models here, who actually spread their legs when you tip them. So, if you are a free user of Flirt4free, sure, you can stare at the public streams, check out some profile info, and maybe see some schedules of free shows. 

But if you really want to enjoy this site fully and exploit it to the max, and if you want to ride this site’s cock and scream from pleasure, you should know that people who are not cheap-ass fuckers will get their hands on all the perks. The best stuff is always reserved for the rich kids, so this is no place for frugal folks! Ok, not everyone wants to spend their money on sluts, but unfortunately, this is the only way you see all the best parts of the site.

What’s a tease here is that you can’t really interact with the site’s performers… unless you pay. Ok, so you can register for free, and with this free account, they give you a screen name and this is anonymous, and you will have a profile page, a customizable one… You can save your favorite cam girls, and you have a collection of pics and vids. If you want to pay, you can chat with the models with your screen name, and enter private shows, multi-chat ones or 1 on 1 shows. This doesn’t sound bad, right? 

Communication with the cam girls 

If you are witty, charming and communicative, you can chat away with your cam girl about anything! Well, don’t expect all the girls here to be Einsteins, but surely you can find smart models, that is not impossible. In fact, many of these women who do porn are surprisingly witty and intelligent, but you don’t really have a chance to learn this because we mostly focus on their masturbation performances and stuff like that. But let’s continue with that is crucial here – you direct everything, the whole action. It is nice to call the shots like that, isn’t it? 

Except that the models are the ones who decide how much money you will give them. Not all of them charge the same, some minutes are pricier here, and there are models whose shows cost an arm and a leg. Also, 1 on 1 shows are more expensive, and you will mostly find those that cost 60 credits for one minute. Nothing here is dirt cheap, and the more exciting you want it to be, the more you will have to invest in everything. It’s just how things work here, which is not surprising for a live sex cam site.

To buy 90 credits here, you have to pay 10 bucks. Ok, so almost 10 dollars for a minute of 1 on 1 show? How much money would that be if you want to stick around and see 15 minutes of the performance?! That doesn’t sound reasonable, does it? Private chats can be very mesmerizing and you can lose track of time, so you need to be careful here. If you don’t pay attention, you will have to piss away many pennies to afford these shows. 

Sometimes the site gives visitors 120 credits for free, sometimes this is less or more. You need a basic sign up, a free account, and they will treat you to these credits if you just leave them your email and password. 120 credits? These should me minutes of delicious private chatting, and all this with the most seductive models out there! That’s more than you can get on some other sites, or in life. When your account is set up, you have to enter your payment info. They won’t bill you for these free credits, so you are carefree, don’t worry. And you are good to do, so chat away with anyone you want! Well, for a couple of minutes.  

But seriously, VIP treatment is way more exciting!

When you are a VIP member here, you have thousands of hours or their archived videos, promo videos with all these alluring performers! These are past shows saved on the channels you have here. Just a week gives you 1400 new videos, and you have additional videos of your preference for these 120 credits. When you think about it, that is so many talented performers who do every kinky act imaginable. Do you want to let them spoil you like that?

VIP members also get tons of discounts on their video purchases, as well as show passes. You can send and receive photos in private chats, and all that live. You will have a special treatment when you enter any show you want, and you have even more free credits, twice as many as regular members have. If yoou refer other customers, you will be even more rewarded. Yes, it looks like Flirt4free treats their members right. Who would want to leave a place like that? Here you have everything, but you need to pay to be treated specially. 

When you do decide you want to sign up here, use your actual email account. All your info will be kept anonymous, so don’t worry, there are no risks for those who want to become members of Flirt4free. They only use your email to verify your account, and they want to send you updates from time to time. Relax, they are very discrete and safe, and they won’t even be boring like some other porn sites. You know those sites that always send you mails and you see pop-ups wherever you go? It won’t be like that here.

A fantastic replay feature 

So, they won’t really spam you, that shouldn’t be one of your worries. Nevertheless, they always feel the need and obligation to inform you on their latest shows and news. They like reminding you to check certain shows out, and they like prompting you to log in. Basically, they want to keep you up to date, and you will always know when a certain performer is online. They also want you to use the site and be present there, but this is nothing new. All sites like many people on their pages.

They have a stunning feature that you won’t really see on other camming sites. This is their replay button on private shows. This is actually available to free users as well, but you need to spend a tiny amount of your money – just a little coin, not much. You have 24 hours to rewatch any stream you want. This is a great way to never miss something you think you will like. And with so many shows, you can never really be present all the time, so some shows just need this replay button, or feature. It’s cool how they thought of this, considering this is unique to this site.

And don’t forget that VIP members can watch all past shows, private ones as well, all for free. Well, it isn’t really for free, but they say so because this is a bonus feature. Only the elite can enjoy these perks, but if you have money to spare, why not consider it? It’s definitely a magical feature you can brag about. You can replay the shows and rewatch them and you can check out all the past streams you missed when they were going live. With these two things combined, you are on the top of the world!

The blog? That’s cool! Kind of…

So, for a free site, these folks really seem like someone who is very into money. They either like the customers too much, or they like their money more than anything, so they find every way possible to lure people and get them to pay. Greedy bastards. But here’s something they have, that other camming sites don’t, and this is actually free – the blog. And it’s pretty neat, you know. It’s not really too thrilling or anything, but why not see some new developments? These are some happenings in the porn world, and who doesn’t want to see hot nudes of models and pornstars when they are free?

The design of the site is neat and… well, it’s immaculate. It’s good, you won’t find things to complain about. Their navigation is awesome and, even though sometimes you will run into bugs, this is nothing grave. For example, they have a ’dating’ tab, but this is nothing, really. When you click on it, it just opens and closes right away. Maybe they used to have it but now they don’t? Were these some virtual dates? It is actually intriguing, especially now when we can’t really see it!

Lastly, their load times are terrible. This is another bug… kind of. When you watch previews, they are very fast and stellar, everything runs well, but once you refresh the page and go to the performer’s page, things get laggy here. And don’t click off-screen, not on purpose, not by accident! There will be plenty of delays, and you will have to deal with your blue balls because all that waiting will kill your mood. But everything else is pitch perfect!

The verdict   

Ok, we finally reached the end of the review, and it was a long one because this is an old site that has a lot of going on… So many hotties, talented professionals who are always eager to turn you on. You have an immaculate design here and everything looks good, but the site is laggy occasionally. If you don’t mind a few bugs, you will like it here! VIP members get to exploit the site’s features ruthlessly, so if you pay, you will want to stay. And why not? If you like porn, why not invest in it a little?

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