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You want something smutty, and you want many hotties! You are feeling naughty, and you want babes who are slutty! How do you like the rhymes? Did they put you in the right mood for another sensational review? Well, the review might not be sensational, but we have a site that is! Have you ever heard of Naked? It’s just that –, that is the domain. This is a pretty cool domain, no? What do you think, how much time did it take for them to come up with it? How did that look like? For such a cool name, the site is not really too popular. Is it because it is simply not that good? Let’s see!

Ok, so first of all, this is a camming site. Before you even learn about all the other things, this is the key item to know. But you already do know it, considering you picked this category. If cam sites is what you need, than cam sites is what you will get! Luckily for you and all of us, there are so many superb camming sites today, and the internet is teeming with them. Some of them are better, others are less mind-blowing and tempting, but why not exlore as many of them as possible?

Naked is a live webcam site with nude cam sluts who want to amuse you 

For instance, why not check out Naked? The name is kind of cool and catchy, it’s easy to remember and you already know what this is, so if live sex shows is what you like, you might like this whole platform. We know that the smutty content makes, like, 80% of the web today. A big percentage of that is reserved for live sex cam sites. People dig the shows of naked stunners, and there are so many divas who are so attention-seeking that they feel like stripping for the strangers.

We don’t care why they do it. What we care is how they do it! Most of the babes on these cam sites are always willing to get down and dirty for the views, and some of them are pretty wild. They will do things even more obscene than other models, and all that because they want fame and popularity. They want to attract their loyal following, and what they are doing actually works. There will always be models who are more popular because these babes are simply kinkier or more alluring. So, what can you find on Naked? It’s something we will talk about right now!

Bur first, aren’t you obsessed with the way the internet has changed? Among many great things, the way we communicate today is simply different. And it’s amazing! You have DMs today, and you can slide into any slut’s one, post whatever you want, and you can chat with whoever you want. And if we can do that, we can also watch live shows naked bimbos put on for pervs on a live webcam site. If you think about it, it’s impressive how far we have come, no? And who knows what we will have in the future? So, the premise of Naked is this – naked stunners will perform your naughty dudes. It’s as simple as that.

The domain is promising, the Internet gold 

Now, the domain of this site is a dream. We know that in the world of domains, the shorter the better. Unlike in the world of dicks! But, thank god we have so many sex toys nowadays, so dudes don’t have to worry about that anymore. So, a one-word domain is always pure gold. Basically, there are so many people out there who will just type something like naked in their Google search bar, so if you site is named, that is already one hell of an SEO! And if you take care about other elements, there is no way people don’t encounter your site fast! If your site is called, this will probably make people believe we are talking about a free smut tube. 

But for such a great domain, you would be surprised at how unknown this site is to most fappers. If you read the review for Streamate, you may remember that their platform has over 3000 online models whenever you visit the site. Here on Naked, however, there are only 300 of them. Compared to Streamate, this is a pretty small and modest site, no? But this is not a small number of models. Many cam sites have this many of them. Even the most exceptional and famous sites have a few hundreds of models. This is nothing surprising. And just like some other camming sites, this one also offers 120 free credits for those who are beginners. If you are new to the site and you don’t want to pay right away, you can just use this gift. Take advantage of it, why not?

For some reason, so many webcam sites look dated and old-fashioned. Whoever designed them is either old of they really have appreciation for the oldest sites. Sometimes you will encounter a really great site with the most phenomenal design you will ever see! But Naked is not one of these sites. Their design looks like they haven’t updated it in a decade, or something. If you compare it to Live Jasmin, this design is nothing. Live Jasmin is stellar, and website designers should learn from them. So, Naked should think about redesigning. It would only do them good.

The organization is decent 

But even though the site looks dated and not that modern and impressive, one thing is cool about it – their organization of the content. Nothing here looks messy and the thumbnails are not cluttered and chaotic. They used a white background, so the whole look is spacious and cheerful. For a porn site, dark colors are always better, but this site somehow pulls it off. Everything looks simple and easy to find, and they are not showy like some other sites. Also, the ads are inconspicous, and you will barely notice them, which is a big plus.

The header you will see at the top of the page is comprised of only several buttons. You will see Live Girls, Guys and Trannies. The poorest corner here is the one with t-girls because there are only a dozen of them who are online from time to time. If you want guys, however, you will find many of them. The most populous corner here is definitely Live Girls, which is nothing unexpected. You will see so many pretty faces here, so many round booties, tight twats and all the things you like.

When you peruse the selection here, you will see hundreds of models who are connected at that moment. The are all here and ready to put on a perfect show for you, and other horny pals who also like this side of porn. Naked is a global cam site, with babes who come from various regions. You literally have girls from everywhere, and you will probably find someone from your country. And how will you know which model comes from a certain area? It’s easy – you will see the flag that lets you know this little detail! USA babes, British stunners, Colombian asses, Bulgarian dazzlers – as you can see, they have models from all over the globe.  

Models from all over the world who are delicious 

Models who come from different areas bring different things to the table. Bulgarian MILFs will like jiggling their perfect butts, Colombian hotties will enjoy fingering their awesome cunts. There is something for everyone here, and there is no way you don’t find your favorite act. They don’t really have a tab for categories, so you can’t find a specific kink that way. You need to choose a model and hope she will perform all the acts you like. It’s just how it goes here. But it’s not bad, right? 

The thumbnails you will see here have previews. That is always a cool feature, and most users appreciate it because who doesn’t want to see the hottest parts of a stream before they even open them? This gives you a taste of what is yet to come. You will see how slutty the cam slut is, and you will see how kinky she will get. Well, the preview won’t show everything, so you will probably get even more than you bargained for. Some girls like stripping, others are fans of fingering, but they like it fully-clothed… You will see that everyone is different, but this is a great thing because these differences will be special to different visitors. The only problem here is that you don’t know what the category is.

But you don’t need the categories when all the models are equally tempting and fetching! The models are all here because they are ready to show you their naughty side, and whatever show you decide to open, you will see hot stuff. Some of the shows will be more thrilling, but take time to explore it all.

The site’s treasure 

This is such a diverse site that you will see some unusual things, like redhead Latinas, but that is not even all – with pierced nipples, and they are fingering their twats with a lot of passion. You will see all of that in live preview thumbnails, so you will be tempted to take a closer look. These crimson-haired cuties are rarity, especially when they are Latinas! But here you have such a broad demohraphy, you will literally find everyone here! Babes with adorable accents, succulent nipples and pussy lips, tempting underwear… The more you explore the site, the more you will discover its charms and hidden jewels. 

Cam girls here on Naked can set their tip goals, and you have a thermometer on the side of every video window. This will show you what you need to know, and yes, this is a free webcam site that also supports tips. Tipping is crucial if you want to motivate the models and show them you appreciate them. They will give you better shows if you give them more cash. They will grope their tits, finger their fuck holes, play with toys and even squirt from all the pleasure. Donation makes everyone happy, so the more you donate, the kinkier acts will be waiting for you.

The best part about Naked is that people don’t even need to sign up or pay for anything, and they will still be able to watch the shows. Babes will get naked for free, and you can watch and jerk off as much as you like. This will go on for a few minutes, and then you will have to go to the sign-up page. Well, they will take you there. Don’t start your forearm exercise before you finish with this sign-up process because you will be stopped. But you can hit the ’back’ button and the free show will continue. That’s something most sites don’t allow.

Showing off and revealing the hottest assets 

The babes can reset the meter whenever they want. When they get to a certain amount of moolah, they can do certain things, like shake their asses, or start using their toys. Some babes will show you everything fast, others are more clever and nasty, and they will just tease. They need more coins to show you their sexiest assets, and if they are not satisfied with the tips, they will refuse to do it. And what are the prices here, anyway?

This is a humble site, and this means that they have so many awards, but they don’t really brag about it. They don’t even say what these awards are, and they didn’t put them where everyone can see them. They have XBIZ awards and these folks are very respected and acclaimed, so this must mean the site does things right. Right? These carry weight. If they chose to give them awards, Naked folks are probably amazing!

The sign-up here is going to be easy and quick, and you have a form with three fields to fill out, so nothing much. They want your moniker, email and of course, the password. You will have to agree with their policy and terms, so if you do that, you will be able to use the site! You won’t get the free 120 credits if you don’t register. Also, you need to leave your credit card info to get these free credits, but they won’t charge you for these credits. Many sites do that. You need to leave your credit card info just to be charged 0 bucks. It’s weird, but this is not the only place where you will see it. 

Careful with your money here 

Their credit packages are confusing here, and if you want to know more about it, they can be tricky. You will think you are spending less money than you actually are! Be careful with that! Most camming sites do that, you think you are paying less, and you are actually paying more. If it is your first time on a cam site, you have to beware these tricks they use to steal your money. It all starts with free shows, but then you can actually develop a crush for a model, fall madly in love – this will make you want to splurge on her shows. Some babes here are simply too irresistible. You will want to spend all your money on them, so you need to know when to stop. 

They have a product page here, and it pops up after the registration. For just 5 dollars, they give you 180 credits. This is a decent number of minutes, but don’t let them confuse you with their offers. These can be deceiving. 

Lastly, they offer a VIP membership here as well, did you know it? If you pay 40 bucks, you are a VIP member here on Naked! This will give you even more ’free’ credits, and some perks. Instant access to all shows, gold font, performers with attachments and things like that. Free users can be muted, and you have a VIP forum to check out! They also give VIP members 150 videos for free, but you will have 7 days to see them. Ok, so their VIP membership doesn’t last for a month. If you ask us, it’s better to tip the girls. This is money better spent.


Naked is a sexy webcam site with babes from all over the world who are nasty and salacious. But what else is new? You have a decent number of features and models, and they offer a VIP membership if you want some perks, like more credits and 150 videos. If you want to make the babes happy, just give them tips. You will have fun here, you will see! The site has many awards, so it can’t be bad, but it’s not as famous as Chaturbate and some other live webcam sites.

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