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Live sex cam sites are full of bombastic sexually-open sweethearts who like exposing their tits and twats for the views. And if attention is what they need, the attention is what they will get! With so many broads out there, it’s easy to find salacious hotties who never got enough attention from their parents in childhood, and now they try to compensate for all of that by getting down and dirty on webcam. Yes, there is nothing these nymphettes won’t do, and we are grateful they were probably ugly as kids, so no one paid attention to them, and now they are hot and attention-craving to that extent that they perform all kinds of kinky acts for horny strangers.  

With camming sites, you never know what you will see! Well, you do. You come to one of these sites, pick the stunner you want to watch strip, and you will see the exact babe that you like… if she is online. Or he. Camming sites today have everyone – girls, guys and trannies. But why even bother to wait for the offline babes to come en ligne, when you have so many online hotties who are already available. Most camming sites have dozens, if not hundreds of models online, no matter when you come to the platform. 

Streamate – a site with oversexed maniacs, just like us 

And so is the case with Streamate. This is the site we are reviewing today, another live sex cam site with fetching models who are here because they have that wild side they can’t share with anyone else. Do you think that bimbos who work on these sites want to be banged by savages who will demolish their fuck holes? If they don’t, they sure seem like they do! With everything they say and do, you will feel like they are true nymphomaniacs. Stuff like that can’t be just for show, no? You need to be very sexual to be a cam slut. You also need to be incredibly confident and maybe even open-minded.

But if you read these reviews, you already know all these things. You know that we respect cam models. Sure, sometime harsh words are used, like sluts and bimbos, cock suckers and nasty or filthy hoes, but this is not because these women should be degraded. On the contrary, these women are goddesses who are very carnal and sensual, and at least they don’t hide it like some broads who pretend to be innocent. Ok, we all love sex! We love fucking, we love people touching themselves, we like erotica and we like porn! But not everyone has accepted that we are a sex-crazed race whose head is teeming with sexual thoughts. And we are! That is why we see so much nudity in the showbiz, that is why so many Insta models like revealing their skin too much, that is why we have so many smut sites… If you think about it, like, 80% of the internet is either nudity or babes in lingerie or something where you see them semi-naked. 

This is cool because sex is life. We wouldn’t be born if our parents never had sex. Sorry about this image, hopefully you won’t be too traumatized to keep reading now. But you are not a kid anymore. Hope not, or it would be so wrong for us to write all this and you read it. But you get the point. They say money makes the world go round, but no – it’s sex. It’s always been sex. Probably always will be. Instead of people losing interest for porn sites, they keep making new ones, and there are so many awesome camming sites now to check out! Streamate is one of them, and let’s see why!

So many models to check out!

There is one thing you will like about this site unquestionably. When you land on their main page, you will see that there are over 3000 models online at that moment! Ok, this is not always the same. Sometimes there will be more of them, sometimes fewer of them, but no matter when you visit the site, you will always find many models online because the site has so many horny broads here who can’t wait to go wild with you!

This is going to be an enjoyable escapade! If you want an honest opinion, not all models here are insanely beautiful. Some of them are just average looking and too plain, but who cares about the looks, anyway? It’s all about the charisma! And one thing is for sure – these babes have it to spare! If they didn’t have sexual charisma, they probably wouldn’t even want to do this job, and no one would hire them. But when people pick the cam sluts for these sites, they always make sure these babes are the sex goddesses who are lustful and playful in bed.

They won’t always play in bed. Sometimes they will do it by the pool, sometimes in a car, somewhere in the nature… Of course, they can only film these hot moments in their houses, but you can use your imagination to fantasize about them doing obscene things everywhere else as well. The girls here are insatiable and they like to toy their twats and poke their cunts with fingers and sex toys. For you, they will do all this and more. All you need to do is come online and join the show, together with many other fappers who are also lusty and excited about the models.

The stream items shown on the thumbnails 

You will always see if a show is HD, if it is a party chat or not and if the babe is online. You have many pages of thumbnails, so you don’t need to stick to just the first page. Sure, the first page is also abundant with sex bombs, but if you want to really find your dream girl, you don’t have just one page to explore. You can really have fun on Streamate because they have so many models here, and it’s impossible not to find someone you are really drawn to. In fact, you will be drawn to most of them, but you can only see one show at a time.

But what to really start with here? First of all, the site looks pretty familiar. There is nothing here that looks unusual or too different compared to other cam sites. All the features are here, waiting for you to play with them. You have 8 languages to choose from, and you will probably find yours because they remembered to include some languages other sites don’t. For example, if you come from The Netherlands, you will probably find babes who also come from your country and you can enjoy their shows in your mother tongue. 

You also have the standard languages, like German, Spanish, Italian.. When you choose a language you need, you will see models from that country, or coutries where this language is spoken. For example, Spanish is pretty broad because you have Euro babes from Spain and chicks from Latin America. With German and other languages, you will find babes from Germany, Italy, Sweden, and so on.

Read the site’s details in your language 

You won’t only see models from that certain country, you will also read the site’s links, texts and features in that language. If you want to brush up on your Spanish, you can choose this language and read everything in it. Let’s say you want to see what models are going to be online this week. Choose calendario, and here you have semanas and meses. Lunes, Martes and so on. Basically, you will see all the babes who are online soon, and you can see the names of these shows. Here’s something interesting – they have a show called Squirtamania. That sounds promising!

They also have shows like WildonCam and Pornstar Camhouse, and you will always see the name of the babe or the star of the show, as well as the timetable for the shows. The shows here are not short. They run for an hour, so that is pretty hot, right? If you decide to come here, you will have babes who perform for an hour, and you know how many things can be done in an hour? If the models are creative, who knows what suprises they have for us! It is pretty exciting to think about it.

If you can’t get your bearings here, you can always click on the logo to go back to the home page. This is a smart move and a great navigation tool. Instead of that terrible home button, that always looks so lame on every porn site they put it, they decided to just use the logo for those who want to come back to the beginning. If you get lost checking out the calendar, you can just click the logo, and all the models who are online at that moments will appear again! 

The features are pretty awesome here 

The site has so many cool features, and even though it doesn’t look better than some other great camming sites, it definitely deserves to be praised. You can choose any chat language, you have a search box you can play with, sorting options that will help you find the babe from the region you want, and more. For example, you want stunners from South America, Asia or Western Europe. You have even more options, but you will see this yourself when you visit the site. When you choose Asian models, several Asian sex bombs will appear at the top of the model page. However, since you only have a few models from this region, the rest of the site is full of babes from other areas. 

There are more models from Africa than from Asia. When you open this page, you will see so many African cuties, and from what it looks like, their babes are curvy and chubby. They mostly have giant tits and they like sucking their own nipples. And again, you will only see a dozen of African models, and the rest of the page is for other eye candies, and these are mostly Euro babes and hotties from North America. 

Basically, when you choose a region, you won’t see only the models from that certain part of a continent, you will see all of them, but the models from that part of the world will be the first on the page. This is a smart move because they don’t have many models from Africa and Asia, and in order for the site not to look poor, they blended all of them together. But you still have over 3200 models online. This means there are so many cam sluts here, but apparently, they couldn’t find more models from certain regions. 

The content and the filters 

Now, the streaming features. This is a separate tab, and it’s perfect because you can see that they have an immaculate organization and everything here is well-put-together. The streaming features here are simply called features, and when you click on this tab, you will see a drop-down menu with several items you can choose from. This is HD, audio, mobile, party chat and gold show. Each of these things brings something unique to the table, and you will choose what you like based on your preferences and personality. Some users will be enticed by this party chat option, others will want the gold shows. 

But before you learn more about the content options, there is one important thing that must be mentioned – they have an advanced search bar, and this is even better than the regular search bar because you can find specific things you are into. First of all, you can choose girls, guys or trannies. Then you can choose things like hair color, age, orientation, fetish, languages… You will see that you have many items here that you can mark to get all the models with these features, or the models who come from that region, or whose ethnicity is this or that… Whatever you need, this is where you will find it!

And now, back to the content options. Ok, you don’t have too many choices here, but it’s definitely better than on some other smut sites where you only have one option. First, let’s comment on their HD shows. As you can see, not all shows here will be HQ. Some models can’t afford the best equipment and these are probably the models from less developed areas. You will see the difference between HD streams and SD streams, but this doesn’t affect the quality of the performance – SD shows are as good as HQ shows!

The good stuff 

Whatever you want to see here requires a free account that you will have to create. This is a simple one-step process where you just give them your email and the username you want to use in the future. Unfortunately, as a guest, you can’t open anything. To view any of these shows, you will need your account and of course, later if you want to get the most out of the site, you will need to pay to be able to tip the babes and get all the good stuff.

The party chat is the sexiest corner here because you can have fun with other lustful strangers who also want a piece of your model. Here you can meet like minds, and you are the one who chooses their crowd. Birds of a feather flock together, no? This is not like the video room where you watch your model together with so many other pals who are also horny and throbbing down there. This is not bad, but with a party chat, you can only stick to the folks you like!

And let’s conclude this review by mentioning the categories here. This is a free site that is awesome because you have so many models. And when you have so many different people, you can expect them to have various kinks, right? So, the site has a plethora of categories you can choose from, and you have fetish content as well as a lot of incredible vanilla stuff. You even have ’pregnant’ category, for kinksters with this liking. Everything else is standard, so nothing here is unusual and worth mentioning. 

The verdict  

Streamate is a site with a cool name. You meet your stream mates, right? These are the babes who perform for you, and the horny viewers of the shows. You can meet many interesting people here, and just like on any other site, there will also always be sick fucks who are weird and rude. But don’t let this ruin your experience here. If you want to get the most out of this site, register for free and pay for the tips for the babes. They always have new models to check out! You will love it here!

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