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There are sites that look wonderful. When you visit them, you see that everything looks pitch perfect. All the buttons and links are there, and you see where everything stands. You know exactly what to click on because everything looks exceptional. But then you start exploring… You start opening videos, you start learning more about the site and getting acquainted with it. What you realize next that the site is glitchy, it doesn’t really work like it should work. The videos won’t open, there are many slow loading moments, and the content doesn’t function properly. Who cares about the site’s design if we can’t enjoy the content?

It’s a buzzkill for everyone, no matter how patient you are. You want a great and fluid experience, and you see that the site looks like a place that will give you that. After all, the organization looks perfect. It looks like they have all the features that one needs. But then broken links slap you in the face, you realize some important features are not here, and you see things that make your little buddy go lip down there. It’s 2021, the sites should be both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional. What do you think about that?

Losing time on sites that don’t have it all

Unfortunately, there are many porn sites that are not functional, or aesthetically pleasing, or full of good content. Sometimes it happens that a site has none of these things, and that is just a big waste of time. These are sites you don’t even need to know about, and they definitely won’t be reviewed here because ain’t nobody got time for that! But if a site has at least something that is worth your time, maybe it deserves a chance even if it isn’t perfect. This is why you have these reviews here. When you read them, you will know what sites deserve your attention. 

Together, we will analyze everything and decide if a site is even worth visiting or not. Today we will talk about EmpFlix. This is a decent site, something you definitely do want to know about. But is the site perfect? Does it have everything one needs it to have? Is it functional? Is the content exceptional? You will know all the answers soon, just keep reading. And if you don’t like it, you don’t even need to think about it ever again. Just find a site you do like!

Before you start exploring EmpFlix, choose the language you want

Porn sites that give us both remarkable professional and user-submitted content can’t be bad, right? When you visit a certain smut site and you see it has a vast collection of great flicks to check out, that is far better than sites that only have a few videos. Today we have many premium sites where the production values are so high, they can’t afford to update the site all the time. And we have sites like EmpFlix – a hot free porn site with tons of content! The minute you visit this site you will see that this is an adorable tube you don’t want to miss out on.

So, EmpFlix is a site that has several language options. You can enjoy the Spanish version, Italian version, French version, Portuguese version, and more. The top right corner of the site is reserved for this tiny button where you will first see the American flag, then you have the German flag and other countries that appear in a dropdown menu. Before you even start viewing the content, you can choose the language you need. If English is not your mother tongue, and some of these languages are, why not take advantage of it? It’s a pretty cool feature!

Free tubes pet peeves

Most free tubes are amazing because we don’t need to pay for our smut, but they usually don’t really have a lot of cool features we can work with. They either don’t have categories, or they don’t have downloads. They can be lazy, lousy, cluttered, dated… The videos are sometimes of low quality, or they just don’t have a lot of them. But what we hate the most are short clips. Most free tubes don’t really have full-length scenes, which is terrible because we like it long. Pun intended. Even really popular sites like RedTube, PornHub, XVideos and other ones don’t have long scenes.

We get it that these sites are free, and these are not exclusive scenes like on premium sites. Premium sites invest a lot of money to create their flicks. Big players like everything to be perfect – the script, the editing, the music, the whole movie. Free tubes don’t really care about these things. They want blowjobs and cumshots and if they find 2-minute clips that show us that, it’s perfect! But we need more, don’t we?

When it comes to free smut tubes, just because they are free, it doesn’t mean they should allow themselves to be bad. They still need to look good, just like premium sites. They need to be well-organized, with a lot of hot features we can be thankful for. And sure, why not add community features as well? Throw in everything you can here! The more the better. The more content – the better! The more features the better! You can’t make a mistake here, just pay attention to these things. Does EmpFlix do it? You will see!

Fresh and exciting, simply the number one porn site?

EmpFlix is another site that it claims to be the best. You can read that at the bottom of the page, they promise they are the number 1 smut site on the entire web. This is nothing new, a lot of porn sites do it. A lot of sites in general do it. But are they? They also claim to be exciting and fresh, always. They have full-length DVDs and this already promises a lot. You can watch good porn for hundreds of hours, and this is not some softcore smut. It is hardcore and flaming hot, just how we like it.   

This site has been giving us great smutty content since 2008. Yeap, they have been around for a while now. This is pretty cool because it means they had a lot of time to build their impressive archive. Hats off to those new sites that already have a lovely collection of hundreds and thousands flicks, but sites like EmpFlix can really offer us a lot. They give us both old but gold stuff and new content. Since 2008, they have had a lot of time to grow, just like other smut sites that were created more than a decade ago.

So, the site is very cocky. Their assessment is, no one likes people who are too boastful. We like to be surprised, when something is humble and they don’t brag that much, so we do learn that they are actually amazing. Most people might find this annoying and they won’t like it because no one likes those who speak only the best things about themselves. Do you know how difficult it is to be the number one porn site out there? With so many exceptional sites, the competition is just too heavy. Show us some kind of metric, OK? Don’t just use words, act!

So, even if you are the best porn site, what shows us that? The content? The features? Why say you are THE number one? At what? Number one most cocky site? That could be it as far as we know. Maybe you are right, but we need proof. There are so many phenomenal sites and they all like to say they are the ones who are the best. And this could be true. There is always something that is the best to someone. You may find PornHub the best, your friend will think Xnxx is the best. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So much great content to work with

One thing is certain, though – EmpFlix is a site with a great smut collection. They have tons of videos, no one can argue with that. But considering they were launched in 2008, they did have a lot of time to build this archive. If that archive was smaller, that would be very shocking and unimpressive. They have hundreds of thousands of videos, which means you will never run out of content here. Sure, there are sites with even more flicks, but who even needs more than that? Even if you jerked off every freaking minute every day, you would still have a fuckton of content to exploit. 

This must be the beauty of these free porn tubes. They always have so much content. It’s not like premium sites. How do they even find all these clips? Is there really so many couples who fuck and film it? We know that pornstars are sex-crazed, but amateurs? You will be surprised to see how many amateurs do it. Maybe even you have done it… What do you think about uploading your own sex content on a site like EmpFlix?

You do have that option, though. It’s not even something that you need to pay for or anything, you just register and once you are a member of the site, you can upload your own clips as much as you want. Many free tubes have that option. They allow users to submit their own materials, and there are also many pervs who like it. User-submitted porn can be sexier than professional porn. After all, knowing that these are real amateurs who did something slutty and sexy can really turn you on and make you throbbing down there.

Standard quality and similar things you see on other smut sites

But if you think about it, every free tube, or at least a lot of them have tons of fuck flicks, short or long, or both. This shouldn’t be seen as anything special. What we have to focus on now is the quality of these videos… It’s not hard to find a lot of clips, but it’s hard to find high-quality flicks to upload on your website. The resolution, the fact that these videos are fappable… So, what can you expect here? The videos here are standard. You know, like most of hardcore studio porn.

The porn you will find here is not really niche-specific, you don’t have anything particular, like feet fetish, or bondage porn. It’s pretty generic. Yes, they do have a category called Bizarre, and this is probably their weirdest corner. The site does try to be diverse and to offer us everything, so they have categories and tags and a lot of different things to see. But there’s nothing new or unusual here, and this bizarre section is probably the only thing that is slightly different. Check it out if you like that strange side of porn.

And what about the design of the site?

You will notice that the site’s design is not bad at all. In fact, it is pretty amazing. You will probably like it because you will see everything that you need to see here, and even more because the site has features other smut sites don’t. It is modern, the structure is organizational and easy on the eyes and the layout is very nice-looking. They have a white and blue theme, and this is not typical for most porn sites. It’s a breath of fresh air, something new and different. The categories are organized alphabetically, which enables you to have a carefree experience.

But these things are not the only great ones here. You will also like the organization of their sorting options. You can choose to see all their videos, or just their HD clips. You have clips that are the most recent ones, featured, top-rated, most popular and more. You can choose to see the shortest or the longest videos, which depends on how long you plan your fap sesh to last. You will feel like you are the one in control here, you control what happens next and what videos you will get.

What sucks here is this – simultaneous multiple choices cannot be selected here. You can’t choose two things at the same time. You can’t choose full-length videos that are also long or something like that. You need two separate tabs for this. This is also the case with categories. They cannot be combined, so you can’t choose blowjobs and anal at the same time, it’s either the first one or the second one. Perhaps they could change it for the better.

The community features here are what we all need!

So, EmpFlix has a lot of great features, and yes, they don’t have everything we need from a site, but they still give us a lot. For example, they have community features here and they are amazing. What can you do with these features? Add friends, write comments on friends’ walls, subscribe to the members you want, and of course, send messages. It’s always cool to meet people like that, but maybe it’s not the best way possible. Some members will be cool, but there are also pervs who like weird stuff.

Since the members of EmpFlix can upload their own stuff, you can see what other site users have uploaded so far, just go to the members tab. You will see a dropdown menu here where you have an option to browse members, see the latest ones active, and you have recent verifications. This is pretty interesting, and you will also see a button that says ‘join community’. You can even search members by age and country, the filters are on the left side of the page. You can even find a specific name here, if you know someone who is a member already.

This member area and user-submitted content is not all vanilla. You will see a lot of dirt here. You have Asian stunners pissing, you have some BDSM male humiliation videos, German grannies fucking young men, gangbangs… You get even more dirt than you get if you just spend time on the site’s main page. You can read comments of other users of the site and you can check out the wall of fame. There are actually so many awesome features here. EmpFlix might not be the best porn site, but they do have one of the best features.

The verdict

So, EmpFlix is a site that gives us a lot. The content is delicious, you have a lot of vanilla and non-vanilla stuff, there are many cool features and the pornstars are stunning here, but they also have amateur content. You can upload your own stuff, but unlike some other sites, this won’t help you profit. You just upload for your own satisfaction, but no way to earn money here. Still, the site is great and it deserves to be checked out. When you find time, go to EmpFlix and see what you have there.

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