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Millions of visitors enjoy XHamster on a daily basis

This is definitely one of those names every serious porn addict knows, especially those who spend a lot of their time on porn sites. If you have a list of favorite smut sites, XHamster is probably on it! But there is a reason for that – not many people would like it so much if the site didn’t offer something exceptional. Xhamster offers content that is definitely fap-worthy, numerous remarkable xxx videos, gorgeous pornstars, beauties you will remember, a well-organized interface, and this is just the beginning! But since this site is so delicious, it deserves to be talked about more… Prepare for a detailed review that will make you fall in love with the site!

I could wager that there are so many people reading this text who fap to Xhamster all the time! It’s a site every household is quite familiar with, even though this is something you won’t talk about with your family members. Friends maybe, sure, that is completely different. But mom and dad? Hey dad, have you seen the new fuck flick with Riley Reid? You know, where she licks cum from a bathroom floor, with two coal studs wrecking her clit like there’s no tomorrow? I think your dad would get a heart attack! But deep inside you know it, he knows it, everyone knows it – we all spend a lot of time on Xhamster!

The site has millions and millions of users, did you know that? Every month, at least 10 million jerkers come to this place, hoping to find something delicious. And they do! With all the pornstars who appear here, as well as amateurs, you always have stuff to see! Xhamster is a tube, so it’s free and abundant with all sorts of kinks. From slutty teens to lusty milfs, trannies, gays, Latinas, Asian hotties… It’s a rich and diverse site that offers plenty of fun for those who are fap addicts, or just those who do it occasionally.

A fella named Alex Hawkings founded this site, and it happened in 2007. This means the site is pretty old, but not one of the oldest sites of the industry. It’s one of those sites that have been around for long so most of us know it, especially because the content is great! When they were creating this site, they had something specific in mind – they wanted it to be different, something new and unique, something everyone will notice. The site’s creator wanted to offer people something most porn sites didn’t. And what was this special ingredient? It was the social media aspect of the site! Yes, Xhamster is a porn site, but very similar to Facebook and perhaps Twitter because it has that social media part that people love so much.

Chat with people, unwind, meet your fuck-and-soulmate!

What were the intentions of the site’s creator? He wanted to create a place where people could do everything they do on social networks, but they could also enjoy smutty content. So, he wanted people to relax, chat, meet one another, exchange nudes and erotic clips, whatever they want, as long as no one offends anyone and does something undesirable. This is a actually a great way to find friends and partners, maybe even a soulmate! You can definitely meet those who share your kinks, and maybe start an intimate relationship. So yeah, if you like it, you can understand that others like it, too. This is now a site for meeting cool like-minded people and enjoying user-submitted and homemade porn.

Just imagine that… This period we live in offers us so much, and one of the great things about it is that people, well most of us, can be very sexually open! We don’t need to hide our kinks, sexual desire and libido… We don’t need to be prudes, no more hiding your preferences and limiting yourself just to please your society. If you like bondage, BDSM porn, gay porn, shemale porn, hentai porn, you can be open about that and even meet someone who also likes it! It’s the beauty of a site like XHamster. Here you can send another user your nude, knowing they will not be offended. If you do that on any other social network, you will probably be blocked! That is what is so cool about XHamster – this sexual freedom and knowing you can be as lascivious as you want, and people will not reject you! After all, they are also here, no? They are probably as lustful as you are!

So, this whole ‘discovering partners who are your perfect match’ thing must be interesting here. Have you ever done it on XHamster? Or Facebook… Have you ever chatted with someone on any social network and then sent them your nude? When you know this is also a porn site, you can definitely feel more relaxed about these things. Even if someone rejects you, you can just send your stuff to other people and someone will respond positively at one point. But you should know that most people you find here are probably very sexually open and open-minded… If you are not, maybe XHamster is not your perfect way to find a soulmate.

Issues and problems you should be aware of

So, this user-uploaded content probably seems fun to you. After all, why not see real amateurs naked, having sex, doing all sorts of slutty and kinky things? Or why not share your own stuff, if you like to get naked for attention? It’s something that sounds very enticing, for both people who like seeing strangers naked and those who have fun posting their own compromising content for others to enjoy. But is there a problem with this?

Absolutely!  Just imagine this – everyone can post ANYTHING here! People who like normal, vanilla acts, but also those who like BDSM, kinky stuff, something not usual… And what happens when literally everyone can post literally anything? Well, some people are really sick! They post really nasty pictures, things most people don’t even want to see. It had to happen sooner or later. When you allow people all these things and give them freedom, you must expect some sick fucks to simply spoil the fun. So, even illegal things will happen. What to do when this happens? Some sense of moral duty must be established. 

Here’s a fact! North Carolina enacted some laws in 2016. People who live in these cities can actually discriminate against LGBT community members, and they can be very open about that. What does XHamster do? They need to protect their LGBT members and people who approve of them, right? So everyone who has an IP address that is based in NC is blocked. Is this a good solution? It’s safer that way, but what about people who are from this country, who are harmless?

The truth is that we can’t really make everyone happy. Sure, there are people in NC who should be blocked because they are dangerous, and there are those who don’t even care about LGBT folks. But the site has other problems, why add another one on the list? Sexual assaults is one of the problems. If you post your own nudes and sexy stuff, sooner or later you will encounter a perverted retard who will make you uncomfortable. Some of them might even be very dangerous, rude, unpleasant. Everyone should be very careful with these things.

The site, or the company, had a response to Democratic National Committee, the one in 2016 with the email leak issue. You know who Debbie Wasserman Shultz is? They offered her 50 thousand bucks to fuck someone who looks like Bernie Sanders in a porno. This is something that has to do with the politics, and maybe you don’t get it. But it’s definitely interesting for a porn site to do it!

What you need to know about the site, the interface

So, you see right away that this site is no joke! They are not afraid to be involved in the politics, they are very aware of global issues that are taboo to many people, they are popular and they let people post what they want and have fun with like minds. Even when they were still new, they became huge. But how not to become huge? You see what they offer? You have porn, you have that social media aspect, a lot of visitors who would like to meet you… If all sites were like that, the world would be such a cool place and people would have more freedom and they would be who they wanted to be.

So, what happens when you arrive to this main page? One thing is for sure – you will find it clean and organized. Everything here looks good and pristine, with nothing trashy or flashy, no ads that will bother you, no messy parts that will baffle you. What you need, you can find easily, and the navigation tools will help you find everything fast, without any problems. Sites should learn from XHamster, not just regarding the interface and navigation, but everything!

What’s really cool here is that the visitors will find two categories. They are simple and distinct. You will see what’s new – the newest smut videos, and you will see hot porn videos! It’s as simple as that. They have filters you can use to see what’s new and what videos are the longest… These are homemade videos, so this feature can come in handy! Usually, amateur content is very short, when they make videos they only last for a couple of minutes, but if you choose the longest videos, you might find something that is longer, maybe 15 minutes, or even 30 minutes.

When you look to the left, you will see some other useful features and navigation tools. They have channel, category, pornstar… When you click on these things, you know what happens – you will see videos sorted by channels, pornstars and categories. Tags can actually be combined, and it only takes a few clicks! Most tubes don’t have this feature, but it is very handy because it replaces the advanced search… The archive of homemade content is very abundant, but you also have professional studio stuff. You like straight, gay, shemale content? Everything is here! It’s cool how you can even combine these three things, so you don’t need to pick just one. Some videos are threesomes with both gays and trannies, or you have lesbians who fuck t-girls, or gays who fuck ladyboys… It’s a very diverse site, and the more you explore it, the more you will like it because there is always something hot to see here! The whole interface is very user-friendly, and you can enjoy all the navigation tools because they made them to help you have a better and richer experience here!

Annoying features on the site

But don’t think the site is perfect! Just because all these features are exceptional, it doesn’t mean everything here is pure perfection. What does that mean? Here’s one thing you will probably dislike about the site! You know how some sites put those annoying watermarks on their videos? That also happens here! You have the site’s watermark everywhere! It really messed with your jerk off time… For example, you are watching a fucker ready to cum all over his babe’s face… Boom! The watermark appears and spoils the fun. The mark will go all over the babe’s face, like it’s some cockblocker! Why, why, why would they do this? Why disappoint us that way? This is worse than those annoying popups!

But if you can forgive them, let’s continue with what is good here! They have awesome social media components, so you can rate and comment on the videos, add them to your favorite list, upload what you want, message other users… These are all the things you can find on most smut sites as well. That is nothing new, but it’s one of those things that is old but gold. But here is what you don’t have on other porn sites – the dating feature! Everyone who wants to date here will be connected with those who also want it. No sketchy scam sites, just the real thing. 

When you do want to date here on this site, you can filter your search results by several things – gender, sexual orientation, country, age, city… You can choose if you are a trans, hetero, gay, lesbian, queer… When you see sexual orientations, you will notice they offer a lot of different things! You can choose to date pansexual people, for instance. Every profile should have a short bio, accompanied by photos and some videos. You can send someone your friend request, subscribe to their channel, message them… The site is full of possibilities!

Can you really find a date on this site?

But here’s what you need to know about this dating part of the site… You don’t really have many options! Whatever filter you choose, there won’t be many profiles for you to check out. This is understandable because probably not many people trust in a porn site that is also a matchmaking site. Even if you have, for example, 500 men in New York, you will probably have 30 women in this city. Mostly men are here, women are rarity to find. So, someone is bound to stay single… Or they just need to find another dating site.

And that is not even all! XHamster has sex stories here as well! So, you have millions of clips and pics that are user-uploaded, and you have all these stories that are erotic, fun and engaging. Again, this is something users of the site post to share with others. Why not read someone else’s dirty thoughts? Sex stories can be even more arousing, especially for those who have a lot of imagination.

As you can see, the site really has a lot of offer. It is unique and amusing, and you may even find your soulmate! If not, at least you can chat with fun strangers and enjoy all the fap-worthy material as you want. Interested? The interface is super-easy and fun to use and there are so many slutty amateurs here who can’t wait to be seen and fapped to. The navigation tools will help you find what you need and everything is free! The best thing is that they have a little bit of something for everyone!

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