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Millions of delicious porno videos with the sexiest girls who just can’t get enough of cock? You need a site where you will find that? Well, there are many sites like that today, but let’s focus on the one that also offers a plethora of categories and probably the most frequent updates compared to all of them, shall we? Yeap, we are talking about XNXX, a giant in this industry, a big star in this porn universe, a site you must have heard of. If you are new to his and you still don’t know anything about XNXX, this review will tell you what you must know!

So, XNXX… This is one of those sites that have what we need. Plenty of pornos… This is an understatement! This is one of the sites with the biggest number of fuck flicks, and unfortunately, many of them are short, so you only have one-minute clips where you see just the cumshot, or just the creampie… But don’t worry, with millions of clips, you will always have fap-worthy material to enjoy! Even if all clips lasted for a minute, take that times a million! It’s a million minutes of fapping! But the site has even more videos, and some of them are much longer than that. So yeah… You have porn for life!

XNXX is a giant, a sister site of XVideos

No matter what kind of a pervert you are, you can be of any stripe, you can like whatever you like, the chances are high you will find what you need here on XNXX! This is such a big giant that everyone who never finds out about it definitely misses out on something huge. The site has a funky layout. It looks like something that was popular in the 90s. But it’s a modern site, something that has been around for years and years, not just a couple of months. Did you know the site has like 3B views every single month? This is a big wank stash, so it’s nothing surprising, really. And XNXX is the sister site of XVideos.

What do you think about that? Do you feel like fapping to this creation that is of the same caliber as XVideos or PornHub? You will have nothing to lose if you check it out, and you can definitely gain a lot! This is not a site that will waste your time. It will boost your libido, it will help you unwind and you will see many hot girls.

When you hear 3B views a month, it’s not a typo, it’s not a joke, it’s not a wrong piece of information… That is correct. They do have 3 billion visitors every month, sometimes even more. This is what makes it one of the most popular free tubes! You can beat your stiff little meat to videos on this site, and you will know 3B more people are doing the same every month! You are not alone, man! Or lady! So, why do people love this place so much? They have everything! Teens, milfs, Latinas… Buxom ladies, flat-chested sweeties… Gays, trannies… Yeah, it’s an extensive list of things to check out here!

Is this the good shit, or the best shit?!

XNXX has enticing movie offerings, and even though there are many great porn sites and free porn tubes, you will find some of the most delicious flicks here! When you read this review, if you don’t spend most of your time on XNXX, this will change your mind and you will want to! If you are not a sex addict, XNXX has a potential to make you one!

So, if you are a newcomer to this lovely site, maybe this is what you expect – half ass homemade smut? Maybe strip club babes, a lousy side of town? Crackheads and junkies who bang girls on streets? No, this site is not about these things. It has a lot of classy stuff as well. Yes, it’s diverse so you will literally find everything, even junkies and prostitutes, teens who try anal for the first time, milfs who seduce their step sons… But this is what makes the site awesome! Whatever you like, you will be pleased.

When you take a look at their home page, you will see what to expect. XNXX is a site that many directory admins like to praise, and why would that be different here? People love the site because it is free, but very abundant. You have hundreds, or thousands of pages of smut, with amateur ladies and professional adult entertainers, and the site has a lot of sections. They have a section for drunk babes, anal fuck flicks, lesbians… Everyone will find something they like the most here! The only thing here that is maybe not so fun are the titles that are sometimes too short.

XNXX is a serious site. You know those fly-by-night systems, those kinds of operations? Well, don’t expect that with this porn site! They actually take, or borrow… However, you like it – videos from big players, the behemoth sites in the business. For example, they like borrowing from Mofos, FakeTaxi, Brazzers, BangBros… Are you familiar with these names? Only someone who is new to this whole world doesn’t know these names. Even if you are not a sex addict, you must have heard of them from someone or somehow. This is premium content and it’s remarkable!

You will see good stuff here, if not the best! These are big players for a reason, and they must be doing something right, or they wouldn’t even be so successful. So, if you get to watch videos from Brazzers, BangBros, Mofos and FakeTaxi, you should be honored. You can see everything here without paying a dime, and these sites are pay sites. Of course, if you want the full-length flicks, you will need to pay for a membership on one of those sites… or all of them! Are you one of those people who like being a member of many smut sites? That’s pretty cool!

Their fabulous social media features

Another cool thing is that XNXX has social media features. Yes, you can like videos and comment on them, and be wild and creative here! You don’t need to be disrespectful, but many people get even more aroused when they read juicy comments! You can even make videos your favorite, and you have their default view that tells you what the most popular vids are. Their most popular clips are dope. These viewers do have good taste in porn, that’s for sure.

The scenes here are not very long, but you will see that they are also not that short. For example, you have scenes of 10 minutes, maybe a bit less… Some scenes are longer, some are even shorter, but when you take everything into consideration, it’s not really that bad because you have so much smut here! You can’t organize the scenes by length, so you can’t see which videos are the longest. But most free sites work like that. Big players that charge for their services let them post their short clips because they hope this way more and more viewers will be attracted.

When you refresh the main page, you will see what is currently hot, so the hottest scenes in that very moment. For example, this could be a scene with Angelina Castro, and it will pop up for you, you will see it in the 1st rows. You can always hover your mouse over to see the previews, which show a lot. You will see juicy scenes, like lesbian students messing with their teachers who can’t resist them. You will see buxom Cubans with famous stars like Sara Jay in threesomes. Expect a lot of juicy stuff like that, this is just a taste of everything you can see here.

The player and its features

Clips from DailySex last for around 10 minutes and they are pretty delicious. No matter what the host site is, every video will be played in XNXX player, and this player is amazing! So, all videos here are played in this player, and you can choose the resolution you need. Of course, this should be based on your connection, so if you are not very well-equipped regarding the internet, you will need videos of lower qualities. The player will always select you the best resolution possible, and as a member here, you will get access to those versions you can download.

What’s really cool about XNXX is that you can hop around when you open videos. So, you don’t need to wait for anything, you can skip to parts that you like the most, the ones that arouse you like nothing else. Some people will like the foreplay, others rather skip to the creampie part… If you open a video where a student is spanked and slapped on her tight little butt, you don’t need to wait for the action to start. No need to watch the boring parts, like chit chat. Just go to the part where her ass is red like an aubergine. Of course, there will be pop-ups. Some of them slip by your little Adblock app.

Another really cool thing is that you can adjust certain things here, like the video speed. If you don’t want to skip some parts, but you do need them to last shorter, this is the perfect thing for that! You will see that the player has a loop feature, and if you really like a certain part a lot, you will see it as many times as you want to. Maybe you like seeing girls being hosed with jizz, and you want that on repeat. Why not? If a player can make it happen, take advantage of it.

The issue with their tags

The lackluster tags here is easy to notice. But let’s not forget this is a free site, so they maybe can’t really pay anyone to index their sex acts meticulously. And while this is nothing bad, some scenes do deserve more tags. For example, porn stars who really do show us what a great fuck scene is, who do plenty of different things, from oral to anal sex. They deserve at least tags for these acts, and much more.   

When you have tags, it is easy to search for your porn. It’s definitely much easier than when there are no tags at all. Every site should be well-organized, and you should always be able to find blowjobs or cumshots fast, if that is something you like. Every good porn site will separate their cock sucking flicks from BDSM flicks, or other things. Here videos only have a few tags, like anal and teacher, but you will never find a video with 10 tags, which would be awesome, no?

If you have this specific pet peeve, you will hate it here because many times people who come to porn sites need particular categories and tags, to find the stuff they like the most. For example, you need blondes that like fisting, Asian hotties who are lesbians, Latina bimbos who like BBCs, public threesomes, things like that. Now, wouldn’t it be really cool if we could all find our favorite tags on the sites we like? And XNXX is a great site, people like to come here, so they could do something to improve these things.

You will still find everything you need fast

But if you are just in the mood to see whatever they have to offer, maybe you don’t even have problems with these tags. Even if you just come to the site not knowing what you want and need, in less than half a minute, you will find something exciting for you. These could be amateur videos, or porn divas who fuck professionally, or even some erotic clips from movies we like. Yes, you do have that here as well. They do have a vintage section, just like they have a section just for anal sex or drunk babes.

You have tons of tags here, even though you won’t see genre tags. If you check out their sidebar list of all their top categories, this should be interesting for you. It stretches across the entire page length. Here you will see creampie, MILF, ebony, threesome, gangbang and all that jazz. You even have some kinky categories like pissing, or family taboo. And this is actually real family taboo, so amateur who do fuck their family members, not actors who pretend to be family. The site is also great for kinksters and those folks who are into some unusual stuff.

You can click on their full list link, which is at the bottom of the page. This is the master index and you will find 2000 genres, and let’s admit it – it’s hard not to find something awesome when you have this number of genres. They even have things that other sites forget to include, like fisting, gay pornos, fishnets… They have big booties, BBCs, busty babes… But these categories make up for the lousy tag system here. What’s worse is that sometimes, certain words are misspelled. Instead of masturbation, you will find something like masterbation, which is kind of funny.

Bonus goodies

You have something very interesting in the corner of the page, and this is the ‘best of’ button, or link. When you click on it, you will head to their porno time machine. You will see videos uploaded in every single month, and this dates back to the April of 2007. Yes, the site has been around for quite a while now, but it’s not one of the oldest sites. So, maybe we don’t remember who we banged in 2007, but XNXX does remember who banged who 14 years ago. It’s pretty cool!

You will see all-time videos that are the most popular. You have pretty awesome stuff here, actually. For example, you will see nasty moms getting boned by their step sons. You will see pornstars like Mandy Flores in videos viewed for like 250M times. If a video is watched by so many people, it must be exceptional! Some videos here were viewed millions of times, and others only several hundred of times. And they even have a section for pictures, where you don’t just have screencaps, but pretty great photos that are professional and awesome.

The verdict

What else to say about one of the hottest smut sites? This site is some good shit, and no one can deny it! You will find stunning babes doing kinky and steamy things with their fuck pals, and you will see videos so good that hundreds of millions of people have seen them. You have amateurs and pornstars here, and even some erotic movie excerpts with famous hotties. XNXX is a very rich site, and you will find everything here. Even the sections here can be reviewed using many words. Have fun with it!

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