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Millions of free porn movies with the most luscious pornstars you have ever seen, a broad range of smutty categories that give you sexy ideas, flicks of major porn studios that only work with the top-notch starlets, high-quality amateur smut scenes and unlimited downloads… Is this enough? Do you need more? This can go on forever because PornHub offers all of this and more! Now, don’t be shy. Don’t pretend you don’t know about this site. Everybody knows about PornHub! In fact, this is the very first site that appears when you type smutty keywords on Google. Want to enjoy some porn? Google will give you PornHub!

PornHub is the king of all porn sites, and this is a piece of information you will find everywhere! If you check out porn directories, and you see their lists, PornHub will always be in the top 3 sites! You will see it where the free sites are, or where amateur sites are, or where the best sites are… But there is no a SINGLE directory that doesn’t have this site in one of the lists! It’s impossible! Why? Because PornHub is the BEST, most popular, richest porn site you will ever find!

PornHub is a giant, the almighty one

And it doesn’t matter if we are biased or not, even those who like other sites more must agree that PornHub is one of the best sites. No arguments to oppose that. No one can deny it, it’s just how things are. With one of the most abundant and impressive archives on the web, PornHub can be seen as one of the biggest players of the industry. This is a site people know in every country! Even those who are not allowed to watch porn probably know about PornHub! Its majesty is a site where you will find both amateur and professional content. Does that entice you? Wait to hear more!

The almighty one is actually often misspelled, even though it is very popular and everyone should know its proper name by now. People sometimes try to find it by typing PorHub, PronHub, or whatever sounds similar. But this site has existed for 14 years, and it high time all folks learned the right name. Matt Keezer is the founder of the site, but he sold it to a dude named Fabian Thylmann, and this happened three years after the site was created. PornHub is a part of the MindGeek company, and you will see this name often if you read porn site reviews. RedTube and YouPorn also belong to MindGeek, and these are all giants.

Did you know that PornHub has millions of videos? You will see this in the search box, it says 3 100 810 videos! Do you know how many videos that is?! You need many lifetimes to watch all of them! You need an aeon! If you combine it with other great porn sites, you are taken care of for this life! You can jerk off to these videos every day for hours and you will always have stuff to watch.

PornHub might not be the most popular site. This is actually shocking, considering it has the best SEO so you will always see it first on Google. Whoever wants to start with porn, they first find PornHub, and every pornoholic knows it perfectly. However, you also have Digital Playground, Brazzers, XHamster, YouPorn… This is a very long list, so let’s stop here. Other sites are even more popular, but PornHub is definitely the most loved among porn directory admins. That is why when you read PornHub reviews, you will always notice that these writers only say positive things about it.

Sure, the site has downsides. For example, you don’t really have incest porn here, and sometimes you will find duplicate videos. But, more on this later. This was always, it is and it always will be one of our favorite porn sites! Some even say the site has over 11 million videos! This info is not found on the site itself, so how do they know? But that it has millions of videos, that is certain! If not more, than definitely almost 4 million. This is quite a jaw-dropping number!

But, enough with the video number, it is pretty obvious the site has plenty of videos, we don’t need to talk about that anymore and there are more juicy things about this site you should know. First of all, did you know that every day, the site is visited by hundreds of thousands of people?! Maybe even a million of people. This is just what happens on a daily basis. Do the math, how many people is that every month? Do you know how much traffic this site has? Now, if there are so many people involved, you are probably one of them. One does not have to be a psychic to deduce this.

So, maybe you utilize the site for your forearm exercise. This is a great way you do your arm and get all the muscles! You basically get the best of both worlds – you exercise and you feel all those delightful tingly sensations, which is perfect for your health. What is the conclusion? Sites like PornHub are very healthy! Sex is healthy, fapping is healthy, swallowing cum is healthy… Wow, that means so many people should be very healthy! All the fappers, the pornstars, everyone who has sex or just masturbates inspired by these PornHub videos…

What do you think about that? How often do you come to this site? If you come every day, you will still always find something new because new stuff is uploaded all the time! Even if you say 3 100 080 videos yesterday, today you will see 3 100 083! But in such a big ocean of videos, new ones don’t mean much, right? But hey, new flicks, new names in the industry! At least that is exciting, and so many new hotties start doing porn every month!

A movie where this site appears in

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about PornHub. Maybe you do, but now we will see. This site appeared in a movie called Don John. This is a romantic comedy, with famous actors, so it was a high-budget movie. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Scarlet Johansson, Julianne Moore… You know all these actors probably! Because the site appeared in a movie like this, you can realize how loved it is! Among everyone, really! Even movie producers love the site, so they used this one, not another one, to be the site the main character visits all the time. 

The movie is about a guy who is hypersexual. He watches porn movies every day and he can’t stop fapping to them. He is not ugly, he is not alone, he has many opportunities to date and sleep with girls, and he does do that. But he needs more! That is why he just goes to PornHub and faps to these videos, even though he also sleeps with girls all the time. He has more romantic opportunities, and one of them is Scarlet Johansson’s character. As you can see, he doesn’t just get to bang babes, he gets to bang stunning babes! But this is still not enough and he needs more sex!

So, PornHub is a site we all like! Movie dudes like it, library bums, teachers, architects, singers, store clerks… Just think of a profession and put it on the list and you won’t make a mistake! Everyone loves this site, and why hide it? But who wouldn’t like the site? It has everything! So many young and mature hotties fuck horny dudes and you see the steamy scenes all the time. And since you also have amateurs here, you never know when you will encounter someone you know.

The categories – a rich list of things to see

And what makes the site so popular? Probably their categories, considering they have a massive range of them. Here you will find 100 major subgenres of porn, and you have everything from Asian and anal to old-young. Busty babes, blowjobs, BDSM, cumshots… Everything is here! The site has numerous DIY flicks, which means you have plenty of amateur porn! There are vintage movies here as well, something your grandpa would be thrilled about! Lesbian flicks, gay flicks, trannies… To be honest, when you see a site has multiple millions of videos, it would be weird if it didn’t include all these things. Now, if you like public sex and cartoon porn, you will find everything here. 

For kinksters, you have fetish and bondage sections, so even if you have a strange sexual fantasy, try to find it here. Pornstars play with wax, sex toys, handcuffs, whips, they blindfold fuck pals and get blindfolded, there is a lot of hair pulling, spanking, spitting, cock sharing, all types of threeways, fourways, doggy banging… Literally, just think of something and let the category section lead you there! It’s impossible not to find what you like.

But if you remember what was said above, the site also comes with some downsides. For example, they don’t have incest porn at all, so no taboo categories, no themes that are very popular today, like family porn. No mom-son banging, sister-brother, dad-daughter, nothing! Even when you try to find something, and you type incest in the search bar, nothing will happen. Not even step family porn. They also don’t have pee videos, and this is a shame because if a site has millions of flicks, how come that these two categories are not included? But let’s not be picky! There are plenty of things here to enjoy!

Depravity and kinks you will only see here

So, PornHub offers a wide range of depravity, perversion you won’t see on every site. They have vanilla sex lovers and kinksters, and they have pornstars who are professionals, just like amateur hotties! You will see babes of all body types here, all ethnicities, all countries… Do you need a skanky tranny who fucks because she needs money? A soccer milf mommy who has some spare time so she finds herself a fucker to make this free time enjoyable? Girls who suck many cocks a day? Ebony hotties who experiment with white boners? You have everything!

You will find videos where skinny babes are being choked with fat boners, but you also have fat ladies whose curves keep bouncing as they are having their twats fucked in doggy position. You never know what you will find here! You have mutual friends who meet two people, and then these two get naked and dirty! As of recently, they have even started adding some step family porn! You still don’t have step porn where the categories are, but maybe this will change in the near future.

Pornstars like Mia Khalifa also appear here. You have babes that are known less and more, older and younger porn divas we all like! Want some delicious pornstar videos? You are lucky, amigo, because all the sexiest girls are here! You don’t just have pornstars, you also have them ranked by popularity. You have tons of free pornos, videos of all the girls you like to fap to, and if you want to, you can subscribe to her channel. Some of these girls have hundreds of videos! But do they really? Or are these duplicates? Some of them haven’t been around for that long. If a babe is still several months new, how can she have hundreds of videos? She can’t! It’s a duplicate!

So, if you see that Mia Khalifa has, like 5000 videos, you will know this is not true because she is still relatively new. But how do they make 5000 videos out of 20? This is something that baffles everyone. So, if a site has so many duplicates, does that mean you have fewer videos than they promise? This is something that is confusing.

Video player and categories

They have a great video player, that is definitely something you will notice. It has category tags and you will know what action happens when. This is perfect because you don’t need to watch everything, especially the parts you find boring. For example, some people just hate foreplay. If this is the most boring part for you, just skip to the steamy part! You know, pussy drilling and assplay, or whatever gets you going. Some people just like the cumshot part. Why waste time on the boring scenes when you can only see the best one, something that makes you cum?

They also offer that slow-motion feature, so you can see the messiest, the sexiest, the steamiest moments in slow motion. This is super slow motion, and you have a built-in playback speed control. This video player you will find on PornHub is actually very advanced and it has many features, and it’s not too basic like on many smut sites. You can choose any resolution you want, and you have VR porn. The more you exlore the site, the more you will see how exceptional it is. As a big player, it needs to offer something unique not to disappoint people.

Some sites don’t have them, others have a few, but PornHub has social media features you will like. You can like what you find the best, comment on videos, share the things you want others to see… You can even dislike something, like on Facebook. Why not inform someone what video got you off? Your grandma will be happy to know! Even some pay sites are not so advanced, and don’t forget this is just a free tube. Yet, this free tube is full of surprises and you have more goodies than you would expect.

Final thoughts

If you check out the community tab, you will see the members of the site, who is online, who was online a moment ago, who is active and who is not. You can even send private messages to other site’s users. And hey, you never know when you will meet your perfect fuck pal! Here the people are probably open-minded and sexual, so you might meet someone who will want to meet you in person and sleep with you. And here’s something exotic! You can upload your own smutty scenes, and earn money! Yes, amateur models here can earn up to $40 000! Of course, this money is for the best models! Can you be one of them?

Now, let’s conclude! PornHub is definitely a biggie, and a site everyone knows about. It even appears in movies, for fuck’s sake! This tells you how awesome it is! You can even earn money if you upload your own stuff, which sounds enticing, no? Who wouldn’t want 40 000 bucks a month? And if you just want to be a member of the site, premium members pay 10 bucks a month. Or just enjoy the site for free!

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