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When you feel like watching a porn video, what is the first site that comes to mind? Do you think of PornHub? RedTube? Brazzers? Or perhaps, XVideos? Whichever name comes first, there are no surprises here. PornHub, RedTube, Brazzers, XVideos? All these sites are huge! These are the biggest players of the industry, the porn names everyone knows! But today we will focus on one of these gigantic behemoth sites, OK? This review will be dedicated to XVideos, and we all know this is one of the sites that offer an impressive archive of not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of videos! You probably already know a lot about this place, but maybe there are things you simply missed, so you can read about them here!

XVideos is a biggie, and we all know it!

So, this is one of the largest websites in the world. At least porn sites. Several years ago, in 2018 precisely, it was actually the 43rd most visited site in the entire world! Do you know how many people visit this site every month? Prepare to be shocked! 1.6 billion! 1.6 BILLION visits every single month! Do you know what that means? This is not a small number! This is not 1600 people, not 16000 people, not 160000 people… The number exceeds a billion! Billion! This is more than the sixth part of the world… We don’t even know how to count to this number! So, what does this tell you? They must do something well. Would they be so huge if they didn’t?

So, with so many visitors, just imagine the amount of jizz getting wasted every single day! Sperm banks must be jealous because so many babies could be created out of this! Young jerkers, mature and old jerkers, Latino jerkers, chocolate jerkers, lady jerkers… Are you one of these jerkers? The chances are pretty high you are!

So, did you know that this site was launched in 2007? Yes, it has been around for 14 years already, which means it is old… Well, not really one of the oldest sites, but definitely old and reputable, partly because of all these years of uploading great porn! The owner of the site is a French dude, and his name is Stephane. This name sounds pretty exotic, no? So, this dude created the website that we now know as XVideos, and it is definitely one of the most famous names for those who belong to this porn world circle. You are not a real slut until you appear on XVideos!

What’s really cool about this whole Stephane story, and something you may like, is the fact that this bro never wanted to sell his little site to anyone! You know how most site owners do that? They sometimes earn millions because of the site they created, and then someone else wants that domain. But not Stephane! He is not a gold digger, not someone who is interested in moolah! He was offered a large amount of money, but he still refused. It’s only something you can respect… Or maybe mock? Depends on how much you are drawn to big sums of money!

A famous site with its famous simple layout

So, because XVideos is such a huge site and a big player every person knows about, this whole introduction is not even necessary. But still, it’s always good to be praised, right? So, this little platform is famous, appreciated by so many people out there, so many jerkers who simply like spending time enjoying these smutty videos! They even claim they are the best free porn site! What do you think about that? It is definitely in the top 10, but is it number one? This is something people will not agree on. Everyone will think differently, and someone will say PornHub is the best, someone will choose a pay site like Naughty America… But the truth is that all these sites are great and they bring something unique to the table.

But let’s face it, even when a site is really good, it never comes with pros only. The best sites also have downsides and things people might like less. What is the story here? What is good and what is bad?

Let’s start with the design! It is iconic, simply iconic! Why has this site gathered so much fame? There must be a reason for that. While you are trying to put your finger on it, here you will get info that you need – their homepage is everything! It’s pretty simple, actually, and when you enter the site, you will see that there is nothing unusual about it. It is plain, minimalistic, maybe too simple for some folks… You will see all those thumbnails scattered all over the main page, and perhaps this is what attracts so many site’s visitors! After all, thumbnails is that thing that makes us want to click on an image and open that video.

So, you will see gorgeous girls, of all ages, ethnicities, body types… When a site is large and abundant, you can always expect diversity. It is delicious, with so many hotties spreading their legs ready for their pussies to be stretched out. And they will be! With so many nasty dick suckers, this is bound to happen. You will see babes play with boners, ride them, suck them… Babes from different cities, countries, babes who look amazing, who look average… But one thing is for sure – there is a little bit of something for everyone here.

Thumbnails and previews that will grab your attention

So, the very first thing you will notice are all the thumbnails, and here you have the most delicious parts of the site. Well, the thumbnails must be juicy because if they weren’t, who would click on them? They are well-organized on the main page and you will see things like the number of views, or what channel that is. If you like long flicks, here you will see the duration of all sites. But what you really want to know is that the previews here are what’s so appealing!

What’s cool about this site is that you have these previews that will help you choose what video to open. It’s really exciting because you will see the steamiest parts of the video before you even open it! You will see babes sucking cocks, having their twats drilled with throbbing dicks, you will see cumshots, creampie moments and much more. In fact, you won’t even know what to open first because all these scenes look so tempting, with super-sexy babes who just want to have fun by fucking hard.

So, did you know that this Xvideos player is actually one of the best ones, and most popular ones in the world? With this neat little design and all the great features, having such a good video player is a big plus! Some sites have many ads, but here you won’t have these problems. There will be no ads, no annoying parts, nothing that looks flashy, trashy, no redirects… Why is this so good? With most porn sites, you have lousy players that bombard you with ads all the time! You want to rewind a little – you must see an ad! Want to pause the video? An ad! Another ad! Another ad! 

No ads, a great user experience!

Because this is a site that knows how to make its visitors happy, so you won’t find ads and things that are bad here, it deserves to be praised a lot! Today it’s not only important to have remarkable content. It’s also important to have good navigation tools, an easy and user-friendly interface, HD videos, no ads… This is a site that has so many goodies and people keep coming back here because of that! You won’t only find great content here, you will find something for everyone’s taste. Does that make you interested?

If you want to use XVideos, you can create an account here. This won’t take long and you don’t need to put much of your info. Everyone who creates their account here will be pleased, that’s for sure! They promise faster streaming services, and this is worth it. With this account, you won’t really have many perks and benefits, and you will have the same features like other users have. If you don’t want to have an account here on XVideos, you can still use all their community features and have fun with everything this site has to offer.

When you think about it, most porn sites are the same. They pretty much offer the same things, horny girls and pals who get together, get naked and start fucking. You can also expect all that here. You will see hotties, they will go horny, start stripping, get naked, get their knees dirty… There will be a lot of dick sucking, pussy licking, kissing, spitting, moaning… Nothing here is different than on other sites that are also huge in this industry. But not all sites get to be famous like XVideos. Why is this one so popular? Could it be that it has millions of videos? Lusty pornstars? Great interface? Maybe a little bit of everything!

Why not create your account and enjoy the perks?

When you feel like creating an account, here is what you need to know! Everything is pretty simple, like really simple. You have to give them your email, your username, password – the basics. If you don’t agree to their terms of service and these things, you won’t be able to use the site and they will reject you, but you know this. And what’s important, the process is free and everything here is free! You don’t need to pay anything for this site, just come to the main page and enjoy! The experience will be user-friendly, you will find it enjoyable, and very steamy. 

And do you like uploading your own stuff on a site? You know, sexy stuff on a porn site? Because if you do, you can do it here! You can upload your own materials, if you have pics where you are nude, or you revealed a certain part of you, like your cock or your tits. Many users upload their photos and clips every single day, so you will see a lot of delicious user-uploaded content. Even though this is amateur content, you will be surprised how much of it is actually HD. Some of these videos posted by amateurs are even better than professional pornstar flicks! Well, maybe this is not true, but it’s almost as good. But why wouldn’t this be the case? Not many people today can say their camera is not good. People use iPhones, great androids with stellar cameras, and they can produce stellar porn videos, like professional studios do. It’s pretty exciting! And now we can see all that on sites like XVideos!

Does the site offer community features?

Most sites offer many remarkable community features. What kind of a porn site would that be if it didn’t have all these great features people like? You can rate, comment on videos, add your favorite stuff and create your own collection…This is pretty handy because you can save your best videos and enjoy them at any time! When a site is so large, and the archive is gargantuan, this is the only way you find something you liked! You don’t need to type keywords and try to think of the name of the video. You just go to this favorite corner and find all the goodies you saved for later!

When you make your playlists, they can be private or not. Why not allow others to see them and use them as well? Public playlists will attract you potential fuck mates, or just pen pals. You will meet like minds who also cherish the things you do, because if you like the same videos, you probably have something in common. After all, the fact that you are on the same site already shows you have something in common. This is a cool way to make friends! Horny, kinky friends, but friends are friends! You can even chat with people… Do you have the need to chat on XVideos? Perhaps it’s a bit weird. But hey, the feature is here and that is what matters!

No categories, just tags

One more thing, though. The site doesn’t really have categories, which is probably weird. If not weird, it’s definitely surprising. The page has like 10 million videos! It’s a little bit shocking that these videos aren’t organized by categories, no? They do have tags, though. If you want to find something specific, you can always use tags because they are very helpful. Expect the standard ones – blonde, busty, redhead, big ass, blowjob, assplay, stocking, etc. Some of them are more popular, of course. If you click on the blowjob tag, this section will open for you.

Once you choose your tag, you will find all the videos belonging to this category, or theme. If you choose squirting, you will see many videos where babes squirt, which is pretty tempting. If you choose blonde, there will be millions of videos with Goldilocks. Basically, anything you choose is fun to explore! And because the site is so big, you will always have content to fap to!

With so many videos, you will need many lifetimes to finish everything here! Just imagine this – you have at least 20 million videos. Some videos last for a minute, others are compilations and they run for three hours! but let’s use this smaller number. 20 million times one minute! It’s 20 million minutes! How many years of jerking off is that?! You will definitely have years and years to enjoy the site, and it will probably bore you at one point because these things do get old. Maybe later you will want something kinkier, or stranger, or more bizarre.

Even though the site is pretty simple, and you don’t have many features, some things here are exceptional. For example, did you know that XVideos can be viewed in other languages? Indian, Chinese, Spanish… They also have German, Czech, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, and more. Not every language is included, but many are, which is impressive and definitely a huge plus! What do you think about that? What is your native language? You can also shut the lights off.

The overview

So, XVideos is a site that has much to offer, and you know it already because you probably spend a lot of time here! With almost 2 billion visitors on certain months, we can all see that the site is amazing! The features are great, the content is perfect, the girls are sexy, you have many languages… What’s not to like here? They also offer community features and you can meet people who share your kinks. But this is a vanilla site, and you won’t see bizarre things here. What do you think about all that?  

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