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Have you ever heard of a network where you have these four sites – PornerBros, PornTube, 4Tube and Fux? All of these sites are exceptional, and the whole network is everything we need from a porn platform, and do you want to know what the best part is? The whole network is free! Yes, you have HD porn on these sites, so many stellar flicks you will find pretty arousing and fap-worthy, and you don’t even need to pay a dime! When we have so many goodies for free, you almost feel sorry about not paying. After all, they try hard to give us something we like a lot, and they ask for nothing in return. How generous are they?

Yes, you will see a couple of ads on these sites, but nothing that will make you mad or annoyed. Every free porn site has ads, at least 99% of them. This is nothing new and you shouldn’t be irritated by them. They are generous, so why not let them earn a few bucks from these ads? After all, we get free HD porn for 0 dollars, so what if we need to watch a few ads? It’s not the end of the world. This is the least we can do, isn’t it?

Sometimes these free sites are so unbelievable, and you can’t even believe they are the compliments of the house! This is because some of them are even better than pay sites! Some pay sites are nothing compared to Fux and the whole network, not just because of the content, but because of other things as well, like the site’s layout and all the features. In fact, even though you pay for nothing here, you will feel like you paid hundreds or thousands of dollars, just because the experience is that good! 

Fux is a free site full of surprises

The site has a little bit of everything. Porn stars, porn deals, channels, HD content, great navigation tools… What else do you even need? All of this sounds enticing, and maybe these porn deals are the most inviting because who doesn’t like stumbling upon a few discounts? Mostly premium sites help us find some awesome porn deals, but Fux is a free site where you will see discounts of 50%, and even more. Of course, these deals keep changing, so maybe today you will find a deal for Brazzers – 50% off, and in two days, you will find the same deal, but for Mofo. With this network, you will always find some tempting deals!

Accessing Fux is very easy and available to everyone! You just have to press some keys and voila – you are using it! The site oozes things like awesomeness, and you will see that when you come to the main page. This is a world or explicit fuck flicks, all hardcore. There are loads and loads of them, and before everything else, you can choose straight, shemale of gay content. It is very convenient because these three sections are separate, so that everyone can focus on what they like the most. Every site should have this characteristic, it would be so much easier!

Once you choose your type of content, you have navigation tools that will help you find what you need next. You have the standard sorting options, like the most viewed videos, the ones that were recently uploaded, and more. In the sea of all these great things, you will also see categories and porn stars, and to some, these two things will be the most appealing. These are the two most exciting tabs on every site. It is where we spend the most of our time.

A remarkable site with the best channels

So, what happens when you set your foot on this site called Fux, one of the most awesome sites ever? The site pretty much screams classic, because everything here is so classic and elegant. It’s a classic free tube for porn, where you have all the channels like Perv City, Digital Playground, and every other site you like and that it gives you goosebumps. This is going to be a bumpy ride, and you see if from the start! Sites like Fux are remarkable, and here is why!

The design here at Fux is simply astounding. Everything is where it should be because they are pretty organized and all their navigation tools are easily found. There are no inaccessible elements, it is not a chaotic platform that is too complex and complicated, it is complex enough, but with nothing flashy or distracting, not even too many ads. You even have the two models to view the site: night and day. Of course, the night gives you that awesome dark design. Nothing too bright. If you prefer bright designs, you should choose the day model.

The navigation here is pretty amazing, and all the links work perfectly and you have well-placed tabs. Their pages load quickly, so whoever did the web design and whoever the developer was, they did a fantastic job! They have an advanced search box, where you can type anything you want to find something specific. This is the most specific you can go, and you can literally type 5 or 6 words and you have a chance to find what you are looking for. They have a satisfying number of categories, awesome playlists, porn stars, channels… But the fact that you can switch between shemale, gay and straight content already tells a lot!

The content here is even better that you might expect

When you hear that a site is a free porn tube, you don’t really expect high-quality content. Most free tubes are full of grainy videos, scenes that you can’t even enjoy because they are lame, not visible enough. But not here on Fux! These videos here are better than everyone expects them to be. The site is pretty diverse, with over 200k fuck streams you can enjoy at any time. You have the incredible HD quality, but you can enjoy this porn even with internet problems. You have all the qualities, from 360p to 1080p. The site has a playback, which is beautiful. You can like and dislike the content, make videos your favorite, comment on them… All these features are pretty impressive here!

Just their video player has a lot of impressive features. You will see that when you open a video here. You can subscribe to a channel, comment on the video and see other comments, you can add whatever you like and of course, download any video you want. Below all that, you have recommended videos, and these are the ones the most similar ones.

If you like blowjobs and blondes who perform them, you will open a video that will give you that, and below where the recommended and related videos are, you will either see more blowjobs, or more blondes. You can also see the same pornstars, or just the same and similar acts. And if you check out the section below this ‘related videos’ part, you will see Fux’s friends! Here you have even more sites and even more videos. The bottom of the page is for the usuals, and you have a tiny Twitter button, if you want to follow them on this social media network!

What about the categories here?

The site has 36 categories at this moment, and these are the usuals, like teen, amateur, anal, creampie, hardcore, Asian, big dick, big tits, BBW and more. These are the most popular categories, but you have even more incredibly sexy ones. These things help you to narrow down your searches, and it’s significant. If you don’t care about the categories, you can just use the search feature and find whatever you want fast. It’s maybe even easier that way.

Apart from categories, you also have tags. These tags are also exceptional and you will find them handy on this behemoth tube. Since the tube is so big, you need to have these helpful features, or you wouldn’t be able to get your bearings. You have tags like facial, blonde and brunette, redhead, doggy style, cowgirl, threesome, and so on. This is one of the most useful things on the site and you will like it, and it’s cool how you can always see the most popular searches. The titles here are also not bad, and they sum up everything that happens in a video.

If you check out the ‘porn stars’ section here, you will see that it is flaming hot. You have all these hottest babes, everyone who is a stunner in this industry. You have more than 6 thousand straight porn stars, and around 230 gay stars, but only 5 t-girls. This is such a small number of ladyboys, but that is the math. They only have a few of them, for some reason. Shemales are always fewer than other pornstars, but no one knows why here you only have five of them. No matter what section you choose, the videos here are awesome!

Subscribing to porn stars

You can stream and download the content from this section as much as you want. If you subscribe to them, you will always be updated about the new uploads. Whenever there are new videos, you will be the first to know, and they add videos to the collection all the time. You even have birth dates of porn stars and the number of views, and this is something they have accumulated over the time. You can always see the youngest porn stars because their content is always good. All models here look young, but you will see that some of them display plenty of experience in riding dicks, sucking and all that jazz.

The site has a gargantuan collection of channels. They have almost 2000 channels, which is quite an imposing number! These are all leading producers in our favorite industry. You have sites like Brazzers, and this is probably the most popular channel because it has the biggest number of subscriptions. You will see that this channel has around 9000 videos, and only Fux HD has like 14k of them. Using this filter of channels is pretty amazing, but did you know that even when you choose a channel here, you have even more filters? You can find anything here! Use the filters and your favorite content is just a few clicks away!

It is very easy to subscribe to a channel, did you know it? Just find your favorite and click on it. You have so many different themes here, they wanted everyone to find something they really like. Just hit the button when you find your favorite theme, and voila – you are now a member and you will get the notifications. You will see that all channels here have a description, and it is short, but enough to learn the most important things about it. It can be pretty helpful. However, some channels stopped updating, and they haven’t done it in a while.

Making your playlists here

This is a site where you can make your playlist. Every user can do it, and you can use videos that belong to the straight, shemale or gay content. Most playlists here are created by using porn stars, tags, channels and categories. Most playlists here have over 500 videos. Some of them have several thousands of videos, but these are mostly straight playlists. Just imagine that – what do you think, how long will it take for you to see all the clips here? Even if they were all 2-minute long, it is still a lot of fap-worthy material! It takes hours to see all that.  

If you are really that horny, maybe you will only need several days to exploit all the content. Some people are simply that horny and they like spending time on smut sites more than anything else! They are here every day, watching all these playlists! And these playlists are heaven-sent, you know? You get the best scenes without doing anything.

Going premium and upgrading to FuxHD?

Just like many other great tubes, Fux also has its premium version. This one is called FuxHD, and it is incredible, just something we all need! As you can see, all the flicks here are stellar, of the best quality! It is even better than Fux, and who cares about a few pop-ups here and there? But wait… FuxHD has no ads and pop-ups! That’s right! This is a completely ad-free experience, and all the videos are captivating, each having a very creative storyline. If you want to see the site first without paying the total price, you have the option to use the site for two days for a dollar. Then you have 30 bucks for 30 days, and 100 bucks for 6 months.    

Now, we have already talked about porn deals. These are the deals that will help you find premium sites for less money. Instead of paying 30 bucks for a month on Brazzers, you can pay 15 dollars, and sometimes even less if you are really lucky and find the best offering! These sites are sometimes pretty generous, offering a 75% discount. You have a lot of sites here. Don’t be a fool take advantage of these deals!

The best parts of the site

Fux is one of those sites that have everything. You will like it here, there are no things that will bother you. They have incredible content, a lot of very helpful features and navigation tools, and so much more. But is there something to like the most here? They really go to extreme lengths to give us phenomenal, mind-blowing porn for free! They have it all – the categories, a lot of the tags, the hottest porn stars, all the hot channels we adore, the playlists… It’s blissful here!

And is there something bad about the site? Actually, yes. The site is not uploading new content anymore. It has been like that for a while. No one knows why. This is such a great and successful site, why stop with the updates? Thy were once frequent, now they haven’t posted anything new for quite some time. So, this is the only flaw. It can be a big one, for those who always like new content. What do you think about it? And here’s a suggestion – start uploading again! Add 4, 5 flicks weekly, if not daily. There is so much content on the web. It can’t be that they don’t have enough of content to work with.

The verdict

So, Fux is a terrific site with only one flaw. They no longer update the platform. What is going on? We want this site to work, to keep giving us great smut all the time! It is perfect. From organization and navigation tools to the remarkable content, you will see everything you like here. And it’s a part of a network, with even more sites with awesome fuck flicks! Pure perfection!

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