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What is special about a porn site called Hard Sex Tube? Is it a good site or not? What can you find here? This review will answer all these questions, and more. Today you will learn something about a tube called Hard Sex Tube, another popular smut site with plenty of delicious smut flicks. This is a site that everyone should know about because it is pretty great, and it is one of the better tubes. You probably know sites like XVideos, PornHub, Motherless, PornTube, Porn.com… These are all exceptional free tubes for those who are true porn addicts, and if you haven’t heard of some of them before, now it’s your chance to check them out. You won’t be disappointed. But Hard Sex Tube is the site that is as good as these ones, but maybe fewer people know about it.

You will see many porn sites in your life, especially if you are a sex addict and you can’t go a day without fapping. And why not? Fapping is heathy, people feel better and they become more sexually open, especially when you check out all these porn sites. Yes, the things you will see are dirty, but they are also inspiring, flaming hot, enjoyable… and they set you free!

One of the best sites that are free porn tubes

Hard Sex Tube can take the medal because it’s a great site that gives the visitors everything they need! This is one of the top porn sites, even though people mostly stick to PornHub because it appears right away when you want to search for some good porn. Hard Sex Tube will not appear on the SERP immediately, it takes time to find a site like this, but if you read directories, you will know this is a great site that deserves a lot of attention. But why? You will now see!

Have you ever read a list of the best 100 porn sites? Hard Sex Tube is actually one of them, it is on the list! If that is the case, it must mean that the site has a lot to offer. And it does… You will have millions of videos here, and categories that you can choose from. You have both amateurs and professionals, and you have a lot of raw pussy drilling sessions. And ass drilling sessions. That’s right! If you wonder about this amateur content, you have real life couples who film themselves having sex and they upload their stuff so that everyone can see it. This is a user-submitted content, so it’s pretty genuine and amazing.

As the name suggests, this is a site where you have plenty of hard sex scenes! There are no softcore BS scenes, just hardcore fuck flicks that will make you stiff in a second. The babes here do wild things, and couples really go wild so they try out different sexy and kinky things.  This is a site you will also see on other big tubes because they sometimes take videos from HST and share them on their platform. For example, if you go to PornHub, you will find Hard Sex Tube videos there. It’s pretty awesome!

Rogue and all over the place, but kind of nice

The site is a little bit all over the place, which means that when you visit it, you won’t even know what to do first because you have everything here! You won’t know where to head to first, what to click on, but everything looks well-organized and it is actually one of the better-looking tubes. They don’t really have a very creative logo, it’s pretty bland and underwhelming, but if you focus on how their design looks like, there is nothing here not to like. They used the black color, with a little bit of white, purple and red.

Maybe you like sites that are all over the place. They are rogue, with no structure. These sites are little wanderers of the porn universe, that can’t be compared to big players who take care of everything, even the design and organization. But Hard Sex Tube looks pretty good, and it’s not too different than most free tubes. When you enter the main page, you will probably have a positive first impression. You have all these hot thumbnails and great navigation tools that are there to make things easier for everyone.

So, like on pretty much every site, their home page is abundant with all the thumbnails that look tempting. These are thumbs, hashtags and videos you can enjoy here, and they are all placed to help you find everything fast. You will see that you have three options here – you can choose tags, webcams and videos. No matter what you want to see, everything is pretty hot. Mostly, these webcams don’t really work on most sites, but if you click on the webcams here, you will go to Live Jasmin. Yes, they are affiliated with Live Jasmin, which is an exceptional live sex site with the hottest cam girls.

This webcam corner, is it good?

Now, since Live Jasmin is a part of this experience, there will be more words on it here, is that OK? So, this is a reputable site, something you must have heard of if you tend to visit webcam sites often or sometimes. This is a widely known site, not just because of the great content, but also because of the alluring chicks and male models, and because they even have a great interface. They kind of took care of everything so that we could have memorable experiences here. Of course, this is a free site as long as you don’t want to have private shows. For these things, you need to tip the babes and the more generous you are, the better experiences you will have because babes really go wild when they receive money and gifts.

The babes here are pretty approachable, and they will do everything in their power to make you feel good. They need you to be relaxed, they want you to unwind and unzip, sit back and forget about the world for a moment. It is all about your pleasure, and the babes find it amusing to do these things that make you horny.

One of the reasons why kinksters and fappers like this webcam corner is because the babes are friendly and open to experiments. If you want to be a member of Live Jasmin, it is free and you can always watch free shows, but if you decide to pay, you will have perks that members who don’t pay won’t have. Private shows must be paid for because these models need to earn their coin. However, even these prices are reasonable, so you shouldn’t break a bank to enjoy the shows. Certain sites offer free credits, but you need to know how to find these discounts and free opportunities.

More about the three menu items here

The design of Hard Sex Tube is something you will like because the top of the page is reserved for their not that creative logo, the search bar and the three menu items – videos, tags and webcams. If you choose the videos, you will see their collection, which is pretty awesome and extensive.

If you choose their tags, you will be pleasantly surprised to see they have a little bit of everything, so something for everyone. From the most basic things like anal and blowjobs to some phrases that you don’t really see on other smut sites – they will have you covered, your needs will be satisfied here without any doubt. This is one of those sites that might look simple, but when you start exploring it you see that the content is so rich and flaming hot, you don’t even need anything else from the site. You will spend a lot of time exploring these tags.

The webcams is a tab that will lead you to Live Jasmin, and now you know how it is going to look like. What you don’t know is that Live Jasmin is one of the longest running platforms for these purposes. It’s impossible not to find your dream girl here, especially because you have ladies from all over the world. You can find Latinas, ebony babes, Asian hotties… And why not experiment with all of them? Why only focus on one type of a girl when you can have a blast with everyone here? The babes here do want to make you happy. You can really be very creative. After all, if you give them money, they will give you your satisfaction that you deserve.

The shows here can be vanilla and pretty kinky. This is a very busy, busy site. Also, it’s competitive. The babes here compete who is the most popular, and because of that, they really do wild things. They will do everything for your attention, and you can take advantage of that, but always be respectful and kind. You don’t need to insult anyone or show any sings of disrespect. If the models are professionals, you can also be someone who knows how to behave.

The videos and their organization

If you like sites where videos are randomly scattered, and they are everywhere on the page, you will definitely like Hard Sex Tube. What does this mean? Does it look bad? No, that is not the problem here. It all looks amazing, actually, but what you will notice fast is that the videos here don’t really have titles. This can be pretty weird because we are used to sites that have titles as well, and this is what partly tempts us. When we see a steamy title, we want to open that video more. What’s not burning hot about this: A hottie with large melons decides to suck off an ebony stud? Yeap, when we see titles like this, we want to open the flicks and see every part of the act, and this is even better when we can see previews.

 So, why is this actually worse than it sounds? Imagine this, you come to HST and you find an awesome video, one of the hottest things you have ever seen! So, it was a buxom redhead who likes it in the ass, so she receives the most phenomenal ass fuck ever! She screams and squirts and she is ready for her cumshot. Creampie. Whatever you like. She is so slutty and sexy, she even licks the jizz and she is insanely turned on. You want to see this again. But how? You can’t really find this video because the videos here are titleless. 

It’s unbelievable! What site doesn’t have video titles? So, you need to open and open videos again and again, pray to god to find this specific video you liked the most and there is no way you will ever find it again in the sea of all these fish! This is why you should maybe save the URL of the video, but most people will forget something like that. 

Will their watermark spoil the fun?

Yes, maybe they don’t have titles, which is not the worst thing, right? They also don’t have video filters. This can be good and bad, depends on who watches the videos. The videos have a watermark, though. It goes across the screen, so you won’t be able to enjoy the action fully because this watermark will always make it impossible for you.

And are all these videos legal? Some of them are pretty iffy, so you don’t really know what to expect. Hopefully, everything here is legal and we are not doing anything bad. Some of the performers seem really young, and what about those rape scenes? You have a lot of escorts here, and Snapchat bitches, if this is something you like to watch. Escort ladies are known for their skills in bed… or on the floor, or whatever. The videos are pretty tempting and delicious, so you will never be bored. In fact, this is definitely one of the best sites if we focus on the content.

You have some brutal scenes here, and they are all hardcore. Sometimes babes get raped, sometimes they get brutally face fucked, they are in threesomes, foursomes, you have double penetration scenes… It’s pretty amazing to see all these things. Buxom monsters get down and dirty to suck dudes off, then they receive cumshots on their busts. You have teens and milfs, trannies, ebony sugars, Asian hotties… The site does offer diversity, but there are sites that are even more diverse. Still, you will find things that you like the most here.

Other features

Their search bar is working fine, though. This is terrific! But how does it work? When you start typing, you will be offered a hashtag, and you need to use these hashtags to find what you need. You will go to a line of vids for that particular hashtag. For example, if you type something like redhead anal pain, you will find nothing because you need something better defined, something that is a hashtag. You will definitely find anal videos, redhead videos, but maybe you won’t find pain. You will probably need some time to get used to this system, but it’s not bad at all.

They do have a lot of great tags, so you will be able to find specific kinks and stuff only you like. Well, there are so many people. You cannot be the only one who likes a certain thing. Let’s say you like cage BDSM scenes. Even though not everyone likes it, there will still be many people who share this kink with you. You can experiment with these tags, try to find specific stuff like cage BDSM and similar. The more you experiment and get to know the site, the more amusing it will be.

So, Hard Sex Tube is an orphan site. It is not a part of a network, it is not a part of something bigger… It’s a little wanderer that is trying to find its place in this porn universe, so don’t expect much. You won’t have bonus sites and the content from other tubes and things like that. That is why not many people know about this site like they know about PornHub and other giants. But this is a cute little site with flaming hot content, and you don’t want to waste this opportunity to check it out.

The verdict

Perhaps the site doesn’t work perfectly. Maybe not everything here is phenomenal, and the fact that they don’t really have titles proves it. However, it’s a great hardcore site where you will find delicious scenes. This is an amateur site in general, but you do have some porn stars that appear here. If you go to the webcam tab, you will be redirected to Live Jasmin, which is another great and legit site with cam girls. What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?

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