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Another giant of the porn universe that belongs to MindGeek. If you like porn a lot, you probably already know this name. It’s huge! This is a free tube, but not one of those lousy tubes where you have grainy videos, low-quality clips and only homemade stuff that is not even full-length and well-defined. If you type smutty keywords on Google, you will find so many great free porn sites, like PornHub, RedTube, XVideos, XHamster… And these sites are not much different. Some of them have better-looking designs, some of them are simply more appealing because of other things. But all of these sites are the kings of the porn world!

So, YouPorn is one of these kings and they rule together. After all, if one site is exceptional, that doesn’t make another site less good, no? So, even though PornHub and XVideos are really popular, YouPorn is as well and many people will spend more time here than on some other sites. That is because this one has a lot to offer, and SEO is also good so the site is very highly positioned! When you want porn, you will probably see this title among the first several results. And what is this the case? You will now find out!

720p flicks on YouPorn, all for free!

Everyone likes a site where they can download and stream videos, and it’s even better when these videos are in 720p! Also, YouPorn offers all its porn for free! No membership plans, no credit card info, join now buttons, just a lot of porn! You have a large selection of categories, and these categories are so tempting, and you have free features on a hot-looking interface. The fact that even the mobile experience is remarkable makes things even better! As you can see, the review has just started, and the site already has so much to give us!

And when you do want to go to this site, don’t type Uporn, as some other people do. For some reason, many people misspell these porn sites, and they are so simple to memorize! YouPorn is actually a cool name – you have porn and you, and what else do you even need?? Since it is so simple to remember, even if you don’t bookmark this site, you will know how to go back there. And when you do go there, plenty of salacious girls are waiting for you, ready to get banged and swallow some jizz. Did you know swallowing jizz is healthy? Pornstars might be the heathiest babes alive!

YouPorn is not a weird site. There are no strange videos here, nothing disturbing, nothing shocking. They are pretty normal, and you can expect a lot of vanilla content. No ropes, chastity cages, torture, humiliation… But you do have hormone-crazed teens who can’t stop thinking about sex! Because they think about sex so much, they always find someone lucky to fuck, and then videos are made! As long as there are horny teens and young folks, we will always have smut videos to enjoy on sites like Youporn! In fact, with YouPorn you hit the jackpot!

No money, the only thing you spend here is your time

YouPorn is a site that is a household name, like PornHub and Brazzers. Of course, there are more sites, but you get the point. This is a site everyone knows about, and maybe your family members won’t really admit it to you (why would they?), but they probably spend plenty of spare time here! But friends are different. If you live in a country where people are sexually open and allowed these things, you can chat with your friends about porn divas on YouPorn! If you don’t live in a free country and you live somewhere where sex is still seen as a sin, you probably need to hide your activities on the site. But whatever the case is, you know about the site and you have probably been here at least once!

What you should know about this place is that this is a free tube, completely free and everyone can use it, even broke people. You don’t need money, no credit card info, no Paypal – just come to the site and enjoy the flicks. But what’s interesting here is that even though the site is free, there are 720p videos you can watch, just like on premium sites. So, the site boasts videos of high quality, and it has been around since 2005. It’s one of the oldest sites, and you can bet they had plenty of time to collect an amazing collection of videos! Every month, 400 million people view the site! What does this tell you? It’s not 4 million people, which would still be impressive. It’s almost half a billion people, and do you know how big this number is?! You are most definitely one of these people, there’s no way you don’t belong to this 400-million group!

A well-organized and cohesive interface

The site looks pretty good! It’s sleek, cohesive, definitely sexy! Now, if you see a lot of smut sites, you know how most of them look like. After seeing so many of them, the layout pretty much becomes too familiar. They mostly use black background, but these are free tubes. Premium sites like bright colors and brighter palettes. But YouPorn has white and pink. It’s very easy on the eyes, and this organization looks so neat. Everything is where it should be.

Nothing here looks messy or out of order. The menu bar is where all sites put it – it stretches across the top of the page. This is a thin banner that is colorless, so you only have words that are grey, and these are videos, categories, live sex, fuck now, live cams, erotica and pornstars. No ads, no redirects, whatever you click on will keep you here on YouPorn. It’s actually a relief because you don’t need to open third-party sites that might be spammy and full or viruses. Everything here happens on YouPorn.

Of course, live sex is another site, and if you click on it, you will open it in a new tab. The site looks legit, and you will see so many hotties here who are ready to get naked for you. One thing is silly, though. They warn you about the sexually explicit material. Why would they do this? If you come from YouPorn, you have already pretty much seen everything! And if you don’t, you had to type URL somehow, so you already know these are live HD cams. You know what these cam models do. Why would you be here if you didn’t?

You can upgrade to their premium offer!

Because this site is a part of PornHub’s network, everything you expect from PornHub, you can expect here as well. Also, other sites that belong to this network also have all these features. So, when you finish checking out the header with the menu items, you will probably feel like clicking on something. But let’s talk about that later. What you need to know now is that you can make a free account, and once you do that, you can upload your own videos. Everyone who has an account will be able to enjoy this perk, but if you don’t register, you won’t be able to upload anything.

There are videos here that are of that splendid 720p quality! However, not all of them are. Some videos are not high-quality, so you should know that. Mostly amateur videos will not be stellar, which depends on cameras of these users. But knowing that you don’t need to pay for anything, and you still have plenty of 720p videos is still a lot! But if you are really hungry for the highest quality, videos that are 1080p, you have the option to pay and upgrade to their premium membership. This is something most of these really famous free tubes offer. If you read about RedTube, PornHub and some other sites, you know they are free, but they also have premium versions.

Now, if you do like the idea of this premium version, here’s what you need to know – it costs 10 bucks a month. This is quite a good deal, a bargain because most premium porn sites cost 30 bucks a month, which is 3 times more expensive! So, if you choose to be a premium member here, you can be a member on 3 sites that charge 10 bucks, instead of paying for one 30-dollar site.

When you start exploring the home page, you will see recommended porn videos. These will be based on where you come from, your browsing habits, categories that you like, things you uploaded that day… There will be a small list of smut collections with long playlists. You must admit this is a nice touch. When you browse for something specific, the site recognizes that you like this thing. If you typed busty brunette blowjob, the site will offer you more videos where you have brunettes with big tits, sucking cocks.

As you can see, everything here was well-planned. Let’s focus on the categories, for a moment! The content can be broken down by certain filters. Do you want to see creampies, anal sex, ebony babes, teens, milfs? You will find all the basics here. Of course, you also have fewer standard things. Everything can be sorted by studios and pornstars. When you open a babe’s profile, you will find her details and videos she appears in. This also happens with channels. You will see all the videos from that channel, and even read some info.

That is not even all! You can actually organize the content, which can be based on your focus. What do you want to see? What porn do you enjoy the most? Action, story, stars, or details. When you open one option, you will have even more of them! One box leads to another. You have so many categories and filters and ways to find what you need! Categories have subcategories, and these subcategories have thousands of videos. Unlike some other sites, YouPorn has many videos for every category. Any category you choose will offer thousands of flicks, or hundreds of them.

Animated previews that are long and juicy

What’s also sexy about YouPorn is their previews. These folks get them right, that’s for sure! Even though most sites today have previews, not all of them show us the hottest parts and some of them even look boring. That is not the case here! You will see HD animated previews, and these are 10-second gifs that show the steamiest parts of videos! The videos have titles, usually you will find names of pornstars here, so expect titles like ‘Riley Reid sucking a fat boner and swallowing jizz’ and similar.

You will like how every video has rating, HD tag, duration and number of views. But these are the basics, so nothing here is news. If you want to build your own playlist, you can and it’s very simple. You don’t even need to watch the video for that, just add it to your favorite. How can you do this? There are 3 dots placed in the top right. Use them to take advantage of this feature. These favorite videos is always a great feature because you can save things you need later. This is the only way to find the videos you liked because this is a very rich archive and you won’t see the same videos twice.

Video player is fantastic!

Finding a perfect video here is not hard. Most videos are exceptional, very delicious, sex-packed and steamy, and the thumbnails will give you the idea of what to expect. The video player here is large, and you have tags, download option, toggles for quality… That’s it! It’s still pretty advanced, more than video players on other sites. You really do have 720p videos to stream and download! You will really feel like you are the one fucking Mia Malkova how crisp and realistic the scene looks like! that is the benefit of these crisp high-definition flicks – you see everything, nothing is hidden, just like you are in the same room with your favorite star. The videos are smooth to play, so no buffering.

No mid and pre-roll ads as well! This is definitely something we don’t expect from most sites, but YouPorn doesn’t disappoint. You have all these great flicks, and no ads. But of course, premium members will have total ad-free experiences. There won’t even be few ads! What do you think about that?

And if you have been paying attention, you already know that the mobile version is exceptional! No matter what device, small or big you use, you will enjoy the site and its features. You know, when you hear that 400 million people visit the site every month, you expect a lot of sluggish moments, slow loads, bad experiences with the interface, especially if you visit the site on your phone or tablet. But no! There are no weird design choices, nothing here looks or feels stupid, everything is smooth and enjoyable. They put a lot of effort so that we can have memorable fap sessions!

The best and worst things about the site

The review has 2500 words, and so far, you haven’t seen anything here that is not good. But you should know that the site does have a few flaws. For example, there are still a few ads lingering here, waiting to slap you in the face. Also, the site doesn’t have pictures and stories. If you do want to become a premium member, they don’t give you details to attract you with them. But if you can live with that, don’t forget that the site offers 720p videos that are completely free! This might be the best thing about the site.

Because the site doesn’t have terrible flaws, no suggestions are needed here. Maybe it would be good to add photos and sex stories. Even though we mostly focus on fuck flicks, there are still those who simply enjoy stills. A few nudes of hot babes would make the site even more abundant. Also, fewer ads and more info on the premium membership would be perfect! What do you think about that? these are not huge cons, but if we want the site to really be perfect, why not mention them?

So, that was YouPorn. Even though you probably visit the site often, now you had a chance to read about it. It’s amazing! You won’t find anything bad here, considering they post delicious flicks where you have a lot of pussy drilling, cock sucking, tits fucking, ass play… But the more you explore the site, the more you will like it! They took care of everything and you even have a hot mobile experience! Are you ready to see what’s on the menu today? They probably added more vids while you were reading the review!

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