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The logo of may remind you of an old TV with an antenna, which can easily be related to the once-popular shows that premiered America’s funny homemade videos. These are homemade videos too, except these videos are not safe for work (NSFW), nor they are safe to watch with your family. features amateur porn. When you land on the homepage you will see a list of thumbnails that are clearly filmed with noob cameras, often in bad lightning. If you like amateur porn, you are probably used to this, but if you’re not, give these videos a chance, you may be surprised. This site can become your number one destination when it comes to not-so-premium porn. You will either love it or hate it, there is no in-between. But, what’s there not to love? You will see people that look and fuck like you do. There won’t be marathon sex sessions that last for hours where two incredibly good-looking fuck without getting sweaty or messy in some other way.

When it comes to the layout it is not revolutionary, but it kind of looks refreshing with that quirky logo. The letters are mostly white, or red, and they are easily visible. The background is, of course, pitch black. It appears that every single porn site likes dark settings. It would be a surprise to see some pastels. It looks decent and that’s about it. You won’t have any complaints but you won’t be visiting because the site is all pretty and fascinating.

The organization of this site is refreshing! is indeed very well organized. On the upper part, you can see the sections – home, videos, playlists, photos, categories, community, and upload. In the right corner of the homepage are the log-in and the ‘sign up’ buttons and the search bar.

The largest part of the homepage itself contains thumbnails of the most recent porn videos. You can choose if you want to watch straight public videos or straight private videos, or you can watch gay public videos or gay private videos.  On the left side of the screen. you have the most searched categories listed. It is kind of unusual – on the other porn sites, you will find this on the right side. If the most searched categories are not enough you can always click on the ‘all categories’ option and you will see all available porn categories on 

Dirty categories

There are 70 of them when it comes to straight porn categories. They are fairly common ones for porn sites but you can find kinkier ones too. For example, if you’re into this, you can watch bizarre, scat, farting, vomiting, penis pumping, or the sissy crossdresser category. You may have heard or read about pissing and scat porn but you can find a lot of these kinds of videos on It is not for the light-hearted. If you are not ready for that level of intimacy and perversion, that’s ok too. You can choose from a lot of other categories. Ones that don’t include any kind of domination or humiliation. 

You will surely find something that is appealing to you. Judging by the number of videos for each category this is definitely not a vanilla porn site. The most popular categories are gay, gay-fetish, and scat. So if you are gay and you are in the mood for some dirty porn videos visit

Other equally interesting sections of that will draw your attention

Videos can be sorted by a few criteria – last updates, top rated, most popular, and private videos. The first three criteria are pretty self-explanatory, but the private videos are a special section. When you try to watch some of the videos you probably won’t be able to. Private videos are for the uploaders and their friends only. It sounds like a perfect porn clique option. Share your porn fantasies with your crew, or you can simply share the same genre or fetishes. It would be strange to share your private porn videos but if that turns you on, go for it.

A rather odd section that singles out are the playlists section. If you click on it you will see thumbnails of porn playlists. There are over 1000 pages of playlists. Every single playlist contains one or more porn videos that usually have the same theme. It is certainly easier just to browse through using categories or even porn tags. If you like to combine more categories or more tags simply use the search bar. It is effective and easy to use.

The next section on is the photos section. You can select if you want to see last updates, top rated, most popular, or you want to see private albums. For example, when you click on the last updates you will open a page with approximately 30 picture bundles. If you look below, you will find out that there are over 2000 pages of porn pictures. You’ve read that number right! You can also check top rated photos or the most popular ones. When it comes to photos, as it is with porn videos, you can also see the private section. 

The rules are the same – you can only see them if you are the uploader or if you are a friend of the uploader. This option can be interesting if you’re starting some new relationship and you are into dirty sexting. Send him, or her, the link, befriend them and surprise them with your quality porn pics. If you are too shy or too cautious you can always browse through just over 49000 albums of porn pictures. All albums are added by users which makes these porn photos more approachable and authentic. These photos aren’t captured with some professional cameras in a rich porn studio, these are real, home-made, non-staged photos that will get you aroused.

Maybe you’re here for adult dating?

If you’re chatty and you like to meet new people, especially online, this will be your favorite section – the community section. You can check out new members, the most popular members, and the most active members. If you click on someone’s profile you will see some basic information about them. You can see their date of birth, their country, gender, their sexual orientation, and their relationship status. 

If you want to see other information you have to become a member. Some of the available actions, once when you become a member are, send message and add to friend list. On their profile, you can see their friends, their favorite porn videos, and their photo albums. On the right side of the profile, you can see the profile pic and some shortcuts below. You can click on profile, photo albums, public videos, private videos, favorite videos, friends, wall, and content comments. You are well aware that these categories are available to you only if you are also a member of the community. What are you waiting for? Click that sign-up button and experience the community section like it’s meant to be experienced.

Are you brave enough for this option?

The next section on the site is the upload section. If you click on it, you will see a form that you need to fill in. Update action is available only for active members of so if you are already an active member you will need to log in with your username and your password. If you want to you can check the remember me box. It will save you some time, you won’t have to log in every time when you visit but it can be dangerous too if you share your PC with anyone. 

If you forget your password, just click on it and you can solve it in no time. You will need to enter your username, answer your chosen security question, and (first, you must choose the question and then you have to type in your answer), check the I’m not a robot box, click on get password and you are all set. It’s time to upload your sexy content! Be careful, you might regret it, but if you’re sure, do it, it will be available to you and your friends. If you want to upload a video keep in mind that it will go straight to the categories of sexual orientation that you’ve chosen during your registration.

So, if you want to upload a gay video (to a gay category) but you’ve selected that you are straight, that won’t be possible. Gay users can upload porn to gay categories, straight users can upload porn to straight categories, but bisexual users can upload porn to both categories. This can be a problem for you, but it’s the only way to sort the videos without looking at every single one of them. But you may discover that some videos are misplaced. You can blame the uploading process.

When you’re uploading a video or a photo, or a bunch of them, you need to write a small description and a title. This will make the experience of cruising through more pleasant, both for you, and your fellow porn lovers.

The last button on is the most carefree one. It is available when you click on the playlists section. It’s a porn list. When you click on it you will be redirected to where you can see lists of the most famous porn sites. You can use the search bar or you can check them all by checking the lists. The first list features free porn tube sites. It has 121 sites listed. They are sorted by their popularity. The next list is free only fans leak sites, and this one counts 58 sites. Other lists are – live sex cam sites, top premium porn sites, premium amateur porn sites, sex dating sites, best VPN sites, VR porn sites, and many, many more. 

Step by step guide to registration on

If you are not a member, but you are willing to become one, follow these next steps. Click on the sign-up button, and you will need to fill in a form. First, you must create a username for Be careful, username can be seen by other members. After that you will need to create a password, it must contain at least five characters. Then, you need to re-type it. Enter a valid e-mail address because you will need to confirm your registration. When that is done you need to select your gender, and this is interesting. You can select that you are a male, a female, a couple, or a transsexual. After selecting your gender, you will need to select your sexual orientation, you can choose from these options – straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual. Chosen sexual orientation will affect your activity on in many ways, especially when it comes to uploading content. Click on the famous I’m not a robot box, then click on the sign-up button, and congratulations you are almost done. Wait for the confirmation mail, confirm your account, and browse happily through 

Why should you give a chance to is not just some plain porn site. It is also a video sharing service. It is mostly fueled by its members. On you won’t find some fancy-ass porn videos filmed at expensive porn studios. You will find raw porn footages that are added almost every second. This can be good – you will always have new material, but it can also be bad because this material doesn’t have to be high-quality material to be uploaded. 

So, to be clear, there’s nothing that you have to pay for on It’s made for you and by you. Porn videos are added and commented on by users. You can even share them with your closest friends. When you think about it, is not a regular porn site. It’s an archive of real people’s porn. That can be alluring to some of you. Hardcore porn lovers may enjoy nasty porn categories. Old porn-lovers may be pleasantly surprised by the realness of these videos. New porn-lovers can discover some new porn categories. It’s almost like you watch your neighbors fucking. You won’t be seeing fit, silicone boobs bombshells with heavy make-up, or big, athletic guys with monster cocks, or any other pornstars fucking, you will see real people with flaws which we all have having some steamy fun. 

What also singles out is its community section. In order to communicate and add new friends, you must be an active user on What does that mean? It means that you need to post comments under videos or photos that you like, also, you can write some stories on your wall, and the most important thing – it would be good if you could upload a video or a photo album. If you become more active, people will notice you and you will get new features – you will be able to add friends, chat with them, etc. This condition can inspire you and bring you some wanted attention – if you’re more active you will probably be higher on the lists and therefore you will be noticed. Maybe you don’t want to invest that amount of energy or your free time and that’s understandable too, you can always watch public videos and photos. 

If you get bored or you want to leave for any other reason – you can. You can log in to enter your profile and find the option ‘delete my profile’. When you click on it your profile will be gone. But, you should be careful, think twice, because once you delete your profile you won’t be able to recover it and all your data and content would be lost. 

It’s already established that functions thank to its users. It sounds great! But it can be dangerous too. Because there is no „real“ info that you provide during your registration you may upload anything that you want. You can even upload someone else’s video. You should be aware that you will be punished and the video or photos that you upload will be deleted. 

If you don’t have some quality porn content to upload, work on yourself, or just browse, you will find something entertaining enough to watch. If it happens that you stumble upon some content of you or your friends in action and you have not agreed to be filmed, especially uploaded to, write to and they will respond to you and take it down. Everything on needs to be and stay voluntary.

If everything mentioned and explained before sounds appealing to you, visit today and check out why it’s one of the most visited amateur porn sites. Also, welcome to the adult dating and video sharing service. It would be a pleasure if you are willing to contribute to this gem of a smut site.

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