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Are you familiar with this awesome smut site? Is it on your list of bookmarked smut sites? If it isn’t, maybe this review will change your mind. After all, this player is big and serious, and they strive for success! Plenty of luscious girls, steamy xxx scenes with pornstars and amateurs, a lot of dick sucking and pussy licking, cunt drilling, cumshots… Well, this is a description of every porn site, if we are being honest. And today we have so many of them! Maybe there are thousands of smut sites we can choose from. So, what makes this one special? Let’s see!

This is a very interesting site, and the name suggests it right away. Why this number? What’s the point of number 8? Does it have a specific role? Is eight something particular in porn? Maybe that was the number of videos when they made the site. Or that was the number of categories… This is so frustrating! Why this number?! Maybe 8 pages of smut? Or 88? That’s not it. It will always remain a mystery, no? Maybe the admin simply likes 8, it is their lucky number or something. It’s cool. Not many smut sites contain numbers in the titles.  It would be cool if the site’s name was Tube69, though… There wouldn’t be any mysteries there!

But seriously, this is a site that might have an unusual name, but it doesn’t mean that the site is unusual. In fact, it is awesome! It is one of the most popular smut sites, even though it’s not exactly PornHub. But hey, it’s always great to find a new hot porn site! Do you want to read about this one? You will have plenty of things to read, so prepare your cup of tea or coffee, relax, sit back and let’s go!

What to expect on Tube8? Is this site nice to look at?

When you make your way inside the main page, here is what you can expect – a nice-looking design where all the videos are placed, and you will probably like the site’s presentation. When you visit free tubes, you usually have loads of videos, and you don’t even know what to click on. Then you have premium sites, and they often give snippets of 10 seconds, big banners of a video montage where you see some hot scenes with the most luscious girls. So, here things are not really like that. These folks do it differently.

How is that exactly? Well, here’s what you need to know – you will see tons of HD videos, all full-length and you will notice some random movies you can watch when you are on the main page. Yes, they actually let the site’s visitors watch these flicks, and you will see the content is divided into several sections. First you will probably notice the most popular videos, but the ones in your country. If you come from France, you will see French hotties getting fucked. You will see titles like banging a beautiful French girl in doggy position, or something like that. Whatever country you are in at the moment, and the site recognizes it, you will see videos for that country, related to people from where you are at the moment.

If you are in Turkey on a vacation, and the site recognized this location, you will see titles like Turkish hottie having her cunt drilled in missionary. Italian bimbo spreading legs to get boned deep. Horny couple in Spain having sex like savages. Wild stunner in Hungary likes a mouthful of cum. This Serbian girl is ready for the cumshot. You get the drill. The titles are pretty tempting, even though not always very creative.

Explore the site for goodies!

The next section you may notice is the one with random pornos. These are the featured videos and here the content changes every day, so you won’t see the same stuff when you visit the site tomorrow again. It’s not like the one at the moment. They have a section for the newest smut videos, which is actually pretty enticing because knowing some slutty hotties have just fucked and posted it online is definitely cool! You will see the latest porn on the page, and a lot of things you probably won’t even care about. But who knows, maybe you like everything. We all have a different taste.

But let’s now talk about the page’s visuals! You will definitely see some awesome stuff here, and the more you explore the site, the more you will fall in love with it. The design is actually gorgeous and simple, so nothing here is flashy or superfluous. These dudes know how to make a good porn tube, hats off! The background is white, you have a bunch of thumbnails, everything is well-organized and it looks neat and the sections look good.

Start scrolling down and you will find more goodies! The bottom of the page has a section with channels, and if you want to, you can subscribe here. Of course, to become a subscriber, you need an account, and for this you need to register, which doesn’t take long. Only those who are members of the site can follow their favorite studios, so if you don’t mind wasting a couple of minutes, this account is very simple to create. After this, all the channels here will be at your fingertips, just how you like it.

How to register?

You will easily spot a blue button, placed in the top right corner of the home page. All you need to do is to click this button and you will start creating the account here. This is a very simple process, and it is pretty quick, but the best part is that it is free. Once you have an account, you will be able to download videos, upload what you want, play with the site’s features… All the videos can be watched for free, and you even have full-length flicks – nothing that you need to pay for! How cool is that?  

Here’s the hottest part! Just imagine this – you see videos from Brazzers on Tube8. You actually CAN download EVERYTHING for FREE! No money, no membership plans, no credit card info… All these videos from professional studios are available to everyone! Whoever wants to enjoy them, they can and no one pays a dime! What site allows that?! Well, there are a few of them, but Tube8 is one of them! These sites were made by folks who wanted us to have everything, without having to break a bank. It is pretty generous!

Premium content – is there something here worth considering?

Now, if you are willing to pay for your porn, you will actually have some perks. But let’s tell you more, this is just the beginning! Tube8 is a free site, and don’t worry, you can use it without paying a dime, watch all the flicks, all HD and full-length content as much as you want without giving any money. But just in case you want something even better, a deal for those who like to pay and get the best things on the site, let’s elaborate on this premium version of the site.

So, what is the special deal? When you click on a button that enables you to check out HD premium stuff, prepare for a redirect! You will actually go to PornHub! Wow, was that surprising or not? That is the special deal. If you are a member of Tube8 and you pay, you will have a free… well, is this really free, then? A free week on PornHub, the premium version! What does that even mean for dummies? No ads, VR porn, all HD flicks you can watch and more! Tube8 itself doesn’t contain any premium content, but PornHub does and these two sites are connected. 

When you do pay for this premium version, here’s what will happen – you will go to the page where you have several tabs. Each of these tabs is interesting for you, but the most important is the Videos tab. Here you have all the content that you need. Just use your cursor and hover over the tab and you will see many options. You have hottest, newest, featured content. No need to explain this, right? You will also notice the longest option, which is probably the best one because let’s face it – we all want long flicks so that we can relax and focus on the hand work, not picking new clips to open every minute.

You also have the best rated videos, which is handy because if people like something a lot, it must be juicy. Yes, we all have a different taste, but some things are the same for everyone. All people like steamy cock sucking and pussy licking scenes, pussy and ass dicking, assplay, stripping, teasing… The rating can tell you a lot. If a scene is top-rated, it is probably delicious, full of sexy moments most people like the most on the site.

Categories – something that makes the site so awesome!

To be able to enjoy your fap session, it goes without saying that you need good porn. And when all the content is neatly organized by categories, that’s a jackpot! First of all, we like when we have many options. We like when we have categories and tags, diversity. The more categories a site has, the better it is for the users. You can explore it, be creative, try out different things, just have fun! Tube8 knows that the only way to make the site users happy is to offer categories, so that there is something everyone likes.

However, Tube8 is not impressive if we only focus on categories. If you want an honest opinion, they don’t have as many of them as they should have. Most tubes are teeming with categories, and sometimes people have hundreds of categories and tags. Here you only have a dozen of them. These are the most popular things that most people search for. You have 25 most popular searches and all these categories have a representative thumbnail. There is HD, amateur, fetish, teen, lesbian, mature, and all that jazz. The page is already cool, but it would be hotter if they had even more options.

What’s really good about Tube8 is that the site includes VR porn. In fact, there is a category for that. Since every category has the number of videos, you will see that the site offers over 1000 videos. All these videos are free, which is amazing, considering most VR sites are pay sites, and you won’t have good VR porn that is free everywhere. If you have goggles, prepare to enjoy some 180-degree flicks with the hottest babes! You will feel like you are the one nailing these stunners.

Fetish and step family porn

When you start exploring the categories, if you are a kinkster, you will be delighted to see that Tube8 has fetish videos. They actually have almost 17 000 videos (as of this writing), but when you read this review, this number might even be bigger! You have amateurs and pornstars here, but all of them are either tied up, hogtied, tortured, slapped or something BDSMy. The content on this side of the Tube8 actually seems delicious. You have femdom and submission, humiliation, public sex… If you have almost 17 000 videos, it’s not that difficult to deduce that you can expect a little bit of everything here.

Some people are kinky, but in a different way, though. Instead of BDSM, they like something else, that is also not typical – family porn. Well, no porn you will find on these sites is really family porn, it is step family smut, with people who pretend to be related, but they are actually actors and actresses who don’t even know one another. Yet, many people like to imagine that these performers are really blood relatives and things like that. Why does this entice us so much? There is something tempting in this family smut.

You will see step sises who admit they always wanted to be fucked in the backseat of a car. When their brothers find out, they take them to their cars and fulfill this fantasy. Some teens sleep with their step dads, some step moms pleasure their step sons. Sometimes this is even weirder because all family members get naked and go dirty. Mothers and daughters share dicks of brothers and fathers. You have a lot of lesbian moments here, but if you want only lesbians, there is a category for that.

Other delicious categories

No matter what you like to watch, the truth is that this site has everything we all like. Maybe they don’t have many categories seemingly, but what else do we need? You have teen porn, mature couples fucking, amateurs who film their action with shaky cameras, lesbians, threeways, hardcore scenes, a lot of blowjobs and creampies… You even have hentai porn here, which is becoming more and more popular every day. You only have 700 hentai videos at the moment, but stay optimistic about this number, it will probably go bigger. Still, 720 videos is not a small number.

If you like threesome and group sex scenes, you have over 5000 threeway videos! Group sex lovers will find over 1300 scenes, but the winner of all categories is HD – over 150 thousand movies! Amateur category has 45 000 movies, hardcore category has almost 30 000 flicks and teen videos are also very abundant – 21 500 flicks! What do you think about these numbers? These are the top 3 most abundant corners, and you can see that HD videos are the most numerous on the site. But those who like amateurs will also be very pleased.

Some of these categories are not very logical. For example, erotic. This is cool and all, but aren’t all these videos erotic? You have more than 18 000 erotic videos, more than 16 000 fetish scenes, over 12 000 blowjobs scenes… But do you know what’s really cool? You have even more blowjob scenes, and other categories because many times multiple categories are intertwined. If you really like blowjobs, you will find them where the amateur, HD, fetish, Latina, teen, mature videos are… and probably everywhere! So, blowjob is something you will see in all flicks here, just like some other things.

The verdict

This was a long review, but now you know what to expect from a site called Tube8. It is pretty great if you think about it! VR porn, fetish porn, lesbian porn, amateurs, HD… Everything here is cohesive and the interface is easy to use, with awesome navigation tools. If you like Tube8, and you want to go premium, you will be redirected to PornHub premium. That is a small surprise, but this is a good thing because PornHub is perfect! What do you think about it? Feeling like going premium? Decide and have fun!

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