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Here’s a site where you will find delicious free, but professional (amateur) content… You can’t say this for many sites! Most sites have professional porn, but with pornstars. Only a few offer crisp, stellar flicks with amateur hotties. But when you think about amateur porn, your mind probably start focusing on those tubes that are not grade-A. On these tubes, you have homemade sex tapes, and because these are not professionally made movies, these videos are usually grainy and very difficult to enjoy. Made by shaky cell phone cameras, the production values are not high and you don’t have scripts, professional performers, nothing.

Yet, many people still prefer amateur porn, even though some sites don’t offer superb amateur videos. Sometimes you don’t want to see porn divas moaning and fucking, sometimes you want unknown hotties, even when they look mediocre. At least you know these amateurs are genuine. they were never trained to film smutty scenes, they are not naturals, they are just ordinary girls who like sex and filming their dirtiest moments. But what if you found a site where you have sexy amateurs, but the videos are HD and everything is professional? From the quality to the site’s design, DrTuber is a serious site where you will find amateur porn that is worth checking out.

Things you will find on DrTuber

So, DrTuber… How do you spell it? Dr. Tuber, perhaps? The spelling is not as important as the fact that this site’s name reminds you of some medical porn. You know, with doctors and nurses. Is that the first thing that comes to mind? Who is Dr. Tuber, anyway? Why this name? Are we dealing with a doctor, or maybe some sort of doctor for porn? This is definitely an intriguing name, so you will probably think about it when you hear it. But at least we know one thing – this is tube, and what is that thing porn tubes are known for? They have a little bit of everything!

So, if this is a tube, does that mean you have a buffet of smutty videos to check out and feast on? Yes! You have all types of bodies here, all types of ladies, from anorexic to insanely obese, and you have all ethnicities, all races and nationalities, all types of sexual acts… Kinks? Check! BDSM scenes? Yeap, it is here! Now you know what to expect, but let’s see why this site is worth visiting.

If Dr. Tuber is a doctor, can he… or she prescribe something that will cure our horniness? Perhaps lustful Asian dick suckers who slurp fat boners with much passion before they get dicked in their tight, tiny pussies? Exotic Latinas with the hottest butt cheeks who get banged right there in the ass? Yes, this doctor has a cure for us, and that is all the porn we can watch! This little creation was actually born in 2009, so since then we have been able to enjoy smutty content on this site every day! But wait, prepare to be impressed!

The number of visits (monthly) reveals everything!

This tube reaches the number of views of 70 million a month! Well, sometimes that will be 70 million, sometimes this number is even bigger! Or smaller… Depends on the month. When a site is this old and it has millions of views every month, that is all you need to know to deduce that it does something right, no? Some tubes have more views, but these are the giants like PornHub and XVideos… 70 million views is a huge success! But then again, when you stop to think about it… So many jerkers spend time on a site like this, instead of going out and screwing, making babies… Should that be worrying, or gratifying? The Earth is teeming with people, perhaps it’s better so much jizz is wasted on some quality time with your hand. But let’s not talk about global issues, this is a porn site review, for god’s sake!

But so far, you already see that this little pal called Dr. Tuber is going to be interesting to read about! It’s definitely going to be interesting to write about! Where to start? There is just so much you need to know!

So, here is the first thing you need to know, but what you REALLY need to know… If you want to start your journey on DrTuber, here’s a catch – it won’t be free, even though they claim it is! When you feel like creating your account, you will need to open a page where they ask for your credit card info and things like age verification. Is this a free lifetime membership? No. You will see, if you find their small text below, the site charges people who use it, and you will have so many things you will need to pay for that will accrue. This was important to mention because most people don’t pay attention to these things, then they get burnt by fire.

So, yeah. Beware of these charges, beware of this account and stuff you will have to pay for. This is sneaky of them, that small text should be more conspicuous. You are lucky you have this review to warn you! And now we can talk about the layout. The site looks pretty good. It’s slick and well-organized, and a little bit different than other tubes you are used to. Of course, the basics are here – large thumbnails with hot ladies are here, and this is the first thing you will notice.

Thumbnails, the theme and categories

The thumbnails are borderless, though. This can be a fun experience, depends on who is exploring the site. The theme is dark, and you don’t need to worry about bright colors attracting too much attention during the night. You know, some dudes sleep with their wives, but they don’t give them any. These poor hubbies must do something to deal with all that libido, no? They go to DrTuber, and find videos they like. But when colors are too bright, it might cause the wifey to wake up and catch them in the act! With dark themes, it is less attention-grabbing.

The thumbnails might be juicy, but you will also like their category tab, which is always a great thing to see on a smut site! This one here is expanded, you will see it on the left side of the screen, so you can check out the content and this tab at the same time. Of course, these are the most popular preferences. But don’t worry, you have an even richer list, where you will find more twisted categories!

There are standard sorting options here that you will probably like – you have the newest videos, and some options that can tailor your whole experience here. The pages can be toggled to see only straight, gay, or shemale results. This is the first thing you should choose, which is pretty cool! After that, you have longest, newest, HD videos or the ones with the most comments. If people comment a lot on a video, it must be good! SO, when you see the videos with the most comments, these are probably very delicious flicks to check out!

The content and everything around it

The flicks they have can be found in multiple qualities. Well, not one flick, but you have flicks that are HD and the ones that are less crisp. This is pretty cool because you have all these HD videos waiting for you to open them. HD flicks, but with amateur ladies. Do you know how rare is that? There are sites that are premium and they offer amateur content, but you need to pay 30 bucks a month to enjoy them. Here the content is free (be careful with that, though) and it is professional, but still amateur.

What they did with the previews is something they did perfectly. The previews here are fully animated, and these are not some slideshows of pictures, but mini videos, short clips that start playing when you hover over a thumbnail with your mouse. This is great because you also have video length, rating, title and some other info. Basically, you have what most sites have. The titles are decent, not the most creative ones you will see, but tempting enough you want to open the videos. Isn’t that the most important? But the titles only appear when you hover over a thumbnail with your mouse.

If you want to hear more about the content now, you should know that there are plenty of things to cover here! Where to begin? The video player has many options, so it’s not basic like on most sites. You can choose nuances from audio volume to video quality. That is not even all. You can rate a video, comment on it, make it your favorite one, download it, subscribe to the person who uploaded it, and you can even share the video on Facebook or where you want. But who shares porn videos anyway? Hey grandma, here’s what I got off to today! Wanna give me a like?

All the downloads here are totally free! Maybe this is surprising because of those charges mentioned above, but yes, it is true. You don’t need to register, you don’t need to pay for anything. The best part is that when you click on the download button, no sketchy sites and annoying redirects! Of course, when you want to download something, you will need to watch an ad. But is this really that terrible? The ads are short and almost unnoticeable.

When you play the videos, you shouldn’t have any issues. No buffering moments, no redirects, no grainy parts… You won’t even have to deal with many ads! Most sites let numerous ads bombard us, there are many pop-ups and whenever you click on something, an ads or a banner appears! But not here on DrTuber. You will be able to play your video without worrying about these things. The videos are short and long, so if you choose the longest ones, you will find some videos that run for hours. These are mostly compilations.

The rest of the site

Videos might be the most important thing on any porn site. After all, we are here because of them. Most people don’t even care about everything else, they just want delicious videos with stunning performers! but there are other things here on DrTuber that must be covered as well. You already know they have an extensive page of categories. You will also find some cool features. For example, every category here has the number of videos, so you will know how popular that category is. All categories have at least 2000 videos! Some of them have 200 thousand of them! That is… that is just a lot! It’s so much content to explore! They don’t have category previews, though, and they should. It would be so much better!

But hey, this page won’t tickle everyone’s taint. Why not go to channels? This is also a very interesting page to explore! Just take a look, and you will see the most popular smut studios, like Reality Kings, Brazzers, JAVHD, or Cam4Free… Every channel has a preview image, but these images are low-quality. For example, JAVHD – you have an Asian stunner who is about to receive a facial. Of course, this image is very grainy, so you need to concentrate to see what is happening. You can explore every channel here, and if you like something, just subscribe to get updated about the new stuff that is uploaded all the time.

These samples are pretty handy, you know? Before you pay for one of these pay sites, here on DrTuber you will see what to expect. You can do that with all the sites where they use stuff from different studios. For example, you are considering Reality Kings, becoming a member there. Why not first watch some shorter clips on DrTuber, and when you see if you like them, you can pay for the membership? This is genius!

The photos and community features

If we follow the lineup properly, the next thing to discuss are the photos on DrTuber. Just like videos, this corner is also very abundant, which is a fantastic thing! You have amateur pics and professional photos, and the tube is teeming with them! The photos are organized by galleries, so when you open one, you will have plenty of images here to check out! The photos here are actually perfect! You don’t have sorting options, so this whole photo navigation can be a bit confusing. How to get forward? You will need some time to get used to this way.

Every good smut site must have good community features! Here they have a straightforward community page. You will see the users, and when you click on someone’s little thumbnail, that will lead you to a page that will tell you what this person has uploaded so far. You can subscribe and follow a user, so when they post something again, you will be notified! You can even do that on your phone because the site has a phenomenal mobile version, don’t forget!

The best and the worst things on DrTuber

This was a long review. You had plenty of opportunities to spot something you will like the most here on DrTuber. Do you like the animated previews? They are definitely one of the best things about the site, but the fact that they have a great organization and design is also praiseworthy. What you still probably don’t know is that they also have a live sex tab. It’s actually the second menu item, right next to the videos. If you go to this corner, you will meet ravishing naked girls!

The worst thing about this place is that they charge for some services. For example, if you want to upload something on your own, you will need to register, and registration here costs money. They are not upfront about it, so those who don’t read this will probably be surprised. If you check out their ‘more’ tab, you will see a dropdown menu, where you can find ‘premium’ link. When you click on this, a new page will open, and here you have all the explanations you need. Why upgrade to premium? You will get some perks! For example, unlimited streams and downloads of their vast collection.

But all in all, good things here are prevalent. Why not use the site often? There are no reasons for that! They have a little bit of everything, but remember this is an amateur site, so you will watch unknown hotties having sex. The community is fun and you can follow users to see what they upload. If you want to upload, you need to register. Be careful with that, it is not free! So, what do you think? Now it’s time to go to the site and have fun!

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