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Those money-making porn sites that are wild and filthy, filled with delicious smut are what everyone needs! Today we will focus on XTube, a big potential in this smut universe. From the start you can see this is a hot site, a site that will give you everything you need. Yes, gorgeous bimbos, a lot of pussy and ass drilling action, cock sucking and pussy eating… Leather, BDSM, big tits, stockings, outdoor public fucking, moaning and squirting… Why naming random keywords? These are just several in the sea of many that you will see here! Yes, this is a very succulent site. But let’s see why XTube deserves to be in the list of the best smut sites ever!

So, XTube is a classic! This is one of those sites everyone knows about because it’s just too good to be true. Together with PornHub, XVideos, RedTube, Porn.com, 4Tube, Motherless and some other remarkable free tubes, this site is reputable and one of the biggest players in this porn universe. These are the brightest stars, the biggest stars in the smut universe, and if you still haven’t heard of this platform, waste no more time! You must check it out right away, or you are missing out on a lot!

XTube is one of the most successful smut sites

If you tend to spend a lot of time on porn sites and surfing the web to find delicious porn sites, you probably know about XTube, but if you are new, today you will learn everything that you need to know about this awesome little creation… Well, it was little many years ago, now it’s tremendous, with so much steamy smut waiting here for you! They created this site in 2006. It is one of the first adult tube sites ever. They still kick ass, which means they are doing something right, no? But what makes the site so special? Why choose this one in the sea of many? They are all similar to an extent, but here’s what you need to know about XTube – it’s unique and fabulous.

The numbers will tell you all. Around 10 million users, this is a site with an engaged community. But more on that later. This is a site that has millions of views every month, maybe even every day. Yes, there are sites with billions of views per month, and XTube might be one of them. in 2018, this was the 705th ranked site in the US. Maybe this doesn’t sound too impressive, but you know how many sites there are in the world??

To be 705th among millions of sites is something! That is a success, and yes, there are porn sites that are even better positioned, but this is also a gargantuan player, a behemoth with so many great features and flicks. Today you will learn what makes the site so special, what attracts millions of users every day and what kind of erotica can you see here. Are you interested to hear more? Grab your tissues, because after this review, you will feel like paying XTube a hot little visit!

A word on MindGeek…

XTube is actually a part of something much bigger. Have you heard of Mindgeek? You probably have, but let’s tell you about it anyway. This is a juggernaut of adult media, a gargantuan company responsible for many great porn sites, like Pornhub and its network, and much more. YouPorn, RedTube – these are all sites connected with it. There are more sites, of course, but no need to mention all of them now. This is a very reputable company, and in 2021, Mindgeek even wanted to buy XVideos. They just wanted the monopoly and they were ready to give $120M. Yes, that’s a lot of moolah! 

XVideos is definitely worth it because it’s attention grabbing and it attracts so many visitors. On XVideos, you will find diverse smut and there is something for everyone, and that is why people like it so much. Any good smut site offers a variety of filthy explicit content, so it’s not surprising for a popular xxx site to give us that. If you like XVideos, you will probably also like XTube because they pretty much give us similar content. 

XVideos didn’t want to make it happen for MindGeek and its owner. Thylmann was given a middle finger because of his offer, and there was never a deal! This is actually quite rare, most people would accept this amount of money, it’s 120 freaking million dollars! But no, the dude that ran XVideos was not interested, so MindGeek couldn’t get the site. What would you do in that case? Would you sell your site or not? Is that something worth selling or keeping for yourself? What do you think about XVideos anyway? It’s definitely a big player, with billions of visitors every month!

Earning 5000 bucks for user-submitted materials?

So, XVideos might not be, but our little buddy called XTube IS a part of MG, and let’s continue reviewing it. What you need to know is what sets this player apart from other players. This is a site where you can make money! Yes, you don’t just get to spend it here, you also make it because you can be a model who uploads their own content, homemade and fresh, genuine and sexy. Does this really work, do you really earn money if you upload your own content here?

Yes, and you don’t just earn a few bucks. In fact, you can earn up to $5K! This can be for a month, or maybe even less, like two weeks. Of course, if you really want to earn money here and earn a lot, you need to post something good. They wouldn’t just spare their money to someone who posts softcore BS. Your homemade content needs to be sexy, eye-catching, something worth all the money. You know what people like. We like when people are playful, kinky, like to experiment. We like cumshots, brutal face fucking, a lot of steamy pussy drilling that turns into a flaming hot squirting moment… Do you think you have what it takes? You also need to be charismatic or attractive, so that people like watching your stuff. Just like porn divas we love so much.

This feature might be the best thing about XTube! It’s not something you will only find here. Some other big players also do it, sites like PornHub pay users to upload their own stuff as well. Maybe you can even earn more on PornHub, but 5K bucks is not a small amount of money, no matter where you come from. How much do you earn now? Imagine this plus 5000 dollars! This can’t be bad, right? You can buy 2 to 5 sex dolls with this money! Or something else… Whatever you want! In fact, all sites should have this feature. Not only XTube. 

Porn sites are becoming more immersive and enticing!

It’s the future of porn. It is already becoming more and more interactive, with VR porn and these sites that pay their visitors to become the stars of the site. It’s so cool knowing that everyone who is sexually open can earn like this. Sure, some people would see this as something inappropriate, but people who know that sex should be all about fun won’t have problems with it. Of course, maybe you will hate the fact that if your content is not that quality and good, you may not attract many viewers, and this is bad for one’s self esteem.

If you are a well-hung dude, this can be what people like, but since most visitors of the site are men and they are straight, they will incline towards opening the content with gorgeous women. This doesn’t mean you won’t be a hit, it just means that you are not what most visitors need. But if you find a sexy fuck buddy who will experiment with you, you can upload your fuck tape together and share the cash that you get.

But some people will be enticed by this offer, and unfortunately, they don’t really have what it takes. They are not charismatic and eye-catching, they don’t know how to be sexy and they don’t have that sexual energy that makes people addicted to them. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a star of XTube to enjoy the rest of the site. The site does have a lot of offer, so why focus on this feature when you have many more that are also astounding?

Gay or straight? Or do you prefer some shemale content?

The very first thing here that is great is that they let you choose between straight and gay content. Even though it’s 2021, there are still sites that forget about the gay population. Why make separate sites for gays when we are all equal and we all deserve the same treatment? So, here you can first choose to see what gay content the site has. Some sites do have gay flicks, but they don’t have this feature to help people choose what they need. In these cases, you can use a search bar to find gay content. And what about those sites that don’t even have a search bar?

So, here you can choose if you are interested in male or female performers. Yes, the site also has trannies, but you will find them all tossed together, all three genders. Whatever way you swing, you will find your favorite type of smut here. What’s interesting here is that ads are for gays, with sexy men who fuck asses and cream their fuck pals.

It’s pretty amazing how the site lets you set your preferences. Since this is placed on the top of the page, you will find it easily. In fact, all navigation tools here are easily found, nothing is hidden, so there are no complications. The site has great features and navigation tools, and whoever made it did a fabulous job. Even the colors are unique and easy on the eyes, with some shade or red or orange that is an element here. The background is bright and it looks like you have a lot of space.

That familiar design we all know by now

XTube is a familiar tube, looking like most smut tubes that we all like. If you are not new to this, you will see nothing here that looks too different or unusual. You have a menu bar and it is on the top of the page, and you have thumbnails placed all over the main page. You will see what videos are being watched at that very moment, and you can sort them by date or use some other parameters. You are the one who chooses how the site will present the content – top rated vids, most recent ones, the ones that are the most viewed… You even have videos that are the most discussed, or the longest ones. There are many ways to customize videos here. 

And of course, you have categories, which is even better than all the sorting options together. With categories, you can choose specific kinks you have, things you like the most and you don’t even care about what flicks are the most popular. When you choose something you like, it doesn’t need to be liked by others, you will like it because that act makes you aroused. It’s pretty simple, actually. Everything is at your fingertips.

What is happening on the home page? You have all the navigation tools that will help you find what you like fast, and you will see live cams, amateurs, community, photos and you even have merch. DVDs mostly. All of these things make XTube unique, but you will like their community features because they are not like on typical porn sites. You can search members here, and you even have a fun map that shows you where people are. It’s pretty amusing, and there’s no way someone doesn’t find it cool!

Did you know the site has its blog?

What’s also cool here is that you can check out blogs of other users, keep up with them, but also read articles from the blog of XTube. Yes, the site has its blogs and it is amazing! Each member has a profile pic and you will find the option to add them as your friend if you want to. You can message other users and meet people who like this site just like you. Every member of the site has their timeline, their photo gallery, friends, comments, and do you know what’s adorable? You can send them gifts! This can be a fuck flick that you need to pay for, but for those who are here because they are sexually open, it is probably a very special gift.

So, XTube is a free porn tube, but it’s not like most free tubes. Their media player is exceptional and you can see the previews that are actually pretty tempting. Just hover over the thumbnail with your mouse, and you will see this and tags. You can also see the related videos, so if you liked something, you will find similar things that you will probably like as well. The bottom of the video page is where you will see the comments.

But just like every smut site has its flaws as well, XTube is also a site where some things are not worth being crazy about. First of all, you already know they have ads. Do you? Was it mentioned in the review before? If not, now it will be. Yes, the site has ads and you will see them on the main page, when you open videos, etc. When you want to play a video or pause it, there will be pop-ups. If you go premium, you will not have problems with ads. But if you do want to pay, it costs 10 bucks every month for an entire year.

Paying for amateur videos?

Even when you do go premium, you will still need to pay for amateur videos. Yes, they give that money, or some of that money, to those who upload their own materials. This is fair. But knowing that amateur porn should be paid for here is not splendid. We can always go to any other free tube where no one has to pay for homemade sex tapes. Who would pay for amateur porn on XTube, unless they are some rich kids who have money to spare?

So yes, that was pretty much everything you had to learn about XTube. Maybe there are even more things to discuss, but some things are better left unspoken because you can explore the site yourself. It is always amusing to explore a smut site, especially when it has so much unforgettable erotic content. Hopefully, this review was helpful and now you know if you want to bookmark XTube or not. Goodbye for now, see you when you open the next review!

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